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Ask former PetSmart Employees

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Want to know what it is really like in the pet center that prides itself on "Happiness in Store?"

Here is your chance! My fiance, Queen B, was an employee for a store in the Gulf South for 3 years. She worked in every department, including grooming, but switched mainly between cashier and grooming.

I was an employee, also in the Gulf South at another location. I was "the fish dude" of the store that also worked stock and other shit like that..

Please do ask anything, like seriously, anything!
>Please do ask anything, like seriously, anything!

What are your fetishes? How do you feel about vore and inflation?
dont care
nice looking tank though
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My fetishes (Fish dude here) are simple.. Teacher/student stuff.. Random romps.. a little rough play from time to time

Queen B has complicated fetishes.. Like rough dirty and raunchy. Complete with slaps and other kinky shit like that.

Thanks.. Appreciate it!
shameless self bump
can we see her boobs
sorry bro... Blue board
She wears a 36 D I'm a lucky man
Inna bra will suffice
What's the hiring process like? I had an interview on Monday but haven't heard anything since. Do they normally take long to get back to a candidate? Also - what's working in grooming like? I interviewed for the "groomer trainee" position so can you tell me what that's like?
Have you ever had a customer reach to the company's complaint line about sick animals? I recently reported* my local Large Chain Store because there was multiple extremely emaciated animals in their reptile section, wondering if that actually gets dealt with.

*I spoke to managers on duty beforehand and was brushed off
most fucked up thing you've seen done to an animal there?
worst illness?
For me it took about a month to get an interview. Once i did the interview i got hired on the spot and did my drug test that day and started about a week later. Grooming is different since it is in its own separate wing. In my store the manager was very unprofessional and some of the groomers were catty i enjoyed it in the beginning but after a while it got old and definitely not fun
yeah that is common. management doesn't like to deal with it because they are in denial. But yes if you call the corporate number an investigation will go on >>1998288
Fish guy here. all others above were Queen B. Worst I've seen was when we had the local animal shelter bring in some kittens with chlamydia and it almost infected the entire cat adoption area. Little kittens were basically dropping one after another on a Saturday during peak times. I got the short end of the stick and had to suit up to bleach out all the cages that were occupied by said animal shelter. The no kill people were fucking pissed!
Queen B here I saw a lot of mistreatment in the grooming salon. Groomers would hog tie dogs and hold them down and take them to the back to get the job done. Also witnessed groomers cut dogs and use super glue to hold the skin together. Also witnessed groomers get angry at dogs and pop them.
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I don't like to be mean but for realz, who would care about your AMA about being a minimum wage employee of a huge chain petstore?
these threads usually do well on /an/.
apparently there's a lot of people here that worry about improving the quality of life for the average American pet.

funny really since most of the animals those pet stores sell go on to die miserably, and the stores have no intention of stopping that if it cuts into the shareholders' precious bottom line.
I'd love to change the industry. I don't see how your average petsmart cashier is gonna change anything, though.
>I don't see how your average petsmart cashier is gonna change anything, though.
it's called terrorism and it's great.
Does anything happen if customers complain about certain dog food reps? I'm tired of the Blue Buffalo ladies hounding me when they see me picking up a bag of Wellness.
That tank doesn't look anything like a pet smart tank.

Last fish I got from petsmart was a purple dotty back and it disapeared never to be seen again and likey gave my kole tang ich
Also fuck petsmart buying live aquaria. I have false hope they are going to improve Petsmart aquarium dept but likey Petsmart will fuck it up with their zeo day accounting shit.
Are you my father?
The most heart wrenching thing you've seen or done on the job?
My questions are more geared toward loss prevention. I know Pet Smart has cameras, but are they real? Are they monitored often? Can employees steal easily? Are things inventoried? How do you deal with any suspicious activity? Is there some kind of code they say over the store speakers?
>anti nemos

Aw yeah, mah nigga.
OP why is everything in the store so expensive?

On a scale of expensiveness, I found:
>Petco, Petsmart, Local Fish Store
you should definitely answer this one

I find that petsmart is by far the cheapest store
When you get a custom dog tag made in the machine and you give your cell phone number do they spam you with texts?
Thread posts: 26
Thread images: 3

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