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Just how powerful is the Canada goose?

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Just how powerful is the Canada goose?
>that attempted giraffe neck/body slam

Motherfuckers are mean
Best thing to do is grab their neck and break it, because they will keep attacking otherwise. This killed a man who was attacked buy these fuckers in a lake. They dont respond with you attacking them, they just get more pissed, so just break their neck
Don't let them bite you. They'll rip you to pieces.
I hunt them.

>be goose hunting frozen crop field
>two honks fly over
>call them in
>I down one with one shot
>It spirals in
>buddy wings the other
>it goes down about two hundred yards down range
>pupper goes to retrieve mine
>it up and pecks at him
>call off pupper
>rake the honk's head clean off
>body starts to run away just like a chicken
>runs toward the blind though, so ok
>pupper runs down the headless body
>grabs it by the neck
>feet keep kicking for about a minute
>pupper delivers goose to hanging stand


>buddy carries his honk 200 yards
>by the throat
>has wrung its throat
>has shot it twice
>starts to put one flipper in the hang stand ring
>honk wakes up and kicks
>buddy can't believe it
>it starts running in circles
>pupper looks for a command
>buddy raises gun
>give pupper "hold"
>another headless honk

pure avian evil.

Making the gorilla run away was awesome, but making a rhino run away is Chuck Norris-tier. Those things have attacked land rovers and won.

Jesus.... dinosaurs didn't die out. They just took a 65 million year nap and woke up as geese.
Remove goose
/x/ can tell you this best.

Gooseman is the epitome of power.
they're harmless for the most part, I don't see why people bitch about them as they don't do jackshit unless you come near them, but that goes for most geese.

we have millions of geese here during the winter.
>harmless for the mostpart
geese are completely harmless provided you aren't a pussy
/m/ can tell you first-hand
>hurr durr ima gurrse
not as strong as any good large dog thats for sure.
Mine's mauled at lease 4 to death.
Also ran one down on a mountain bike once, I ate shit like an idiot but they aren't tough enough not get mangled by a bicycle, so theres that
Except for the hundreds of thousands of acres of grassland they shit into toxicity when they migrate out of their breeding grounds.
Pretty strong. I do wildlife rehab and it's pretty hard to pick one up. You have to get a bed sheet and wrap it around the goose tightly to keep its wings down. It's really the wings that are the problem; they are crazy strong and you need the wings to be flat against the body so you don't break them but they are always flailing them around.
My god, out new overlords.
i hit one right in the fucking neck with a frisbee once and it tried to step up and i bitched it the fuck out. pussy ass bird. this is my jungle.
oh those poor grasslands.

the seasonal geese are a lot better than the tundra vole plague we had last year.
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>TFW my uni campus has a metric fuckload of these cunts just hanging out
Not at all.

>bird designed to fly long distances
>implying its not super light and fragile

It will fuck itself up more than you if it actually does attack.
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the gorilla was beating its chest as it ran too
hahaha fuck I lost it at the giraffe
It's okay.
It was Darwin, Evolution and Dawkins who designed it over drinks one weekend, not a god.
Toronto Zoo's white rhinos are cowards, the zebras that live with them are the dominant species
Canada Goose too OP, please God nerf.
That sounds so scary.
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>geese are assholes
>ducks are assholes
>swans are assholes
>herons are assholes
Does living near the water force birds to become assholes? This can't be a coincidence.
They need to be assholes to fight off the rape dolphins.
Thread posts: 30
Thread images: 5

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