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On a lot of dog owner forums I've seen the call for an outright ban on fireworks because some peoples dogs get scared.
I'm no expert but I've had dogs all my life and never had one with a bad reaction to fireworks, I believe it's because I don't make a fuss, the dog looks at me like "wtf was that bang" I'm like "nothing" and carry on doing what I was doing.
I see people making pillow forts and putting their dogs in thunder jackets this time of year, and is just look at them with a cringe of disgust.
So am I the luckiest guy alive to have had more than ten dogs of all different breeds that never gave a low flying wank about fireworks or is everyone else fucking up and over indulging their pet?
Tl;dr are some dogs prone to fear fireworks or is it the conditioning imposed by their owner?
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I don't understand...
Some dogs are legitimately afraid of fireworks but still those people are being huge alarmist fags. If you put the animal in a darkened at least someone muffled space it really can't get that fucking terrified and imagining maybe you do have a dog that truly loses its shit to an unhealthy extent, we'll go to the vet and vet and get it some puppy benzos for one goddamn day a year and get over it. The idea of banning something that some peoples dogs don't like is absurd. Even if the dog doesn't like it, the dog wil be fine. If you're convinced it will not be fine you can take the dog somewhere away or give it a chill pill.

I mean fireworks are really not any more loud, bright, and frequent as a big thunderstorm and we can't ban those so it's just silliness to talk about banning fireworks for this reason.

Personally none of my dogs really care.

Gentle pressure calms shit down. For example the cattle shoot that they use to vaccinate cattle clamps down on them and they chill a lot. And that's where the term "hugbox" comes from. A device that applies gentle pressure all over ones body soothes autists and others. Or like swaddling a new born baby. The thunder shirt takes advantage of that response.
I've never had a problem either OP, can't stand people trying to ruin the fun for everyone else cuz their pampered pooch is startled.
>well IVE never experienced it so it's not real!!

it's a very real thing OP. I work at a shelter and we have to have overnight staff on the 4th because of all the dogs and cats who get frightened because and run off. the number of dogs we have doubles over the couple days following too. it's ridiculous

saying ALL dogs are afraid of them isn't accurate, but it's definitely a real issue
Where does it stem from? Is it a natural phobia or is it taught/encouraged by am over reaction or being punished for being whiney or something?
Wouldn't punishment for whining only suppress the whining and keep the dog stressed and anxious but apparently calm?
While over-worrying would worry the dog too, I guess.

I think the best way to act is totally normal plus maybe soothing tones or stuff the dog in a dark comfy closet for the night.

Yeah but yo wouldn't want to ban then would you?
>Dad used to own dog
>Dog didn't give a shit about fireworks
>One day was in the garden, firework exploded right above its head
>Was terrified by fireworks for the rest of its life

It depends anon. Some dogs are just scared of the sudden noises, others have a bad experience, others are chill. The dog I had as a child didn't blink an eyelid at fireworks, but then again he grew up with two young children, he was used to sudden loud noises.

You're seriously wondering why a loud sudden bang would scare a dog?

My dog is fairly chill, but he'll still get startled, but he's always inside when they go off with no place to escape too.

Banning fireworks is completely stupid though, expect in backyards, that shit bothers me.
I've had cats and dogs that are normally pretty chill but do react badly to fireworks. There are shooting estates near my home and to my ears, it doesn't sound that different, but I've never had a pet bothered by the sound of guns while I've had quite a few that are clearly very anxious when they hear fireworks, there's something about that sound that they really don't like. I don't coddle them because it only reinforces the idea there's something to be scared of, but it still happens. It's not that bad for a couple of nights a year, though it's more shitty for livestock owners, especially horses.
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