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Unexpected animal encounters

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Please share your animal encounters which surprised you / you didn't expect.

>today on my way to work, see a piece of grass
>oh wait its not even a grass
>it looks like a praying mantis
>praying mantises don't even live here (Central Europe), so it must be a locust or something(i'm an insect idiot)
>looked it up, and as it turns out they do live here

i thought they lived only in the Eastern-Asian region
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still OP here, another encounter

>going to work like 2 weeks ago
>pic related little guy runs away
>i stand there and watch its glorious tail disappear in the taller grass

i live in a flat lol
>be me at 12 years old in Russia
>baby moose puts head in my open bedroom window
>tell mother moose in window
>calls my liar and to leave her alone
>beg her to look
>she looks
>moose is gone
>get tied and tape over mouth for night
>next morning brother untied me and say the moose put its head in family room window
>I was right all along
fuck moose.
he was trolling you
>me last night
>wake up to what sounds like a small dollar store personal fan around 2am
>something moving on my face
>it's the biggest, hairiest fucking moth in the country
>jump out of bed and spent the better half of an hour swinging my copy of Keith Richard's autobiography (heaviest book I had in near proximity)
>Mothra survives two hits before deciding her time is better spent fighting Godzilla
>flutters out, its hairy middle fingers pointed right at me
I'm also very tired
Was running outside on fields. Suddenly deer jumps out of a corn field and runs away. Was very close to me.

>>get tied and tape over mouth for night
what. is that what they do in russia to keep their kids calm?
Stone martens are terrible, they're known for wrecking cars here.

Lately I've been seeing A LOT of dead Mustelidae while driving around, and I mean A LOT, there's hasn't been a day that I didn't see atleast 3 of them,

Mostly Mustela putorius which is sad because they're one of the prettiest species, and it's too bad their heads are usually crushed because I know someone that's into taxidermy.
Just me
Nice marmot
>cutting grass
>notice there's a lot of grasshoppers around (breeding?)
>find this guy in the flower bed

Lol wtf
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>walking on the beach by myself
>notice a huge crowd of people
>they were following the lifeguard, screaming and making a big commotion
>get close to see what's going on
>lifeguard was following a small grass snake and trying to hit it with a stick, they all thought it was a viper
>I get close, grab the snake
>"excuse me"
>bring it to a safe area
>they all look at me like I'm a fucking alien
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>waling around this building
>see this weird green thing wiggling around in this amalgamation of dust or hair or some shit stuck on the wall
>get a closer look
>its a praying mantis with one of its legs caught in whatever the hell that stuff was
>gently try to unwind the thread off of its leg
>manage to get it off, mantis is now free and safe to live another day
>hold it for a minute and let it go over by a grassy hill a few feet away where it probably came from to begin with

I felt good that day. Mantises are 2 cute.
walking*, rather
it sounds like one of those "john is kill" stories, to be honest
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>go running at the park
>old 7/10 asian lady tells me "snake! Theres a snake over there"
>i go to inspect. Its a garter snake
>i ride around and see it again
>i move it in the field to prevent birds and other people from seeing it.
>go to forest looking for salamanders
>looks for real long time
>no salamanders
>gets pissed off
>kicks log
>log flips over revealing plum black salamander
>walking innawoods
>dog points at tree
there's nothing there, dumbass, not even a squirrel
>cute red fox runs from behind the tree
oh sorry you were pointing behind the tree
>he says nothing because i'm not insane and he's a dog
>straw was put down on lawn to protect grass seed
>mowing lawn a few weeks later
>big clump of straw all mushed together
>turn off mower, investigate
>straw clump hides a bed of fur
>bed of fur hides a nest full of baby bunnies
>I almost made chunky bunny salsa all over the lawn

Man that would've been a mess.
this reminds me

>we went trekking into a national park
>national park famous for spotted salamanders
>we actually notice one
>there is shit ton of them actually there

not that unexpected, but i thought they were harder to find
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forgot pic
have multiple hedgehog stories

>going home drunk at around 2-3 am
>lay down in the garden bench
>whats moving
>its a hedgie, how cool
>put it on my belly and wait for it to unball so we can be bros
>fall asleep
>after like 20-30 minutes, it still haven't unballed
>put it down and go inside

no hedgehog-bro, but i did this several times :(

>cooking at family fireplace in the garden
>hedgie appears and runs between our legs
>what the shit go away or you will get yourself burned
>always returns
>turns out that she built a nest under the fireplace
>has 2 small hedgies in there
>they don't want to come out, so we kinda force them to since the fire was already burning over them
>they hedge away
they were pretty cool
>at a concert in the park
>look at my arm
>see pic related
>continue listening to music
Can someone confirm this?
I've watched videos where they catch and eat hummingbirds, which have to be at least twice their body weight. So yeah, it may be possible.
Their body would have to be made of some seriously strong materials. If you just scaled it up, it would collapse under its own weight.
insects being able to be that big aside, no, that elephant would have obliterated that mantis.
I got to see a mountain lion stock a deer for a good five or so minutes one time while I was making my way to a hiking trail. It didn't chase the deer, but it was still cool to see it trying to get close enough to go in for the kill.

Needless to say, I didn't go hiking that day.
When I was in 3rd or 4th grade we lived in a suburban house on a cul-de-sac which, if you followed the street, was like a mile from my school bus stop. If I climbed over our backyard wall, however, I could walk through this undeveloped plot of land and reach the bus stop in 5 minutes.

So one foggy morning I climb over the wall, take a couple steps forward, and turn to see a coyote maybe 20 feet away walking towards me out of the mist. It probably wasn't all that big, but at the time I thought it looked absolutely massive and he had incredibly piercing yellow eyes. The coyote was walking alongside the wall, and I was standing just a couple feet away from the wall, but I was so bewildered (and a little scared) that I just stood there as it approached. Coyote walks right by me, cool as a cucumber, without even glancing at me.

After he went past I started walking away briskly, then went into a full run towards my bus stop, haha. I'll never forget that chill coyote.
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My old house backed onto a park so we'd see lots of fun animals.

>first one to move in
>bats all over the place that evening
>name them all Batfleck
>they do a shit job of keeping moths from laying asshole caterpillars all over the bushes

>watching TV
>movement out back door
>squint past reflective back door
>hedgehog strolling past
>name him Henri

>watching TV a different night
>movement and glimmer outside
>fox staring me down from the patio
>name him Spencer
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I don't even name my own pets...
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Oh god here's one I wish I had a camera on me for. Yeah, I saw one of these guys puttering around a mini lakeside neighborhood not too far from where I live while bike riding. I live in Vancouver, and this was nowhere near the zoo either. Totally felt like I was daydreaming.
Part 2.

>don't have a real fence at the bottom of the garden
>trees and hedges get trimmed down from the park
>dogs keep running into the garden and sometimes forget how to get back into the park
>one day staffie thing comes into garden
>open door to tell the stupid bastard to go the way he came
>dog invites himself in and tries to push past me
>body block him because that's rude
>dog turns and runs around the garden a few times and leaves again
If it were cuter, I would have invited it in and held onto it before someone made me return it.

>cats wander through garden a lot
>like most of them but one is a dick
>glares at me as he casually strolls through like he owns the place
>git cat sitting in middle of path making the place look untidy
>fucking asshole you've got your own garden
>throw badminton racquet out to clatter on path
>cat runs off like a bat out of hell
>insult cat as he runs
>housemate upstairs yells at me to leave the cat alone

>walking down street with friends
>see crow flipping out over the road
>see it's beating up a snakey creature
>what an asshole
>dash over the road and tell crow to fuck off
>crow fucks off
>slow worm is rolling about in the road
>pick up and pet fun animal
>ophidiophobic friend yelling from afar to put it down
>I tell her it's a lizard
>she's not having it
>put fun animal down in grass
>he disappears like magic

Naming stuff amuses me. I'd see those animals with some regularity so it kinda happened.
Pls go

>live in the middle of a city
>small patch of forest, maybe two acres in size next to the university
>spot two different families of deer living in there
How do these animals even get there?
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Last week I left my room to get a bite to eat. Was gone about 5 minutes and when I came back I saw these things (pic related) on my coax cable. Thought they were ants at first but on closer inspection they turned out to be baby leaf footed bugs that just hatched (and were still hatching.)
Did you kill them?
>Be in central Spain on fieldtrip
>Stop by side of road to view geology of cliff
>Sitting drawing said geology
>Pause and raise my pencil
>Praying mantis out of fucking nowhere lands on my hand
>Be Britfag, have never one IRL
>Stare in utter amazement at this guy sitting on my hand
>He chills for about 5 minutes then bounces off
>Best day of trip
> walking outside near garage
> hear woosh
> hear smash
> dumbass bird falls on me
> dumbass bird apparently smashed his dumbass head into my garage door
> hold the stupid fucker for an hour until he hets his bearings back
> he has explosive shit all down my hand and arm before flying away

I named him Asshole.
>Young, horny teen
>Need place to fuck gf
>She suggests drainage tunnel
>fuck okay
>fucking in a drainage tunnel sucks
>near orgasm
>feel something on my hand
>centipede crawling over my knuckles
>in the dark can make out more movement
>don't want to ruin whatever mood there was
>as we're walking out some Mexican dude looks at us funny

Found out later bitch had vaginal centipedes. Dumped her on the spot.
>praying mantises don't even live here (Central Europe)

how retarded do you have to be? they're pretty common
>tfw no vaginal centipede gf
>in elementary school
>walking to candy store to spend my allowance like a responsible adult
>there's a stray dog on the road
>wow what a cute doggy
>suddenly starts charging at me
>I start running, scared shitless
>get to stairs
>decide I can't outrun a dog so I'll try to jump and clear the whole flight of stairs so I can escape faster
>not a super hero so can't jump as far
>trip on the last couple of stairs and land on my face
>dog catches up to me and viciously bites my ass
>managed to sink it's teeth through thick winter jeans too

Shit sucked.
I did what the good't lord't intended and released them near my neighbors backyard.

imagine if nature had decided to be a bitch and they developed carbon nanotube carapaces
In 3rd grade in Mexico a bunch is kids were getting loud and crowded in the back part of the school where there was trees and dirt.I went to check what was going on and I see them throwing rocks at what they're calling a lizard I don't even think about it and go through the kids and reach quickly for it's tail and everyone is just staring at me,I take it to my teachers room and put it on the computer for the remainder of the class,at the end of the day I took home with me a cute green iguana!(I knew what it was right away) lasted a few years then I was dragged to the U.S.
Once in elementary school I found some cute mice behind the school.
[spoiler]some asshole came and stomped on them.[/spoiler]


>third year ECOLOGY camp
>sitting around during day
>bunch of snakes move around the camp
>Everyone is interested
>most stay back and look/take photos
>One group, picks up a stick and starts hitting the bushes looking for snakes to come out
>Find one they know has a snake
>Start poking the large stick in hard waiting for it

They had stopped by the time I walked over, but seriously, third year students studying the environment still act like retards around animals. I just don't fucking understand people.
>sit in my room in mozambique
>suddenly a scorpion comes out from under the bed
>heart is racing
>catch it and throw it out
At this point I lived there for 2-3 weeks, never left the door open unattended so it must have lived there longer than me, still scares me when I think about it.
>trying to kill the moth
>not embracing it like a pillow
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2015-09-28 18.54.53.jpg
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>have morning shift at work for the first time in forever
>am wage slave who works retail
>god this sucks
>go out to the garden area
>oshit a kitty
>make friends
>feed her food, she's starving
>she ends up following me around the store
>end up taking her home
>pick up cat supplies from Walmart
>get home
>feed her
>she's hungry as shit
>she finishes
>is all over me
>cuddles the shit out of me
>put her on the couch near my desk so I can do some shitposting
>she jumps from the couch, to a table, to the back of my chair, then lays in my lap

D-did I seriously just hit the cat jackpot? I'm kind of worried I might have just stolen someone's cat, but she didn't have any tags or anything.
Also, if insects were any larger, there would not be enough oxygen for them to breathe.

>gardening one day
>peacock comes strolling onto my property
>wanders around for a few minutes then moves on

>2 hours later
>guy comes to my door asking if i've seen a peacock anywhere

Turns out he owned a peacock farm or something about a mile down the road.
these are all great stories and i have enjoyed reading them

>strolling around san antonio
>watch as an adult female grackle feeds her fledgling beakfuls of sweet n' low out of a packet

>interning at a zoo
>cleaning a pool with granulated bleach
>grackles start landing, picking up granules, and tucking them into their feathers
>ask the keeper i'm working with about it
>they're doing it to kill parasites
>holy shit

>working at a different zoo
>another keeper finds a snake and radios it in so the herp keepers can come catalog it
>i'm close so i come over to see
>4 foot long ish ratsnake
>snake is slowly climbing a wall and about to go into an exhibit with big aggressive cranes
>public is watching and FLIPPING OUT
>snake is not even remotely in a hurry
>gently grab it behind its head and restrain it
>people watching are immensely disappointed i didn't die in the process

>at home
>hear a hawk in the backyard
>go outside to look for it
>constant hawk calls
>see movement
>it's a blue jay mimicking hawk noises
File: Chensible Shuckle.gif (993KB, 250x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Chensible Shuckle.gif
993KB, 250x250px

> it's a blue jay mimicking hawk noises
>i thought they lived only in the Eastern-Asian region
Bruh, I live in Texas and we have praying mantises.
>kept going
>vaginal centipedes

Congratulations, you've officially been adopted!
I doubt any of you are going to believe this but what the hell.

>have yorkie
>he stays out in the back yard while I'm at work
>had overtime, couldn't come home until later at night
>came home, noticed that he isn't waiting patiently at the back door as usual
>hear some weird noises from the side yard
>start walking over
>there's a large barn owl on the ground, with a broken wing, frantically trying to get away from my tiny dog that's half its size
>owl kicks towards my dog
>he dodges and then lunges towards its other wing and yanks it, breaking/spraining that one as well
>run over and pick up my dog and let him inside, he's pacing and kind of restless, wants to go back out to finish the job
>look online for what to do
>put on gardening gloves
>walk back to owl, it's scared as shit
>pick it up, avoiding touching the wings
>it doesn't even struggle
>wrapped it up in an old towel, placed it in a box and kept it in a quiet room
>called animal control, they can pick up the owl tomorrow
>tomorrow comes, dude arrives to pick up the owl

I never did find out what happened to that owl afterwards
I know that feeling
>Out on the reef snorkelling
>3rd year marine bio
>Spot loggerhead turtle
>Inform others
>Chucklefuck class clown decides to rodeo it

Apparently being in a scientific exclusive zone on the Great Barrier Reef isn't enough for some.
Similar story here
>Wake up as teen
>Sounds like someone is honking a horn outside the house
>From the roof?
>Run outside to investigate wtf is going on
>Escapee peacock is up on the roof hollering to greet the day.

>Chucklefuck class clown decides to rodeo it

Oh for fucks sake.

I suspect it smashed into a wall or something and your dog went mental lol. I'm glad you looked after it properly.
I have on from just a few days ago.

>Me and a small group are hiking in the Shenandoah National Park
>Couple of the teenagers take the lead and venture a couple hundred feet in front of the rest of the group
>Suddenly see them sprinting back towards the group, fear stricken
>Apparently the saw a black bear cub exploring the trail and wanted to avoid encountering its overprotective mother
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2MB, 4160x3120px
>be on first date
>guy takes me out on his boat to the lake
>my first time out on the lake, very new to surroundings since I had just moved to the US
>floating around sipping on beers and chit chatting
>I spot a long thing connected to another thing in the distant shoreline
>hard to tell from the distance, I suggest it is a snake
>he says it's a turtle
>I get up closer
>it's a copperhead
>never seen one before, only seen constrictors back home
>apologize to him and start swimming closer to get better view
>it's a copperhead eating a fish
>date turns into us documenting this fucker
>slowly swim onto shore a few feet away
>snake dgaf he's swallowing away no prob
>my date comes in behind me less sneakily
>snake moves into the water and finishes his prey underwater
>snakey starts sliding onto shore again and I bail
>only talk about wildlife encounters rest of date
Snake pretty much saved the date.
Pic related. Kind of hard to see after he moved into the water.
Couple years ago driving along the road South of large in-city park, suddenly see peregrine falcon fly past with what appears to be a dead seagull in its talons. Gull was the same size as the falcon. Definitely most surprising wild animal sighting for me.
my story has a mantis too
> falling asleep, feel a sharp pinch on my belly
> groggily feel it and pull off what definitely feels like a fucking centipede
> centipedes are my all-time most repulsive creature that I cannot emotionally tolerate
> one was on me in my sleep
> flip my shit, leap out of bed and blindly throw it across the room
> make my way to front of apartment to check that the door is locked and sealed/shut all the way
> small bulby spider in corner by door
> phone flashlight reveals it's a black widow (confirmed abdomen pattern)
> spray 1/4 can of pesticide on it, it pops and shrivels
> open the door to throw out all the insect debris I've collected so far (mainly just the spider)
> step on a fucking snail outside my door
> crunch/squish is heartbreaking
> there are tons of them around. this guy was probably somebody's bro or dad or something.
> no such regard given to spider or centipede, fuck them
> back to the snail, I stumble trying to lift my foot and avoid stepping on it again
> lose balance and put hand on the wall outside my door
> large green creature twitches and stands up in a defensive posture
> definitely a mantis
> at this point I am nearly in tears
> finish my business and go back inside asap

I spent the entire night paranoid about insects murdering me in my sleep. I had all the lights on and got maybe 2 hours of quality sleep. Had to work the next morning at 6.
When I was a child living in florida we had a neighbor lady a few doors down who owned a whole flock of peacocks. They're cool to watch as an adult but when you're five years old, the males are all feisty because it's mating season, and they're constantly hanging out in your back yard, it can be pretty terrifying.
Am sure your neighbor appreciated that.
>walking on the quad
>see a dead squirrel
>take a selfy with it
Just found out that that strip is the eggs. Damn, that's weird looking. I thought it was part of the cable or something at first.
File: Poledancer.jpg (211KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me, around ten years old, growing up in the suburbs
>walking on the sidewalk somewhat nearby my house
>three or four neighbor kids grouped up around something on the sidewalk
>i walk up
>they found a Garter snake and the kids are talking about how they are going to kill it
>"smash it?, pull it apart?, cut it open?"
>i ask if i can see it, they say sure
>when i get it in my hands i book it out of there at full speed
>make it past a couple houses and round the corner
>clear my pursuer's field of view and spot a yard with some big leafy bushes
>set free the reptile but keep running so they don't know that/where it was released
>running away from kids
great job regardless
you're a good guy, anon
>years ago, still living in mom's house, which is old and full of bats
>sometimes have night terrors which result in me screaming bloody murder
>one night hear flapping sound in my bedroom
>turn on flashlight, see bat
>scream bloody murder
>mom comes into my room, asks what the problem is
>tell her there's a bat in there somewhere
>we look for a little, find no bat
>I insist there was one, she doesn't believe me
>"anon, you just dreamed it. it was never there"
>finally get the idea to bring the cats into the room
>they converge on one corner of the rug
>lift up rug, find bat
>vindicated, watch mom catch the bat and release it outdoors
>still feel empty inside due to mother's lack of faith in me
Praying mantis I found on my car one morning. Was a bitch to get him off safely so I could go.

>evening time
>bat flies by
>I say hello
>bat flies around me for bit
>random Mexican staring at me
>walking dog off leash
>squirrel in our path
>worry she'll flip out and chase because terrier
>dog stops and stares
>looks back at me then back at squirrel
>walks closer
>squirrel goes onto grass verge amongst trees
>dog goes to edge of path and watches
>squirrel goes up tree and I call her back into step
It was a brilliant example of dog "what the hell is that? you seeing this? what???" and it made me happy.
Why? Because you are a pussy and tremble at the thought of picking up one.
>grandparents own a lake property in northern indiana
>there's a large pile of sand on the property that my grandfather put there so his grandkids could build sandcastles without going to the beach
>last month or two ago a cousin of mine who's about six dug up a bunch of baby turtles in the pile of sand
>about ten of them that had already hatched but hadn't yet dug up to the surface
She was so excited.

>there's an old nature preserve on the lake within walking distance of my grandparents' property
>routinely walk over there for hiking and other naturey things with family
>we walk past on old building with a couple of out-houses in the back that are never used
>I was opening all the outhouses looking for spiders so my sister could send photos of them to her friends
>the second outhouse I open, I see something squirming on the floor near the toilet
>it's a tiny little snake, no more than eight inches long, thrashing about in a tangle of spider webs
>we free him from the spider webs and take him back to the house to show some others
>we let him go later that day

>late winter, around dusk
>as I walk into living room and there's a huge burst of movement just outside the window that scares me to death
>I turn to see six deer running through the snow away from the bird feeder
>they were eating the bird seed because there had been consistent snow cover on the ground for months and they were probably starving
>the deer came back a few times after that and we took pictures

>driving home with my mother as we were going down the country road to get to our house, I see a bald eagle perched in a large sycamore
>she turns the car around so we can go look at it, since eagles aren't very common where we live
>as we sit on the side of the road watching it, the eagle takes a huge shit, it was like watching a gallon of white paint splatter down through the leaves and branches
>its business done, it flies of to leave my mother and I laughing on the side of the road
>I almost made chunky bunny salsa all over the lawn
My father did that once.
>driving home from vacation in Key West Florida
>mother wants to see an endangered key deer, she's been to the key west five times and never seen one even though people say you can see them along the road all the time
>it's dark, we're driving at the reduced speed limit and the whole family has their eyes glued to the road side
>we enter the next town up US 1 and are about to give up looking since we're driving through urban islands now
>I spot two deer, and my mother turns the car the car around
>we pull up into the parking lot of a CVS and ogle these two deer
>they're just chilling in the grass next to a bus stop, not five feet from the road, closer to the center of town than the edge
>a guy on bike goes by, not ten feet from the deer, and they don't give any fucks
I understand why they're endangered now. They have no fear of anything, they're like the wildlife on the galapagos islands, they're not afraid of people.
File: turkey vulture.jpg (661KB, 1368x870px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
turkey vulture.jpg
661KB, 1368x870px
>been feeding wild turkeys for years with cracked corn
>start throwing egg shells out back for birds (blue jays, cardinals, ect) to eat
>"huh? Those are some funny-looking turkeys"
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I live on sugarloaf (19 miles north of key west) and get key deer all the time. Definitely have never feed them carrots from my hand because that would be illegal ;^) they are also really fucking small.
>walking in the woods
>see a white blob in a clearing
>hmm is that a goat? looks like a goat
>get closer
>its an old man getting a blowjob from a fat woman in a white shirt
>bitch had vaginal centipedes. Dumped her on the spot.
>Bastard had dick centipedes emerging from his urethra, Nasty. Ran like a mother fucker fortunately he couldn't get it up due to centipedes.
Had that happen to me cat just up and sat at niche of my neck while watching tv, had been feeding some feral cats for awhile, ended up being the best cat ever had love him soooo much.
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Nothing too special, I was eating lunch outside when I saw this guy on crawling on my leg.
>el Diablo....mi madre Maria...
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That is pretty impressive if true. Five Lined Skinks are very very skittish and generally would avoid people
very cute creature
these things are all around my house, my fucking cat kills them and hides their bodies under a basket
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>there's always a Mexican out at this late hour...
One time when jacking off, I came and it fucking hurt, like a stinging burn. I looked fown and there was some blood and a few ant corpses in my jizz.

It was unexpected.
>at bonfire in the woods
>friends and I all drunk off shitty cheap alcohol
>feel fur brush up against my hand
>pet my dog
>see that it's an opossum bro just going through our bag of marshmallows
>i didn't bring my dog

It was chill as fuck. Hung around a bit and left.
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Found this girl on my plants today. Her abdomen was flat and since we're entering fall I guess she laid her eggs and was about to die. Too bad, it's been a while since I've seen a mantis this big.
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>go home
>look into mailbox
>frogbro chillin in there
No, because I didn't want to hurt or distress it more than necessary
If any anon deserved it that would be you.
>chilling outside in the sun
>start to fall asleep
>suddendly big ass Podarcis jumps on my foot and starts biting my toe
It didn't hurt at all, but it sure made me jump.
>Be me
>Be outside school standing
>See Bee
>Bee sees me
>Flies around me
>Suddenly I feel something moving on my forehead
>Feel crawling towards my face
>Suddenly see bee abdomen practically on my eye
>Stand still
>Bee just chills with its stinger a few cm away from my pupil
>leaves from my eye eventually
>The bee decreed I may live another day
>be 2002
>go to rave
>take 3 ecstasy pills
>25 hrs later
>stumble home
>sit down outside my apartment
>fall asleep for unknown amount of time
>wake up feeling a pleasant licking across my palm
>open one rave crusted eye
>is a red fox lapping at my palm
>go back to sleep
>wake up to security guard asking if I'm ok
>ask him if he seen my foxbro
>he doesn't reply
>i go upstairs
>2 days later security guard sees me in lobby
>says looked at security feed
>saw foxbro licking my palm for 5 min
>couldn't believe it
>ask him for copy
>says no can do

tfw when no foxbro
>White Water rafting with family in upstate New York
>Having a blast
>raft suddenly lifts up and down
>it appears we hit something like a rock
>raft comes to a complete stop
>look down into water
>notice huge dark spot
>37ft monster from the paleolithic era appears
>"I'm gonna need about tree fiddy"
>Grandpa goes on belligerent rant for 3 minutes
>monster disappears into the murky waters
>working out in basement gym
>clump of fuz rolls across the ground slowly
>wait not fuz
>really tiny, dusty red salamander is crawling around my basement
>dont know how he got in
>take him to the stream beside my house and set him free
>he probably got eaten by the frogs
>i cry every night
thats a nice house
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>be me
>at highschool helping with decoration for halloween
>working with some flowers
>feel something crawling inside my sleeve
>probably nothing
>keep working but crawling sensation wont go away
>takes off sweater
>a fucking black caterpillar comes out of sleeve
>those fuckers burn like hell
>mfw it decided i wasn't worth burning
Was riding my horse , looked down and a snake passed under and through the horses legs without being stepped on. A sigh of relief Jeeeeez.
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