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RIP Thread

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he just died an hour ago, got rolled by my father with his bike while he tried to get out of the house and this little guy was hiding right under the wheel.

Am sad as fuck right now.

pic related, it is him while chilling on the porch.
its not /an/ if we dont get like 10 of these a day
>while he tried to get out of the house

I'm sure OP did let it out but that has nothing to do with its death, moron
>And that's what you get if you don't keep your pets under proper supervision.
Pretty sure it would still be alive if he would actually take care of his pets.
Pathetic. Get back in your containment thread.
Sorry for your loss, OP but you may as well delete this thread. Summertime /an/ is not a good place to be.
fuck you, he was hiding, and it was happened IN the house

I didn't let him out

Yeah, like how you neglect your mom amirite?

You are right, there are only trolls now
These aren't trolls these are people tired of preventable deaths and are just so upset over things like this they jumped to conclusions . there's no need to be an ass about it or call achually genuine people trolls or be like lol ur mom rite. Come on OP. What is it about outdoor people where they resort to red dot like behavior? Not that this is an outdoor thread but still. Your day is a fucking moron that poor little thing.
What a shame. So cute and still so young. I hope your father feels bad.
>fuck you, he was hiding, and it was happened IN the house

I'm not going to be mean because you probably feel like shit.

Just in case you get another kitten or have kittens in the house, it is really crucial to make sure the kittens are in a really secure area, and that there's no place for them to leave or no small spaces for them to hide in. They love to cram themselves into dangerous areas or get into trouble. They aren't developed enough to know when there are threats, or know if they can't uncram themselves from a small space.

Just if you want to get another kitten, make certain it can't escape until it's older. It's sad, but use this as a learning experience for when you're willing to get another kitten. Be even more secure than you expect, because they're super sneaky and have no self preservation.

Sorry that you lost it. He looked really cute. I also always love orange cats with short tails... Did you find him as a feral?
I hope your dad wipes out on his bike and gets crushed by a tractor trailer.
>fuck you, he was hiding, and it was happened IN the house

think about bird or fish ownership.
Are you socially handicapped?
Natural Selection
As Nature Intended.
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Had to put my dog down a couple months ago since he was so old he couldn't even walk.

We had him for 12 years. I grew up with him, he was my best friend, almost like a brother in fact and the best dog I've ever had, no matter the fact he was allergic to everything and was incredibly annoying at times.
It was painful seeing his last few months, the constant seizures, the loss of the use of his legs.

RIP Casper.
Guys who are implying that OP isn't capable of keeping cats safely:

I've seen this happen before. Had a friend's cat and one of my grandma's cats run over because they were napping behind the wheel of the car.
Another friend's kitten was stepped on because it was stretched out on the back porch step in the dark.
One of my own kittens was smothered when its mother brought the litter up onto my bed in the middle of the night and a kitten burrowed under my pillow. (I woke up and tried to move her, but she brought them all back and I was exhausted so I decided to risk it and went back to sleep. I was also a kid and completely traumatized when I woke up to her yowling a little later and a dead kitten under my pillow - my favorite out of the litter, no less.)

Sure, it could be prevented, but no one is 100% observant every waking hour of the day. People make mistakes. Sometimes they're tragic mistakes. Hopefully, people learn from their mistakes and are even more careful in the future, but it's still not and can never be a sure thing.

As for cats, some are "smarter" about this than others. Most cats know to get the hell away from a car when it turns on. Some don't. Some kittens are very hard to keep in a single, safe area of the house because they get bored and frustrated and will whine at the door all day long. I'd rather have a happy kitten with the whole house to explore, and just have to be a little more careful myself, than to lock a kitten up - but doing this, or having outside cats at all, is always a risk. The owner has to make the choice of whether or not the risk is worth giving the cat a more complete and fulfilling life. (not saying all indoor-only cats are mistreated, but some cats adjust to it better than others.)
My friend's kitten got a dishwasher door in his head and died. The dishwasher door was broken so it would just fall down when you opened it instead of having to push it down, and another friend of mine was staying over and didn't know. After breakfeast he was gonna put his plate and and glass in the dishwasher and their kitten happened to be running by just as the dishwasher door fell. So yeah indoor accidents happens too!
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It's been 11 months today ;_;
Yeah. That's why it's important to give it a proper, well fortified area.
Explains it nicely.

> I'd rather have a happy kitten with the whole house to explore, and just have to be a little more careful myself

That's terrible, then. If a kitten gets bored or frustrated in a closed off area, that doesn't mean give it the whole house. Kittens wander a lot, and love to crawl into things. It doesn't matter if you "think" a certain kitten is "smarter" than the others. Kittens do this, it's stupid to assume that one kitten wouldn't, and there's nothing to stop it... only prevent it.

Give it a larger area, kitten proof a room for them, play with them and exhaust them more often, etc. Just upright denying them basic safety is wrong, and trying to justify it with "they want it!" is also wrong.

It's like allowing a dog to be food aggressive because it doesn't enjoy being trained, or not giving your cat its medicine because it hates eating it/getting a shot.

Usually an animals feelings aren't in their best interest. Being a good owner means creating a balance between their wants and needs.
This largely depends on the house, though. Some houses are safer than others. The thing is to be aware of the places where a kitten might wander or hide, and either block them up or make sure the kitten can get out easily by itself. (in OPs case, it was the bike that was the problem, and not being observant enough - but I discussed that.)

Also, age is a factor. I DO recommend keeping very young kittens in a single room, but once they get 7, 8, 9 weeks old, they want to explore EVERYTHING, and unless you live in your bedroom, you can't always be there to amuse them.

Furthermore, what about when the cat grows up? Even a strictly indoor cat isn't going to be kept in one small section of the house all its life. They've got to learn the rules of the place sooner or later.
>This largely depends on the house, though. Some houses are safer than others.

Those differences don't matter to a kitten. They find places to cram into, fall off, get stuck in, no matter how hard you try to close them off. It's a good start, but prevention by supervision is the only way to make sure they're actually safe.

If they want to explore everything, let them out every once in a while with proper supervision. 7-9 weeks is far, far too young for them to have free reign of the house. Sure, they can walk around with you there, but it's a really bad choice to not watch them.

Try around 4-5 months old for them to roam without you around.

>what about when the cat grows up?

That's why you slowly allow them to freely walk around. You're supposed to slowly start to give them more and more free, supervised time. This helps with both their ability to use the litter box, and their safety. It's actually the best way for them to "learn the rules"- safely.

Once they have a solid grasp of where they should and shouldn't go, and are mentally and physically mature enough (4-5 months), then they should be given total range.
Sure, that's all great advice. I won't argue that it isn't the safest method.

But I've raised a lot of kittens in this house (too many), and I've never once had a kitten hurt or stuck (I've had adult cats hit by cars or attacked by poorly supervised neighborhood dogs, but the only kitten losses were due to things happening in the kitten-proofed room - one smothering itself under a pillow, and one being fatally injured by its own mother). I let them out into the house when they get over the bumbly, waddly, super clumsy phase, and I keep a close eye on them for the first few days to observe their general behavior and note which areas they're most curious about. But once the kitten is confident in the house, I trust them to get themselves out of trouble or yowl at me for help. (it also helps to have a protective dog who will follow the kitten around all day and alert me by his mere presence which room the kitten is in at any given time).
Sorry guys, its been a day for me, and I still feel absolutely devastated.
We grew up together and I feel so lost without her, right now she would be sitting on my lap. :'( I still hear her crying at the door, I just want to go take her out for a walk and give her a big kiss. I miss her so much /an/.
Thread posts: 23
Thread images: 4

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