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I've wanted to die for a couple years now, but I have a fiance and close to alot of friends, I don't want to die in an obvious suicide... Is there a good way to make it look like an accident?

I have guns, but it can't be gun related because gotten close to the edge before and told my fiance who may or may not have really taken it seriously...

I just want to go to sleep and not wake up, I hate myself and I just want out of this fucking rat race.

I can't live with myself anymore.

Please no
> Oh anon don't do it
> Anon you have so much to live for
> Tfw no gf anon why do it

I've seen some shit, and done even worse.

My family sees me as a failure, and I'm practically non functional and scared as hell all the time.

I want out, I want it to look like an accident.

No guns or drugs...
Get drunk, jump off a bridge into a raging river.

You know what /k/ would tell you

>go out shooting
>Start the car in the garage
>open phone to memes
>make it look like you were so into the memes you didnt notice that you died.
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Can't be gun related, and we don't like gun related suicide actually, adds to a negative image of gun owners.
>I want out
No you don't. Else you would just do it.
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I don't want to leave a fiance devastated and traumatized and questioning if it was her fault...
I don't want my friends to think
> Gee maybe we should have hung out more
I don't want my family to be like
> See! He was a mentally ill failure and I told you so!
Family would also contact finance and harass her about it

It's more complicated than
> Do it faggot
I don't have a garage but people would prolly believe my meme addiction killed me.

I tried an exit bag in January but my fiance walked in on me because "she had a feeling" and came home from work.
Then you don't want to die. It is not complicated. You should try and find solutions to the things giving you issue. I'm not even saying you should do it. I'm just telling you the truth: You don't want to die. Otherwise you would do it right now.
How the fuck is an exit bag an accident?

You think you know what you want but you have no idea. When you really had enough then you've taken your own life. If you're still around then what is available to you in life is better than death. Don't worry. It will work itself out. The day your dead is the day death is better than life.

What you do need is some life changing advice. Focus on other things. Stop worrying about shit you can't control. Learn to cope with certain shit. Stay occupied.

At least don't be a douche and break up with your fiancee and tell her you just need time apart or some shit. You are fucking her up by making her have a fiancee that died when she doesn't need to go through that. And you are complaining about how you've seen some shit. If you're hurting then you wouldn't want to hurt more so don't do it to other people or at least don't hurt them more than you have to. Tell your fiancee you need to split up for your own reasons and let her be free without having to worry about you. Quit calling your family and friends and just let them wonder for the rest of their lives.
Had it set up. They would come by and remove the bag hoses and tank.

Nope, have to disagree. Life and death are more complex then
> Lol I hate everything byebye
I just hate myself.
The things giving me issues are not fixable, I feel bad for the shit I did in Afghanistan. I don't have PTSD I don't think and I think anybody in my position who isn't a psychotic would feel awful.
I don't want kids, And I know the world would be a better place without me.
Fiance will move on and find a less damaged guy.
Fiance is less likely to move on in a healthy way if she blames herself, which is something she will do if the suicide is apparent.
I'm dumb and I'm on a online Mongolian horseback riding forum asking for advise about how to kill myself in an accident because I'm too stupid to think of something.
Also I'm a coward and I don't want it to hurt.
>Also I'm a coward and I don't want it to hurt.
I know. But that's alright. None of us really want to die, man. I don't know what you did in Afganistan, but you should definitely talk to a therapist man. Good luck.

>I feel bad for the shit I did in Afghanistan

What did you do?. You like kill people for no reason type shit? or hurt some animals?.

I did a year in Iraq and I used to feel suicidal at times because I guess combined with my loser antisocial mentality and history from the past I just always have been suicidal. I used to drink and have the handgun right next to me like I was meming the typical "ptsd soldier" in real life. I really just felt fucked up but now I'm kind of over it.

I never killed anybody but seen a shitload of bombs go off and some almost killed me. I would honestly say when I started to calm down was when I got married. I think my wife kept me occupied and distracted me from a lot of that shit. I still drank a lot and on my days off would act like a drunken mess and she saw that and still stuck by me. I'd tell her I want to blow my fucking brains out and spill my brain to her and she just accepted it. I'm getting better over the years. I think death would be nice but am not mad that I have gotten to experience all the good times life has to offer.
>Go to lake baikal
>Get a bunch of supplies
>Live there alone for 6 months
>Do not want to die anymore, a fucking brand new man
>Appreciate existence
What's wrong with being psychotic, when being empathetic means leaving your wife and children in mourning.

You act like there's something wrong with you, like you're deficient in some way. That you're irredeemable as a human being in the eyes of others. That's foolish. You're no special snowflake, that could've been anyone.

It's real simple. You have a family who cares about you. You have friends who care about you. You've got a life to live yet. You eat, you breathe, you sleep, and you shit. If you want to feel bad about something, or do what you can to atone for what you've had to do, then let it be for the benefit of others.

You can work through this.
Crash your car into a tree. Get drunk beforehand.
Exit hugs from another /k/ommando who doesn't want to make gun ownership look bad
assisted suicide!
i'm with this guy
>meme addiction

Give me your guns first. They'll miss you and i will cherish their memory with you.
Not sure if you're just fishing for attention, but I'll write something anyway.

I have a friend whose fiance shot himself one day, leaving behind his future wife and two kids. Nobody knows why he did it as he left no note and never spoke about such intentions. Believe me when I say that the void he's left in their lives will never be filled and the pain he's caused will continue until they join him one day. Even if you succeed in making it look like an accident, your fiance, friends and family will always question if maybe it was they're fault and there is no way they could ever find an answer in your absence. That is one side to consider.

The other side, as others have pointed out, is that there are better ways to redeem yourself than to end it. If you feel like you've done wrong you should man up and work to make up for it. And regarding your family considering you a failure: you'd only prove them right by necking yourself. Do something with your life and they'll see you for what you are.

TLDR: don't do it man.

t. Someone who's done 6 years for manslaughter.
I don't get why so many here are against suicide. Everyone is free to exit when they feel like it. Although some spur of a moment suicide is pretty stupid. Leaving kids behind is also shit.
Anyway, driving a car to a river or something would probably look most like an accident. Suicide driving against trucks or other vehicles is also shit.
Or go for another tour and take some terrorists with you. That's basically a heroes death these days.
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