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Cutting Off a Friend

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How do I cut off someone who I don't want to be friends with? This guy means well, but he is annoying and I don't like him. He's a loner with no friends and I know he would feel awful if I officially cut him off which is why I stuck with him. I remember telling him that I've grown to dislike him and he felt awful and the next day I told him that I don't feel that way anymore. Whenever I see him I greet him kindly and he does the same.

I've also been feeling a need for change in my life. For my whole life I've put the needs of others before mine and I have this perception that it's making me weak (though when I think about it rationally, my life right now is fine and I'm doing quite well). I'm wondering whether it's better to give this guy the truth that I don't want him to hang out with me and hurt his feelings, but my gut and conscience tell me that that is both morally wrong and won't benefit me in the long run, I'll just be a self-centred asshole willing to hurt nice people just because I don't like them. Can I even cut him off without telling him?

The thing is, I want to go to his house (he lives on a street across from mine). I don't want to go because I'll enjoy my time, but because I told him I might go and I don't want him to feel bad and lonely over the summer. Fuck man, I'm doing something I don't really want to do just for him, is this stupid of me? My gut tells me not to do this but my conscience tells me to do it. Can it really hurt that much?

Fuck dude, what do I do? Back in middle school I was the guy no one liked and now I'm starting to see that maybe the people who begrudgingly let me hang around them back then were in a more difficult situation then I thought. I mean who wants to hang around someone that they don't like?
If you never liked this guy then it is better to be honest. Let him think you are an asshole, who cares. It would be better than making him think you give a shit for years and dicking him around. That is way worse.

On the other hand you mentioned you used to be like him. If you were good friends with this person at one point but your life improved and his has not; which caused you to no longer like him because he is an embarrassment to your new clique. Then yes, you are a legitimate asshole.
Alright, I'll tell him. If he finds out 10 years later that I never liked him that will probably sting harder. I just don't know what to say? I don't care if he thinks I'm an asshole, but it would hurt me to know that I may ruin his summer. Also paraphrasing and padding a polite speech that essentially translates to "I don't want you to come near me." just sounds wrong. Fuck dude, am I being a weak pussy or am I right?

I was never good friends with him. When I met him a few months ago I was friendly because I wanted to make new friends, but as I got to know him I grew to dislike him.

One of my friends who would hang around me acted like a huge asshole to repel him and I called him out for being an asshole and acted respectful to the annoying guy. I guess that means I'm not a legitimate asshole.

I've recently grown to despise the two year-long former best friend who acted mean to the annoying guy because he's become an even bigger douche to try to be "alpha" (lying to get his way, putting me down for no reason, saying his time is too important to read what I send him, etc). I was planning on just not hanging out with him without telling him why and only tell him if he asks why. I guess that's two people to cut off, but this guy I don't feel much trouble cutting off because he's an asshole.
What makes him annoying? Just tell him what he's doing wrong.
I've tried, but it's not that simple to say what it is. Where do I begin? Before I gave him some advice he had a list of his personal enemies. He quotes comic books (I thought he was using his own words until someone called him out on it) to talk about weird pseudo-philosophical nonsense to sound wise and talks about how we should reprogram humans so we don't do anything bad. We don't share common interests, he lies occasionally, he isn't fun to talk to and some other stuff. I tried to help him change and he tried to, but I've begun to believe that he and people in general just can't change like that so quickly.
Well, I've been in the position of loner with no friends before. However, I'm an adult. I was nofriended at work. Basically, a bunch of girls didn't like me because I wasn't like them. I used to be friends with one of them and they gradually just started avoiding me - wouldn't engage conversation with me, wouldn't greet me.

It didn't hurt but it did piss me off. 1. It was work, so civilities were expected. 2. It's just disgusting they were so immature about it. I ended up just ignoring the fuck out of them too. It was lonely but I had other stuff I bothered myself with. When we had guests over at work who liked me, they were so ashamed to speak to the guest. So this is more of a Don'ts advice OP. Basically, the one who acts more "normal" about it, gets the upper hand. Act like you're supposed to act.
Thread posts: 6
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