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Kill myself or become a christian?

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Looked at this website: http://www.globalweirding.is/here
Sent me over the edge.
been in my room for a week.Super depressed.
my life is shit.
No meaning to life.
existential crisis. Worried about what happens when i die. Mind fuck.
Should I kill myself or become a Christian?
get professional help
Your mindset is determined by what you expose yourself to. If you stop yourself from visiting that website for a few weeks, you will no longer think about it. Problem solved.
what's on the website? I'm not checking there
What does that website has to do with anything? Global warming made you want to kill yourself?
I looked at it. it made me sad. Was already depressed as fuck so it kind of sent me over the edge into deep depression.
As a person of faith myself, I'd always recommend find a nearby church and becoming part of it. But ALSO, receive professional help; I'm sure you'll hear this a million times, but it bears repeating. Having faith and god and seeing a professional who can help you aren't mutually exclusive.

In fact, I'd say the Big Guy may have put people in your life to help you. But you can never know that, never meet them, if you take your own life.
Global warming may or may not kill us all. Sure, it'd be depressing if it does, but we may also find a way to deal with it. Also technology is slowly getting greener, so you can look forward to that.
Those aren't your only two options, and becoming Christian is just deluding yourself if it's a scapegoat to facing your mortality.

>No meaning to life.

Yeah but the point here is that because there's no meaning you're free to do whatever you want and it can't possibly be wrong because there are no rules.

>been in my room for a week.
get out of your room. socialize with people or start running/working out. if you truly feel hopeless then what have you got to lose?
>Describes how the rise in average global temperature leads to all sorts of crazy things — from hotter heat spells to colder cold spells, more drought and intense flooding, as well as slow-onset changes such as ocean acidification and sea level rise. Also includes oddball things such as jellyfish clogging up the pipes of nuclear power plants, forcing them to shut down.

It's just depressing climate change stuff.
why , i'd be better for the human race to go extinct at least it would get rid of the defects in the human genome
Material nature is subject to decay and death, but the spiritual soul is not. The soul continuously accept various forms of material bodies from life to life like we change clothes. Therefore, one who is intelligent should strive to stop having to accept temporary, miserable material bodies that cause only suffering and remain in his eternal spiritual body. This can be easily obtained in this life by the chanting of the Hare Krishna mantra. This transcendental vibration gradually purifies ones consciousness and elevates one to the platform of self-realization and liberation from material miseries. The world is destined to decay and be destroyed by time because that is the law of nature, it is unavoidable. However, as a spiritual being, one should be completely unphased material conditions, be they good or bad.
If you want to get rid of defects, why are you still around?
Don't kill yourself. I've dealt with depression before, and I'm also into enviro stuff, so I get feeling really bummed out about climate change. It's a tough time right now for that, but the worldwide consensus seems to be moving towards action. America is just a late straggler.

You may want to look into CBT, or cognitive behavior therapy, either to go to or to practice on your own. Instilling daily habits where you complete small goals each day can create an upward cycle that makes you feel better about yourself.

Religion can be helpful, but you probably need to address the core issues that are making you depressed. That being said, if you approach it in a healthy manner, it won't hurt. Also, you may want to look into eastern religions like Buddhism, Hinduism, or Sikhism, as they deal more with being alright with what we cannot control.
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