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On My Mental Illness

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I'm afraid no girl will go out with me due to my history of mental illness and my string of hospitalizations and "special" private schools over the last eleven years.

The worst thing is that I've basically become normal (read: normal enough) but I'm worried about my past. No matter how hard I work it's still there.

What do?
details pls
Basically, when the public school system decides you're not fit for it, your parents will get one of two options; either send you to Juvie or get you diagnosed with something. My parents chose the latter as I was just a wee lad.

The reason I was kicked out to begin with was due to struggling with my emotions, (things like embarrassment or anger would consume me) but I was also given a diagnosis of Autism. I don't believe I have Autism but spending extended time with people who have the disorder made me pick up on their habits and way of acting. The first school I entered basically just made me act like a shit for four years. Awful experience.

The second school was run by people who really liked money and didn't prioritize rehabilitation so much as keeping you in line. I am not rich or wealthy, but the school itself was in Connecticut and had a lot of money due to the overall jewery. I gradually improved as a person there through mostly myself.

Third place was the last and I like to think I became a good enough person there.

The issue is that despite becoming a good goy most of my life has been wasted away and I'm terrified of people knowing once I move on. I'd change my name but that probably won't help.
move to a new city, get a new fresh start, everything will be fine as long as you wont show your "struggle with emotions"? (my english is broken)
If you meet girls dont be too honest, wait till you could trust them and only then tell whole story...
Your English is fine. Thank you.
It's a complete waste to worry about the past. Just figure something out. No woman is going to do a full interrogation.
I usually try to get to know the girl first then gradually let them know about my past and medications. Most of the time they are understanding. Sometimes they just say that can't handle that sort of thing. If that's the case it wasn't meant to be and you go on and keep trying.
I think this but really you shouldn't be ashamed of your past who who you were nor should anyone judge you for it. If someone doesn't find out through word of mouth what you have done you could always just not tell them right?
I know I might be fucked up for saying this, but I once watched korean drama "Its okay, thats love", main character had mental illnes obsessive–compulsive disorder, but it was translated as Schizophrenia, not sure what his real problem was, and so he met psychiatrist and stuff, fell in love and later fought with his illness... Its a really nice stroy and actors were awesome, so idk it was the actor or that beautiful story, but after wtching it, I thought that I wouldnt be scared to date a guy with mental illnes. My point is that, it could really be hard, but watching that drama made me realize few misconceptions I had about people with mental illness and that "normal" people doesnt know shit about it and their fear is baseless.
Pic is from that drama. When you feel down, go watch it - it has romance comedy and drama in it.
I'll look into it.

Rest assured women are crazier than you can possibly imagine.

Just wait till you peel back a few layers.
Date an sjw. Everyones gone crazy over mental illness.

With what little actual psych education i have i can tell you too crazy.

Girls be lining up to date you to brag about how accepting they are and how theyre mental lllness heroes.
I'm not necessarily sure if that's a good thing.

Besides, because of my whole situation I've begun to loathe a lot of the "acceptance movement". It's one thing to understand the struggles of others it's a different thing to tell them to embrace it.
Not only that but self diagnosing amd claiming you have depression, rolling in it and building an identity out of it as a lot of people are doing.. *causes* depression.

As i said i have a small education in it. My gf was self diagnosey when i met her. I looked at her life and urged her to go to a doctor. She wouldnt. So i took over because though im no doctor, im all she had.

Told her her sleep sched was terrible, her job was way too stressful, and she drank way too much, and wouldnt stop talking about depression. All things that would cause and perpetuate.

Got assaulted with accusations of not understanding her, telling her to snap out of it, that its not about sleep and diet, yknow, everything her memes taught her.

Finally got her to a real doctor. Gave her sleeping pills, a diet regime, and told her to cut alcohol, and try not to roll and wallow in her condition. Shes all better now. That was the i told you so of the millenium.
Dont get me wrong there are some cases where its purely neurological, and these things dont work, and constant medication and full life styles need to be built to fight it.

In her case it obviously wasnt so. Thats the problem i have with the embrace movement. Its actually causing more mental illness and for a lot of people keeping them stuck because the treatments and lifestyle changes that do work for *a lot* of people is now being seen as neigh sayer speak.
Interesting read.
Op, if you knew what horrible things I've done in the past through my illnesses. Ripped life aparts, I think two people killed themselves because of me.
The past has just fucked me so hard that I want to destroy everything innocent. And yet I'm here and nobody cares.
Just me.
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