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Parents divorced and how it affects me

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I moved out of my house before I finished HS and lived in my friends basement since my parents were in the middle of getting divorced.

My parents finally got divorced right before I started college and my first year was awful, I failed most of my classes, got depressed, met the wrong people and started doing drugs. I constantly feel like I'm held back by my situation as my "father" was actually my step dad and I found out that I will never know who my real dad is anyways. My step dad hardly supports me anymore and my mom is working under the table and can hardly help me out with anything.

I'm stuck living in a shitty apartment off campus all year round and have no phone plan so I'm stuck using a iPhone 5S with a hardly functioning charging port (you have to hold it in with force to charge it). I can't get a decent job because the hours they are looking for people to cover don't fit in with my schedule and there are simply too many teens looking for jobs in my area period.

At this rate I don't even know how to get ahead in life. I did decent for my second year of college (Computer Engineering) as I am very capable at doing well when I'm not emotionally fucked up. I just feel like I can't get ahead and that there are too many things holding me back.

I don't even have a license or a car since my parents wouldn't let me get it when I was 17 since they found small amounts of weed in my room at the time (even though I pulled great grades and was doing well otherwise). Now I can't afford a car anyways, considering I essentially live off of my school loans.

The only redeeming thing about my life lately is my girlfriend, but I have trust issues with her (btw my step dad cheated on my mom before the divorce was over). It's scary letting people close after you see what can happen.

I know it's possible to live a decent life, but I don't think I'll ever be as successful as I imagined myself being. Am I being a bitch about this?
>Am I being a bitch about this?
In a word: yes. There is nothing unique about your situation, and people go through the same shit and manage to do perfectly well. Stop blaming everything on your parents' divorce and start accepting responsibility for your life like the adult that you are.
>Perfectly well
That's not the point, I already know I'll do perfectly well.
I don't think I'll ever be as successful as I could've been given that I waste so much time trying to piece my life together.
Also I forgot to add that my mom has all of the money that I earned during High School and she refuses to release it to me, which doesn't help the situation with getting a car or new phone. I could easily get a job if I had a car.
Okay, there are people in your position who go on to be incredibly successful.
And if you're entitled to the money go and get a lawyer. If you need a car, get whatever job you can get and save up from that.

You're making excuses. But hey, it's easier to blame your first world problems and feel sorry for yourself than to actually do something, huh?
>my "father" was actually my step dad
The pure form of cuckholding.

Realize what did your parents wrong and with a bit of luck you will be able to avoid same fate.

As far as your money situation go, get bicycle or scooter. And maybe go talk to your dad. He probably feels miserable. Worth the shot.
Stop responding, you miserable sack of shit. I'm not blaming my parents, I just don't know what to do. I'm on a fucking advice board. Your advice is shit and you've obviously ignored parts of the story in order to shit on me.
I've given you perfectly good advice, it doesn't affect me if you're going to be a little bitch and cry over something that's hardly limited your life. Enjoy your self-pity.
And I have worked any odd job that I can find just to feed myself and I've even resorted to selling my personal belongings. So don't fucking tell me that "I'm making excuses". I've done everything that I can. I can't force people to let me work for them.

You probably have no clue what it's like and your compensating for your miserable life by coming on here to give people like me shit.

"Go get a lawyer" Think about that for two seconds, you imbecile.
My actual dad was a crack addict and probably isn't alive anymore desu. I do have a bike, but it's in my mom's possession and she won't let me have it... I could get another but then I wouldn't be able to feed myself as I hardly make any money off of the jobs I've managed to get. I will avoid this fate though. I couldn't do this to my kids. My sisters (who are actually related to my step dad) still live with my step dad and are supported by him. I was the only non relative to him so he essentially is my "friend" now that I "hang out with" even though he raised me for 14 years of my life.
So you are telling me that both your parents dumped you like a trash into world and let you go?

Isnt there somethibg you havent told us? Like did you actually tried to plead for help? Sounds like there is more to the story about why your parents hate you.

Tried to apologize yet?
If these are significant parts of your story, then why didn't you put them in the OP...? You can't get pissed off with people for not knowing details if you didn't post the details in the first place. Are you a moron?
Yeah when I wasn't even born yet I did something so fucked up to make him leave that I'm not even sure if I could face his dead body to tell him how sorry I am. Granted I don't even know his name so I won't find his grave anyways.

Go fuck yourself.
He's talking about your step dad, you absolute fuckwit. Do you want help, or did you just make this thread to prove how mentally unstable you are?
I did put them in the OP, I just didn't think I'd need to elaborate for idiots like you. I already explained I've been looking for work. I already explained that I don't know my bio-dad. I shouldn't need to elaborate on these points.
He didn't make that clear. Either way my step dad won't help because he isn't legally obliged to. He even dropped me from his health insurance so I don't have that either, since my mom doesn't have any either.

Either way, I've already explained why he won't help me and it's not because I did anything wrong. I'm an extension of my mom to him and therefore he cut me off emotionally.
Seems like anyone replying to this thread is accusing me of doing something wrong to somehow make my parents hate me or no longer want to support me. Just ignore this thread. You're all too immature to help and honestly will never fully understand how it feels to be in this situation.
My mom wants to support me but can't afford to and is reluctant to give me anything of value just so she can sell it for money if she needs to. My step dad isn't legally obliged to help me, so he won't. He's an extremely selfish person. He's doing similar things to my sisters once they move out as well.
Blame me all you want, I'm not looking at this thread any longer.

You're all probably far more miserable than I am given that you'd say anything to make me feel worse instead of giving heartfelt advice.
You sound like my friend when he gets in one of his depression temper tantrums.
This is rough, OP, and I respect you for sticking with school, and finding jobs where you can. I'm of the mind that you need to stock with what type doing, and try to excel in your field through the rest of school. The first year doesn't really matter, employers just want somebody who is talented and dedicated.

The way to get over this slump is to dedicate yourself to your own future. That's how you will make up for the setbacks in your life. Ignote the retards who try to bring you down
Yeah, he probably thinks you're a self absorbed piece of shit that can't put yourself in another person's shoes to save a life. He probably has legitimate reasons for being upset, but you'd never know because you just constantly remind him that it's his fault and that he should "try harder" even though he's done everything within his control to help himself out. I hope you find yourself in a situation where you need help one day, and I hope someone like you comes along and tells you to go fuck yourself and stop being a crybaby. Any advice I was given in this thread is something that I've either already tried or can't do due to financial reasons. You all just seem to ignore these key points and tell me stupid shit like "go get a lawyer".
I thought you weren't going to check this thread anymore?
I appreciate your sentiments and I agree completely. I will stick it through school no matter what it takes. Even though computer engineering is tough I know it is worth it in the end.

Thank you.
I knew you'd attack that first, just a sign that you'll say anything to get me upset. I was hoping you'd stop checking the thread, to be honest.

You must be a very sad person in real life. Want to meet up sometime? I bet you're absolutely pathetic.
Thread posts: 23
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