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Am I in the wrong?

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First time poster no idea how to green text

>23 yo, male
>Student Nurse
>First week friends with everyone
>One class we divided into pairs, got grouped with girl who sat in front me
>Started talking about non-work stuff, turns out we're pretty much mirrored lifestyle and interests/hobbies
>Next day got to class and she moved back and sat next to me
>Next several weeks we non-stopped talked/texted during/after class and hung out
>Every lunch break or meet up in the city with mates she would make sure I sat next to her
>she got bitter when I talked to other girls
>Realised I started to get feelings for her (thinking about her randomly made me smile ect)
>Having lunch with everyone
>Girl in front of us said "why don't you guys go out already?
>"I have a boyfriend"
>everyone at the table looked at each other
>I just looked forward and couldn't look at her for a few seconds, no idea what emotion I was feeling
>Next day it felt really awkward
>FB profile didn't say "in relationship" or had pics of another guy
>Told my friends about it when we were out drinking (including my feelings about her)
>One of the girls said that she never mentioned him because she loves the attention (ego boosting off me)
>Felt like shit, sadness and anger
>Started to become irritated seeing her
>Gradually I talked less and less to her
>One day she asked "What's wrong, youre different" I did a semi-forced laugh and said "Nothing"
>Sat deliberately where she couldn't be next to me
>last time I talked to her she left early looking like she was about to cry
>Felt guilty the whole night
>Am I a asshole for breaking up a friendship just because she has a bf?

My friends say I'm not.

I need a unbiased opinion /adv
Well OP it seems like she kinda led you on, which isn't really a nice thing to do, and leading someone on is intentional. IMO it's more painful to be friends with your crush and knowing nothing will happen, so while you might feel sad/angry/depressed it will be better for you in long run to break up your friendship with her. That way you can get over her or something.
You did the right thing, except that you should have been more honest with her. Text her and explain that you have feelings for her and that you can't just he friends with her anymore, and since she has a boyfriend, you don't see how you guys can keep talking. Tell her to hit you up if she's ever single. She may have just been looking for someone to give her attention because her boyfriend probably doesn't give her much, but you're not an attention bitch.
No you did the right thing.
You're not an asshole, this scenario happening is the very reason girls do the whole "btw my boyfriend also thinks..." that gets so much hate on here. Regardless of not mentioning it for so long to begin with, she should've realized (and probably did) that hogging you so much made it seem like you were moving towards dating.

However, yeah she's not going to be happy because she lost her go to guy and from her point of view, there was no issue hanging out platonically until you found out that she had a boyfriend and then you suddenly got butthurt. Or well, that will be her point of view if she's not very self-critical. So don't be surprised if you're not her favorite person in the future. Know you are not in the wrong.
No you aren't an asshole she is. Starting a new friendship she should have told you as the two of you chatted and got to know each other.

All opinions are biased. The way you broke off the friendship is pretty dickish, but you gotta look out for you. Try having a conversation with her instead of doing the "nothing's wrong" garbage bullshit that never works or fixes anything.
Thread posts: 7
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