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Death is a bliss

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I was born ugly, not hideous or difficult to look at, just under average and veeeeeeeeery skinny (fat).

I can't fix this shit, yet I feel judged every single fucking time I leave the house. I have what's known as the world's ugliest fucking looking body type imaginable, skinny fat. My arms are as skinny as, or in some cases even skinnier than a girl's. But I have fat around my stomach. And fucked up body proportions, wide hips on a guy. WHAT?!

To top it all, my fucking face. It's the cherry on top. And from this point in time on, I need 3 years of university, and two years of saving up an engineering salary without spending more than 10% of it every month just to be able to get all the surgeries for my face I need.

meanwhile some people were born with something they never had to work for, a NORMAL looking body and a NORMAL looking face, effortless, just like that, and pride themselves with shit they didn't spend a fucking drop of sweat in their life for, while from this fucking point in time, just to be able to reach the state they've been at their WHOOOOOOLE FUCKING LIVES, it's gonna take me ANOTHER 6 years. I'm 20 now.

I'm depressed and suicidal because of unfairness in life (yes I'm completely aware of people having it even shittier than me and I empathise). I've dealt with this shit since I became aware of the problem in HS.

>tl:dr; How to get a huge amount of money in a span of a year probably, before I get fed up with life and eat a bullet?
Just be glad to be alive dude.
That's not any consolidation when the very existing is a fucking pain in the ass every day. Unless you look similar to me, there's no way you can know how I feel.
>I can't fix this shit

But you can. Are you saying you have some genetic anomaly that prevents you from building muscle?

Either start lifting and get muscular or start eating and get fat or do both and get strongfat. Either way you will stop being skinnyfat.

Instead of being a fucking faggot that complains on everything you could visit /fit/ and start to work out to compensate for your ugly face. Get a haircut that look good on you, try grow a beard (sometimes it hides your ugliness) and take care of it going to barber. Learn to dress better and properly and most important learn to communicate with people around you. Stop thinking about plastic surgeries, these are for people with money or people that really need them (diseases, burns etc.).

someone who works out to get their looks doesn't rush through a year to get it. it can take years. if you want to raise the money then take the time like everyone else.

First things first. Your body can be altered without surgery. If you put the work into your body, you can break the skinny fat. The change in muscle mass and fat with l will also alter your face and complexion. As for money, that's harder. You'll need to work your ass off, but it's generally not realistic to acquire surgery amounts of money in under a year with no prior plans.
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life is unfair and i'm ugly too but whining about it wont change anything, nothing will or is going to change, if you think that money is going to change everything you are lying to your self,if you are ugly you will probably die alone (btw i'm 29 kissless virgin).
you first have to understand that you are cursed ... forever
when i was 19 i came to this realization that i'm ugly as fuck and that i will never have a girlfriend so to stop crying every night and to stop hating everyone because of my ugliness,even though they have nothing to do with it and it wasn't her fault
i had to choose between two options
first, forget about the girlfriend and all that bullshit and focus my attention to my career, stop caring about what others think and find other purpose in life
second, i cent take this pain for rest of my life, so only logical step would be suicide it is the only way to make all my problems go away "you cant hate yourself if you don't exist"
this options are reasonable and acceptable and i hope the help
if you choose option option one, good luck to you buddy course it going to be hard, im 7 years on antidepressant medication and i'm fucking dead inside i don't care about anything and anyone any more
if you choose second option here is a graph that can help you succeed
sorry for my bad english and good luck :)
There's always gonna be someone with a better body AND a better face at the same time. They're just genetically superior to me. These are aesthetic surgeries, not burn victim-level surgeries. Yeah, I don't have money, that's why I'm even more fucking pissed off, but I'm willing to work for this money. If the face can be improved why not then? Bodywise, I'm about to start going to the gym, but I'm afraid I won't be able to lift properly, for some reason a year ago my elbow started locking up no matter when, every time I flex my arm and try to extend it while flexed.

Of course I can dude... but it's gonna take so fucking long. And I'm so fucking sick and tired already I'd rather just end myself than spend another 6 years living like this (obviously with the exception of body somewhere along that time)

Oh? Tell me more about how I can "work out" my facial bones and soft tissue to reposition itself, PLEASE. I don't want to look jacked mate, I wanna look normal.

Funnily, a depressed friend told me about his friend being a hunter and having a shotgun stored somewhere in his house... your guess is as good as mine if I lose it...

As to about what you said, I really don't wanna take any meds because, as you've said it yourself, it kills you off completely and makes you a robot. Not sure what I'll do yet, but I hope you can get off the meds somehow and lead a normal life.
Garantee OP's face is not as bad as he thinks it looks.

I knew a guy with an underbite and a cleft palate that didn't heal properly yet he still managed to meet a 7/10 girl and eventually married her and yet you complain about being under average.
>and yet you complain about being under average
Are you seriously fucking joking? What should I complain about instead? Hunger in Africa? I'm sorry I wasn't as lucky as your guy to have been born with an amazing personality, because trust me most people wouldn't even look at him. Let me describe my face, dumbo ears, close-set eyes, and a long mid-face. No jaw. Like, really. Looks like my face and neck are the same part from the side. Underbite. FUCK OFF MATE, seriously. Trust me when I tell you I look as bad as you think I want you to when I'm willing to get into crime just to get this shit behind me...
you better start mewing right now buddy boyo
Sup buddy boyo...
Hey, OP. Here's my opinion for what it's worth.

I have fairly handsome features, reasonable height, and a good frame. It's been suggested to me several times that I should model. I used to fucking hate my life and contemplate suicide all the time like you do. I also feel judged every time I leave my house.

My point here is that you're misattributing the cause of your unhappiness and dissatisfaction. These negative feelings are coming from inside of your mind.
Well buddy, not everyone's source of unhappiness is the same... once I'm fine with the way I look just as you are, I except my energy to focus elsewhere, and I suppose I might become depressed because of other things. But right now, this is it. Otherwise I'm pretty happy with life.
Thread posts: 16
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