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1 week of dating 2 months of problems

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Hello guys im a /FIT/icen but /FIT/ aint the place where you cand find usefull advice on this, so before i jump in i want you to know that this shit is gonna be hella dramatic and more then half of you are gonna say just walk away... but that's not who i am i don't like to run from problems besides that i'm also pretty agressive and you'll see why i say that when i tell my story

>Me i allways knew i had a good face and a good frame so i started semi serious lifting weights for 2.5 years
>Start getting compliments on how big im getting from girls that have been around for that time aswell
>Get confideance boost
>Prior to this i already spotted ''THE GIRL''
>One day she comes over asking to work in on the bench
>Actively acting dumb on one of the simplest excersizes and i knew she wasnt dumb because shes beeing here for a long ass time in this gym
>We small talk for weeks at the gym
>Signs of mutual eye contact and that look while it so i confirm to myself she is intrested aswell
>Remember as much as possible and ask how things turned out with those topics
>Get her on Snapchat we talk just a little
>Next day we work out for a second time together
>Later that night she goes to her dad too watch the big game
>(Her dad lives 5kms from me)
>She sends me pics of her bored face
>Ask her whatsup if she wanted to hang
>She comes over at ''Booty Call'o'clock''
>We talk before doing anything and she says the most wierdest shit instant boner killer
>Tell her to get out of my house at 3AM politely
>Next day as im go out she blows up my cellphone and eventually asks me out for the next day
>Friday we work out i in the locker room i notice shes different and agitated
>At the date

>She tells me she has aspergers and doesnt want to train with me anymore
>Awkward goodbye and don't talk over the weekend
>Last week before her job starts monday see her say ''hey''
>Walks right passed as if i dont even excist
>She keeps doing this throughout the week
>Next week dont see her gym bud that works there ask what happened to me and her
>Tell him she sperged out on me
>He starts yelling i fucking warned you and laughing at me
>Tell him i hope we can make up i just dont really understand what i did
>Ask her if shes been working out later or at the other location which is 10 kms from here but really close to her work so i can try to confront her on this problem we have
>He says shes been working out at the other location and more frequent
>2 weeks later to that a good friend who knows her aswell starts telling me one of these ''buddies'' been snitching on me

Now we are a half a week later and i get constant reminded by people about her and asked what happened and im getting sick and tired of beeing reminded that someone possibly talked shit around my back to her and that i we havent solved this situation so what is your advice.

Should a go to the other location try to make up and if not possible atleast ask her who snitched on me and show him what happens to people who cant ruine other peoples relationships or?

Also not just aspergers but also bipolar and i think she was in a manic state at the time, which explains a shit ton on how she was acting.
God this is annoying to read.

Good job you avoided a bullet - what else do you want us to say, it is clear you will not be going back to her. Unless you clearly did something wrong I don't really understand the whole premise of the freakout? What are some of the things she said to you / the reasonings she gave?
I personally say move on and forget about all of this - even if you did date her down the road it would be even worse and you really do not want to wait for that to happen.

Well i didnt tell that story in detail at booty call'o'clock i told her that lots of the ''cool guys'' at the gym said id regret meeting her and that shes wierd and i told her i dont think of you like that id like to get to know you better before ever making such a judgementm, then she said ''if i'd care about their opinion about me i would come to the gym bend over without pants on and they would like me'' that was too crazzy for me and i knew if id just have casual sex it would collapse her world and i couldnt do that to her...

Also sorry for the annoying read im kinda fucked up right now angry and under the influence of alchol but tomorrow is my day to make a move i cant live in this shit for another month i cant go on vacation with this shit in the back of my mind.
Yeah just from that alone shes probably mentally estranged. Go for the fuck and pray don't wake up with your kidney missing or run away and never come back.

Your life is in your hands anon.

Thats what i thaught but i still wonder how do indiviuals like this find love? or a partner or do they just die alone.
Man, just leave her alone. Learn to let go.

I wish i could i just love her too much as she is too relatable too me, and the most beuatiful girl i ever met.
Thread posts: 10
Thread images: 1

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