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Video game Addiction, "just grow up", or passion?

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Like 90% of Internet dwellers I loved video games growing up. Obsessively so. I really appreciate good video game music, aesthetics, and a good story. When i was a kid I jumped on the weeaboo deviant art, photoshop, editing sprites and tried to make my own mini-platform thing. Years later at 25 I listen to video game music at my boring paper pushing job to help me get through the day.

But I was told that video games were for nerds. It wouldn't pay, and I would be a manchild if I kept this shit up past 17.

Now I have a normal job and I hate it, I hate existing without having an outlet into a different reality or world and it gets worse every single day. I tried so hard to be a normie, gymmed, faked a bro persona, slept with girls I couldn't give two shits about to be "alpha" when I really just fucking want to play mega man and make shit in unity or something.

Were my parents and peers right in that video games are just a toxic time sync? Or should I follow my dreams and write a story, start buildjg a programming base, and just in general embrace the inner weeb? I'm becoming depressed and resentful with each passing day.

My ultimate goal one day is to be a creative force behind a game, interactive story or whatever that makes people *feel* something, either with an intense emotional plot, amazing music, a deeper meaning that makes my audience rethink their own worldview or SOMETHING. I want to give to the world the feeling that gave me so much happiness when I was a child so I can inject some beauty into this fucked up world but I'm conflicted that it's just a giant manchild escapism from Real Life

video games are kinda like movies, anyone can make one, but breaking into the industry is rather difficult. only a few really make it in and most get stuck on the middle level, which is enough to make money but you'll never be rich.

if you want to really get into video game production you'd have to go back to school, and a lot of people dont have the means or the will to do that at 25. if you do, more power to you.

that being said, its even easier to create your own video game then it is to create your own movie, cuz your own video game can be done from the comfort of your own home.

i mean even in 3D just look at this:

the problem is a lot of the shortcuts and stock come at a price, you need to invest a little money in order to speed up the process.

but the point im trying to make here is that ANYONE can make a video game, the key to actually finishing is to just start small and get a little bigger with each game you make. but if your parents pushing you into paper pushing jobbery worked then you probably have enough money, especially if you downsize. living in a studio apartment instead of a two bedroom home gives you a lot of extra cash to spend on programs, plugins, and pre-built 3D.

it gets cheaper the more 2D you get. i mean there's rpgmaker sure but theres plenty of other free or cheap engines you can use for a 2D side scroller, the story telling elements become a bit harder in that mode though.

if you're into it, don't quit your job, but start working on an idea for a small game. im talking one level. whether it be 2D side scrolling, 2D rpg, or a 3d exploring game, create just one simple quest and see how it goes. then if you like that, expand that into another quest. then another. slowly build the town starting with one quest.
go for it ohpee
Yes, video games are a useless time sink.

They trick your brain into producing dopamine by making you think you'e accomplished something meaningful-when, in reality you've just obtained a digital sword or mount that has no monetary value.

It's far healthier to spend your time on hobbies that:
1)help with social skills irl
2)are not addictive

In this regard, playing DnD is healthier than playing WoW.

sometimes doing something that is useless is what makes it not useless.

but OPs question wasn't about whether or not he should play video games, it was about whether or not he should make them.
Videogames are legit as both a hobby and a way to express yourself. Videogame addiction is bad because of the same reasons any addiction is bad.

If you like videogames and you are willing to put in work to work in the industry it's only going to get bigger from now on, so I say fucking go for it.
>>18438345 (OP)
> I'm becoming depressed and resentful with each passing day.

If having a normal job and trying to be a normie is getting you depressed, you should definitely stop doing that and do what YOU wanna do, go create a new game or whatever. Follow your heart or some gay shit like that.
Thread posts: 7
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