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Where am I supposed to meet girls my own age? (Around 18) Every

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Where am I supposed to meet girls my own age? (Around 18) Every group or class I try to join is full of men and people way older than me. What do girls do? Where do they go? Uni isn't an option this year. My therapist said it was a bad idea to waste all that money on uni just to get the chance to possibly meet a girl. She says there's lots of cheaper ways to meet girls, but is not able to actually name one
He is 18, no one wants to date an 18 yo
You'll be surprised, don't knock it till you try it
Why would any girl want to date an 18 yo when there are much better options? Guys are hardwired to want a girl at that age, so why wouldnt she choose someone who is like 24?
Maybe for cum and dump. But girls at that age are so immature stupid and act like children.

It is fair game for everybody.
Op try
>friends friends
>social events you hate
>online dating
The sluts have to be somewhere right? Just start looking.
What if you have no friends
Do you absolutely must have a girlfriend right now? You are 18
How about focusing on your education or development first r rightnow?
just try tinder and okcupid, don't have too much hope though. otherwise most girls your age are trying to hit up parties, so try finding parties?
Are 18 year old girls all sluts and searching for older guys? Seems hard to believe
Being a 21-year old virgin isn't attractive
>be on 4chan
>be in school
>have no friends
Why is the pattern always the same? Is this site for autism people?

1. Until people tell you to fuck off, presume they dont hate you, so keep invading their personal space and keep askibg them questions.
>what questions
People love to talk about themselves. Troubles, parents, hobbies, memes, achievements, whatever.
>how do i know what they like and do?
Ask them retard. My favourite ice breaker question in english is
>what/how do you do
2. http://www.improveyoursocialskills.com/conversation
3. In class making friends is piss easy. They are all forced to see you EACH DAY. Start with
>can i sit next to you?
and after that you NEVER let them alone. Really, imagine you are glue and stick to them.

>bonus tip
If you are that loner in class who never talks and everybody thinks you will be the next school shooter, as your first friend pick somebody who looks even more pathetic than you. Somebody who has 0 friends. With a bit of luck, you will become the best buddies for life.

Yes, it is that easy. People evolved to be SOCIAL to survive in the past.

Good luck dummie. And keep chasing girls too at the same time. Fight your autism!
Im not in uni and and not OP btw
People just do uni activities and stay on campus there is no one my age anywhere
Don't bother with okcupid, honestly. You will really be scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of quality of women. All you will find there are fatties and single moms.
If he doesn't, he'll be considered a creep for being a 22 yo virgin. It's now or never
I wish retarded people stop spreading this meme.

Great ability to construct sentence. Do you even do english boy? Try again. If you arent in school anymore, it is time to get a job. Switch friends with coworkers and apply the same.

And try social events. Install facebook, look at your city news and go to ANYTHING public. Presentations, opera, festival, demonstration, ANYTHING happening and chat ladies there.
I work on a boat and my coworkers are all 35+ and male
No shit sherlock. And what is wrong asking them what they are doing on weekend?

Do you honestly think you cant be friends with them? Even better idea:
Ask them where did they have obtained gfs. And then ask them for tips and or set you up with somebody. Tell them in joking manner that you are clueless panic and want any girl your age.

Pussy guaranteed. People love guys who can joke about themselves.

And seriously, stop giving up. It can take weeks before you meet qtie. Try ALL OPTIONS i listed. You just keep rejecting everything i tell you. Do the opposite. Try it all.
>i bet you dont even have facebook account
Did you know you can set there flag
>looking for relationship?
Who knows, maybe some girl from school finds you and talk on you. Or you can do the same. Facebook reccomends you people based on what you fill there. School, location, job whatever. Add them all as friends and then ask them on dates.
We don't have weekends. We work for a month and go home for 2 weeks. They're twice my age and married with kids. They don't know anything about modern dating.
>you just keep rejecting everything i tell you

It feels like i am talking to a tree. Go and die alone. Tree doesnt need gf anyway.
Not him but I don't have fb because it's a shitty website and even if I created an account I'd have like ten friends and one shitty picture of myself and look like a loser
Yup that is the reason why you are single. You still give a fuck about what others think. That is called insecurity, missing balls and not being bold. All of these traits make girls hate you.

Grow some balls and learn how to not give a fuck. 1 picture is more than enough. It is girls who will send you nudes anyway.
So not having social media is a dealbreaker? What the fuck
"Do the impossible"
No it's impossible
"lol stop rejecting everything"
You need to work on your reading comprehence boy. Where DID I TELL THAT?

I told you that BEING SCARED (from having shit facebook acc) IS SIGN OF YOU BEING LOSER BETA MALE.

Jezus. I know you are probably underage horny teen, but really, do you even do english? Facebook is just ONE of options where to find and chase girls.
Ok then fuck facebook but how do I stop caring about others think in general?
See, you now told it yourself. You live on ship and once in a blue moon you have few weeks off.

It is impossible to talk to your coworkers about girls, you cant ask them to hook you up with somebody, you cant ask them what do they do in free time for fun, you cant leave your basement when you are free, you cant spin online dating, you cant go to bar to get one night stand, you cant make some social acc, you cant talk to people, you are powerless.

I even wonder how can you type on 4chan, with that attitude of yours you shouldnt be able to solve capcha anyway.

You dont. You dont want to become sociopath. You just learn that everybody around you is as insecure as you are. That rich guy? His wife hates him. That big boobs qtie? She thinks her boobs are asymetrical. Your boss? He thinks every day how his life turned to be this shit.

EVERYBODY IS INSECURE. It is deep into your brain. It is one of few forces which drives you to self improvement. Stop giving fuck, locate girls and ask them on date. Your goal is to be embarrased together on lame date. And dont forget to give her feeling you want to get inside her panties (unless you enjoy being in friend zone). Hug, hand holding, staring into eyey, kiss, smiling like idiot, askibg her for netflix and chill (hint, the netflix is a lie) anything. If she agreed to date, she wants the D. All you have to do is to be bold. Nobody likes insecure beta boys.

And if you get so far as to sex, remember one thing: girls dont get off from penis in vagina. So eat her pussy and make her scream before you insert. If you do it right, she WILL want to repeat the experience.

Good pussy hunt!
>everybody around you is as insecure as you are
Everyone I meet is mostly confident though and most people my age even more so
Are they all faking it?

Your post makes sense and all but when I hang out and interact with people I'm the only awkward one.
The most likeable people learn how to joke about themselves aka their own insecurities. The average normie just pretend their insecurities dont exists. And some are so obnoxious that their brain completely blocked that part of brain and we call them narcistics or simply assholes.

>i am the awkward one
Because for some reason you are still scared of other people. Single mom upbringing, terrible parents, bullied at school, lack of wisdom and experience, something happened to you and prevented you to join normies ranks.

Just work on it. Do you even do friends? Do you have stuff you are proud of? Any notable achievements? It doesnt have to be big, just something you are genuiely proud of.

And now fucking go and hunt some girls and friends or die alone like that other poster who cant do shit.
>joke about themselves
I thought self deprecating humor was unattractive
>bullied at school
it's probably that + lack of experience but I've never been social
>something you are genuinely proud of
I'm trying to work on that but no not for now.

yeah I'm gonna try at some point since I'm getting desperate
Are you physically attractive?
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Thread images: 1

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