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In love with my sister

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Hey anons. So, here goes. So, I'm in my late teens and my sister is 16. I've had a rough time understanding my own feelings, and what love is, for a very long time. I've tried other relationships, which always fail miserably because deep down I don't really love the other person. But recently I've been truthful and introspective with myself, and feeling I now know what love really is, I've realized I've been in love with my sister for a long time now.

It's the reason I've broken of other relationships. I didn't even realize it at the time, but I always thought "If I date this person, then it takes time and effort away that I could use taking care of my sister". I don't know how I didn't realize it sooner (Or didn't accept it, rather), but she's been the reason why my other relationships have failed, because I've really been in love with her the whole time.

When I think about it, there's no one in the world I've ever felt truly comfortable with, or felt like I've been able to express myself as who I am, except with her. She's the only person I'd ever want to be with, the only person I could ever feel intimate with enough to have sex with, the only person I'd want to marry, to have kids, to grow old with.

Over the years there have been times I've felt like this, but always deemed it as a sick fetish of mine. To many, how I feel about her may sound like infatuation. But because I've felt like this about her for so long, and been at terms with it for many months now, I can assure you it's not.

She feels like a part of me. We come from a rocky family situation, and over the years, since we were very little, it's felt like we've only really had each other.

But the obvious problem, we're siblings. I've dreaded the day when we grow up and move apart for ages now, and the older we get the sooner that day will come. (We still both live with our parents) I really want to confess to her, but I really don't know if she feels the same way. And- (Continued in next comment)
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Not because I think you should be eradicated, but because you'll never be happy in life.
It's 2017 and love is love. All social "norms" are over. Do what you want, and have zero regrets and if anything bad happens just look to the state to take care of you.
don't do #4, #9 unless it's against a tree or brick wall, or #13 please. those ones are very inconsiderate.
you're still in your late teens, you've got more time to develop and change

or you can just go full incest
If you confess to her for gods sake do it only when you are supporting yourself and don't need mom or dad, in case it all goes south. And be ok with maybe losing all your family and friends if it goes nuclear and she tells everyone. preferably do it when she's supporting herself too, in case parents go nutso and lock her up or something. Also she is 16 and that's not a really good time to confess love, because at 16 she doesn't even know what it is.
(Continued) - being completely honest with myself, I think she will always see me as a brother alone. No doubt we're both the closest person in the world to each other, but she probably doesn't see me that way. She always talks about guys she wants to date, and I think she thinks I'm gay (But I am really pansexual).

So basically, I'm probably her gay best friend type brother to her. And I would be 100% fine with being that, if it didn't mean that that's probably the ONLY way she see's me. I could try to move on and date other people, but I was thinking, how could I ever honestly ever look someone else in the eye and tell them I love them, knowing that the only reason I'm with them is because I couldn't have her? I could never do that to anyone else or myself. Really, I could never love anyone else, cause my whole life I've been in love with her, and it doesn't seem like that's gonna stop anytime soon (Nor do i want it too).

In the past, we have had some very subliminal moments of sexual tension that might suggest interest, but it probably means nothing. The most prevalent thing, was one night after watching a tv show, we both fell asleep on my bed, and I was so tired it's all kinda a blur. But she ended up rubbing and massaging my back (Under and above my shirt) as I was half asleep. After awhile, she just got up, went to her room and went to bed, and we never talked about it again. Also, nothing was said to provoke this. We both just dozed off, didn't talk, and outa nowhere she started rubbing my back.

But that was awhile ago. Now, there's no signs of interest. But I don't know what to do. Eventually we'll end up drifting apart, and then what? The person I've been with my whole life I can only see durring organized and planned occasions? I don't know how I coul live with that. I don't even think I could ever love anybody else because I would stll love her, as I mentioned before. And when it comes to confessing, I dont know what to do. I've- (Comment continued)
(Continued) - fucked up in the past and lost friendships by doing stuff like this, and it would be the worst thing in the world to me to lose my relationship with her. I just don't know. Right now, I'm just hoping that one day she'll confess to me, or she'll do something that indicates she likes me, but that is probably wishful thinking. I'd be perfectly happy with spending my life with her, because I've spent the entire thing with her so far, and she's been the best part of it by far. I want to be with her entil I die, I want to raise children with her, but with the legality of incestuous relationships I dont think stuff like that could ever hapen. But I at least want to be with her, but I dont think that will happen either. But if I'm not with her, I don't know what I'll do. I could survive living withher, but not being romantically together with her, but we're both getting older and she's looking for boyfriends, and sooner or later she's gonna move out. I just want to be with her, even if it's not reciprocated, but we cant be together forever unless it turns out she actually does like me and one of us confesses. I just can't think of anything to do at this point, so I'd thought I'd ask for advice. So please, if there's anything you can think of please say so, cause I'm out of ideas. And please, this is really serious to me, keep the wincest jokes to a minimum.
Also, social norms dont matter to me. If she felt the same way, I'd have no problem with going full public with our relationship even (Except for maybe legal trouble). It's the worry that I'll lose her or emotionally alienate her if I confess and she doesn't feel the same way back. Like, once you know someone likes you it's uber hard to remain friends with them, and sure this might be different cause family, but I'm afraid of that happening.
OP i can kinda relate. I felt the same about my cousin. There were hints that maybe they felt similarly too. But obviously i couldn't tell them since we werent as close. And they seemed to hate what they felt for me.

I got over it. I told myself, what can i offer my cousin in a relationship that they couldnt get from anyone else? As a person, am i compatible with them? And the answer was no, I was not actually compatible with them even though i loved them so much that it felt like a big tear in my heart.

Maybe she is the best girl for you. But are you the best guy for her? Will being with you make her happier than someone who is not her brother?

I know it hurts a lot right now. But it fades. I met someone else and prefer them over my cousin. I don't remember a lot of it anymore even, and i'm happy for my cousin now, who is getting married. I think if that's what you want then it wont be so hard to feel happy for her.
You may be right. I want the best for her, and if she doesn't want to be with me then okay. But it's the "What if" that's bothering me. People often mistake of for a couple on first meet rather than siblings so often now, that we sometimes don't even correct them if they're just strangers who we'll never see again. Part of me thinks she would be on board, and part of me doesn't. It's not that I'd want her to force herself to be with me, even if she didn't want to. It's that if she does want to be together, I want to be together with her. It's just that I don't know. If she doesn't want me, I can try to learn to move on and see what happens. But if it would work out, but we drift apart because I never told her how I feel, and one of us moves on, how fucking sad is that? That's really the gist. I wish I could just know, that way I could accept our relationship will never be romantic and focus on cultivating it as it is. But cause there's that potential, it totaly fucks with my head and emotions.
Well anyway, I gotta go to bed now, so please help me out guys. I'll check back in when I can. Thanks so much for all you've done already. It really has helped and means a lot to me. If you have advice, please keep it coming.
Don't you fucking dare make children with your sister, inbreeding is a serious thing.
Whether it would hypothetically work out or not isn't the issue. Let's say she does want to be with you.

Do you want to do that to her? You cant get married legally. You cant have kids. You cant adopt as a couple either, since they do background checks and you'll have to pose as a supportive brother and not a loving husband. You wont have family and you will have very few if at all friends you can trust. And if things go very wrong(all it takes is one snoopy neighbor or friend) you will both be arrested and thrown in jail for commiting incest, which is what happened to that one couple in germany.

I know you love her a lot but you also haven't had any life experiences with other women. You are so young. Everything seems so set in stone and huge to you right now but it wont in 5 or 10 years. I would be surprised if you still felt the same for her in 10 years. Why? Partly because you don't have much interaction with other women right now. You are partly dumping everything on her. Simply because she's the only woman in your life who you think matters. I would bet you dont have many friends outside of her.

Think about it logistically op and think if this is what can happen and what you are prepared to deal with.
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Sheesh. The neocons just wanted to trick some rubes into voting for their tax cuts. Who knew this whole mindset would take off like it did?
Be honest. Has she ever flirted with you? No? Then don't pursue this and move on. Guy, proximity is a thing. Maybe distance will put shit in perspective. You can ruin your life if you obsess over what ifs. I personally don't care if siblings bang but unlike other crap there is scientific evidence to back up the claim that siblings shouldn't breed. I say this not because I think you guys will end up together but I'm scared you two will get one drunk one day and fornicate
I actually have a very large social circle and am out of the house to see friends for the majority of the week. I've been given plenty oportunities to pursue other romantic relationships, but I have not wanted to since I was in a really bad one for a long time, and since then I've realized I love my sis. That's the thing though, after that really bad relationship, I really have little to zero interest in dating anyone else, because it always ends teribly. (The long running bad relationship was on and off and ended multiple times). And even if I find someone else, even when I was in relatsionships, I was always 100% dedicated to my sis. Like, not wanting to go out with other people cause it would take away time I could spend with her. And like I said, I could never tell anyone else I really love them with how I feel about my sis. But all your guys practical advice is unfortunately pretty right. I think I should just wait around to see if anything arises, like if she starts to seem like she likes me, and only take action if I'm really sure that we both want to be with each other. You're right, she's stil young, I'm still young, I'll just take some time to step back and see how things go. It'll be tough, as I've been feeling really strongly for her as of late, but I'll have to keep that down until a better oportunity presents itself, or one doesn't and nothing ever comes of this. Shit why am I so fucked up?
And deep down, I infatuate myself over other people, but I really don't want a relationship with any of them. It just feels like playing fucking house. It's all dumb stupid shit like going on dates and forcing myself to spend time with them even though I don't want to. All it is is stupid shit like acting coupley and sharing enough about yourself with them until you're convinced that you should spend more time with them and that you like them. And every single time, if it came down to it, I'd protect my sister over them. Literally if I had to choose between anyone's life in the entire world or my sis I'd always go to her. At times she's been the only reason I've wanted to live, and I still wonder if without her, if I would want to live or not. Don't worry though, I'd never kill myself. It would hurt her too much and I refuse to do that to her.
That' the thing though. With her, all that stupid date stuff and playing house, feels real. Like, why would I want to go to a movie with alone alone, other than her? Or do anything one on one in a romantic sense with anyone but her? Anyone else I wanna spend alone time with is one of my bro friends, who I of course don't want a relationship with. All that stuff that felt superficial feels real with her, even though when we go out one on one she doesn't really see it like a date I think. Or maybe she does, I don't know. She's just the only one I enjoy doing coupley things with. With anyone else it would be fake. But still, I'm just gonna have to play it by ear.
its your sister, kill yourself mate.
Maybe I should try and get a girlfriend. Cause when I think about it, I could see her being really happy for me if I did, which would suggest she's not interested. Well, or that she's repressing her feelings and pretending to be happy for me when really she would be upset. I don't know anything anymore. At least at the moment, she's pursuing relationships with other people. So for now at least I should do nothing, cause she at least at the moment doesn't want anything. But I do think, because of the slightly flirty stuff from awhile back, that it's possible she put that stuff in the back of her head, doing the same thing as I am and assuming that confessing would ruin our relationship cause I wouldn't like her back. But this is only a posibility. It's very possible she just isn't interested period. Fuck I dont knwo
Dude, WTF?; It was a back massage! I give my bro those all the time, and he does it for me too. It means zilch.
When will you two hook up?
This. Also >>18433030
>its another fetish bait thread
>anons will reply anyway
Never change /adv/
>Right now, I'm just hoping that one day she'll confess to me
What if she's doing the same? Nothing ventured, nothing gained. You have to try confessing. After you're ready to move out if things get awkward, of course. The way it's going, you are likely to not live together one day anyway, so better at least take a shot
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