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I am ruining lives of everyone around me because of weed

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>be 20yr old student with crippling depression
>make a lot of money because i work in a warehouse and give private tutoring every day that i charge a lot for
>live with mother and sister
>mother makes very little money and struggles every day to make it easier for us
>she often borrows money
>i make practically over triple she makes

>smoke weed every day
>have a really loving gf that just does anything i do
>spend 80% of my income on weed even though my family is poor af
>gf's family is even poorer and she spends nearly all her income on weed we smoke together
>actually smoke most of the weed because my tolerance is much higher than hers

>used to be god-tier student
>dropped out of ME this year
>changing studies to CS
>have to pay a shit load of cash
>want to get new shoes
>want to get drivers license
>want to get a new shirt
>have absolutely no cash because i spend it all on weed

i'm so fucking unable to manage this addiction, it's killing me. i can't even buy in bulk and save a shit load of money because i'd just smoke it all in 2 days. i firmly decide that i'm quitting weed and cigarettes every week but determination doesn't even last for a couple of hours and i cave in already
should i just kms?
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Just know that in 5 years you will look back at your life and be so fucking pissed.

Trust me dude, everyone had their "weed phase", it really isn't everything. You start to resent it and find it to be completely degenerate. Daily smokers are very unproductive members of society and the us vs them dynamic that's created is fucked up.

Start building some fucking discipline, the answers are infront of you, you're going to have to stop whether you'd like to admit it or not.

Even think if you put lets say 50% of the money you'd spend on weed into a savings account / investments. That's insane!

Cut usage, buy vaporizer
For me, impossible to live in todays society without weed, too much loneliness
So got to manage
I've been there done that. I just went broke for a while had no income to spend on weed on cigarettes, relied on getting smoked up by my boys (they don't mind), threw for dubs and shit once in a while and switched over to drinking. Went a little too ham with that for a few months because I was all depressed, but came out of it without alcoholism. I just drink mainly now, it's way cheaper and honestly gets you more fucked up, tolerance takes longer to build, etc...
The boagies are still a struggle though. On the patch again currently but can't stop my black and mild shit.
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I can't say i agree that it's just the weed anon. Been smoking for 8 years and all throughout college. Did great even while i was smoking because i madeno excuses
I work 8-5 managing a hydroponic shop(grow supplies) (Making 83k a year as its a big place that's always busy)
Also growing my own for person use. (Pic related)

Been clean for 3 months with my supply still here, hell, i have a new zong i can't even smoke out of because i choose too not smoke it.
If you don't have self control to quit your weak, which is why your failing now and blaiming it on a plant.
Inb4 "withdrawls"
I had alcohol withdrawls (deadliest form of withdrawls on par with benzos and worst then opium) that nearly killed me after i choose to quit alcohol cold turkey after just 1 year and 4 months of drinking everyday with friends (a pint of whiskey and maybe a couple beers everynight and binges on weekends) it was 1 week of hell!

After 8 years of cannabis i not only didn't have a craving but not one sign of withdrawl. It's very easy to quit anon.

I think your just a failure though.

Smoking cannabis has nothing to do with discipline, there is always someone like you
in legal states like california a majority of smokers are actually old people, business owners, and hard working people in general. Shit, my parents are buisness owners who make a good amount of money. They won't touch pills and don't drink alcohol, They smoke everyday to deal with stress. Don't assume anything about a cannabis user like stereotypes for it that come from movies anon.
I understand that, it`s also me applying my own situation to others.

There is outliers but to be frank I can`t view it that way, never will. All daily smokers I`ve interacted had much more potential if they never smoked weed. I`ve very seldom been proven wrong.

Glad you`re making it though and thank you for not being angered.
Alcohol has the dealiest form of withdrawls anon... and it's not really cheaper, i was spending $22 a day on that shit!
When i quit cold turkey after 1 year everyday i had TERRIBLE withdrawls

They consisted of:
> Drastically Increased heart rate, warming sensations throughout my whole body, cold sweats, whole body tremors, physical pain from head to toe, dialeted pupils (DT's), insomnia, stomach pain, inability to eat, nausea and vomiting, shallow breathing, anxiety, and a seizure at day 4.
This pain lasted 1 fucking week, im never drinking again and have been clean for 4 months anon. Alcohol is a worst substitute that actually kills brain cells, destroys your immune system (ciggerete smokers have a increased risk of mouth cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, and pancreatic cancer when drinking heavily)
It also destroys muscle growth and puts on fat aswell.
Fuck that fermented poison
No problem, forgot to put at the end there
"Prove me wrong" so i do seem kind of dickish for calling you a failure.
Just try to clean up, you can always do better if you try.
Just don't drink that much retard. I'll get a 750 ml of e&j and it'll last 1-3 days, or I'll drink 2 or 3 40oz colt 45s a day, I can just not drink and it's not an issue.
I didn't think i was going to have withdrawls myself anon.
I was drinking a pint and a 32 of miller highlife or a 32oz mikes harder lemonade (8% alc-vol)

Or i was doing 2 40's and a 32 of miller highlife

Or 2 32oz mikes harders and a 18oz.

Don't be dumb anon, i too always assumed it took years of half gallon abuse to have withdrawls..
And 750 is a 1/5th. Thats two pints right there...
>>18377057 ^
>>18377098 me
And a fifth always lasted me 2 days...
Idk mane, I have been drinking regularly on an almost daily basis for months and I can stop and start whenever I want. And I'll just not drink for a few days here and there.
I quit too without any issues till the withdrawls that came out of nowhere

Just don't drink everyday anon. I litterally wanted to just lay in a whole and die, was consideringsuicide because of the pain, and i was never depressed before hand. im hypoglycemic now because of alcohol and 4 months later i still have issues when going to sleep or if i go longer then 10 hours after a meal(though, it's gotten WAY better)
I don't rely on it every night to fall asleep. How long were you drinking like that?
The last 6 months before WD. 8 months of 2 40oz or 1 pint.
1 year 4 months total
I just drank to get drunk and listen to music with friends, near the end i was binge drinking on weekends bymyself texting and listening to music.
I was drinking pretty hard even on weekdays, wasn't an issue. It's been 6 months now. I cooled it down a little, less liquor more malt.

Stop smoking the weed then. It seems your family depends on you so you can't dick around like a rich white kid. Get your shit together son.
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Your self discipline skill is shit. That's why your studies have gone to shit. That's why you "can't" quit weed. You have slacked so hard on your self discipline that you're back bone is as flimsy as wet cardboard.

Be a fucking man and willingly do what is uncomfortable. You know damn well you could quit weed if someone had a gun to your moms head so why do you think


Found your fucking problem. You've decided already that you are unable. This has nothing to do with weed. This has everything to do with your desire to not feel uncomfortable. Kids in the fucking amazon put leaf woven gloves filled with bullet ants on their hands for hours and they don't make a facial twinge. They aren't better than you. They just try harder and expect more from themselves. They decide to survive discomfort and then walk boldly towards it.

You have not decided to survive discomfort and you have not decided to walk yourself into that fire. You have ignored your responsibility to be strong and have atrophied your willpower.

How do you recover? The same way you would any atrophied muscle, by hard, uncomfortable work doing what you don't fucking want to do.

Man the fuck up and MAKE those around you proud by example.
Your going at it wrong op. The goal is to not quite but to use less over time. This is a big habit to cut so it will take time.
>step one smoke less some days
>step two smoke less everyday
>step three don't smoke once a week
>step four don't smoke twice a week
>add a day when you feel ready
Don't worry about messing up. one day with out smokeing is better then none. After you cut back. Try to get some counseling sounds like your useing it for more then a few reasons. Eventually stop smoking all together. Also try to get your girlfriend to do the same if she doesn't leave her. Haveing others around doing what you want to stop is no good. Good luck babe!
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