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Advice to your past self.

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You've made mistakes. We all have. But for better or worse, we're still here.

What have you learnt?
Looking back now, what advice would you give to your past self if you could?
You should kill yourself now. Right now. While you still have access to your dad's gun.
Quit cutting yourself, the scars are permanent

I mean it you fuckwad
Take time to grieve, then hit the books; because pretending you're not being distracted and miserable will solve none of the problems AND cost you a year of your fucking time.
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Past self in junior high....bathe everyvday, use underarm deodorant, wear clean clothes and fresh underwear. Don't eat sweets or other junk food. Get out in the sun, exercise. Go to the beach or a pool and swim. This will help clear your heavy acne.

Btw, mom and dad love you but they can only act how they're learned to act. Spend much less time with mom while still loving her. Spend more time with dad, maybe show him you care.
Try making conversation with people you're comfortable with. Learn lots of funny jokes and use them, use your good sense of humor. Get away from the bullies if you can in 8th. If not tell them to stfu if you can.

High school and beyond...Girls are people, talk to them even if you're nervous. You ARE dufferent, which is both hard and good. You're sensitive, see more, interpret better much more than others. You go to therapy, use what he says . Look up Recovery International, you will get great benefits from the training in their self help group. Be kind to yourself. Don't accuse, excuse .

Oh and stay away from porn shops. Also, think about going for advanced degrees in psychology or something, rather than work at dad's company. It might be a happier life, maybe. Another option is the Navy, Army or something. Get fit first so basic won't be so bad. Don't marry S. Don't marry maybe. Good luck me.
Just fuck the girls that were interested in you in high school and college that you weren't into before you end up a permavirgin at 27 riddled with crippling insecurity about it.
Don't get depressed over shit in your life. It's part of life. Focusing on the negative distracts you from learning from it and improving yourself/growing.

You'll be okay. Just realize that and focus on what truly matters.
Don't start smoking. It's a bad habit and gets to be expensive. It even becomes something that people have grown to be prejudice against.

Save your money. If you played your cards right you could have a house or even made some wise investments when you were younger making your life now better and retirement funds ensured.

Get your mental issues in check. It will help keep you from making mistakes that end up costing you a lot, both monetary and personal. Yeah, every time you try to get help your prescriptions either make everything worse or make you a zombie, but gotta keep trying until you either find something that works for you or a way for you to manage without the help of medication.

Don't vent your frustrations with work to co-workers. You may just be venting your frustrations and not really mean everything you say but this may be retold by the co-worker, become part of the gossip mill and hurt someone's feelings/piss someone off when all you where trying to do was blowing off steam. Keep more to yourself because people draw stupid conclusions.

Never, ever, under any circumstances trust anyone 100%.
dont do drugs nigger

done blame yourself for your friends suicides

you're lucky to be alive, show it

start working asap, money aint everything but it's better to have it than getting in debt

learn the difference between people who are using you and those who genuinely want to help you, there really are some people who want to see you happy and succeed with no ulterior motives. dont turn then away, keep them close, but not too close

your parents arent to blame faggot, it was all on you since the beginning

you shouldve started cooking back when mom used to buy you all the groceries

you shouldve taken up guitar and focused on learning german, now you have no skills and its embarrassing

oneitis isnt healthy, live for yourself

you will always regret not coming home for thanksgiving, fuck family right?

good luck bro. work on improving your relationship with your family
Save up tons of cash so when you graduate you can decide to go to work or fuck all and travel

also, not having a car for most of your life aint so bad. dont sweat it
Don't be afraid of losing anyone in life, most people are expendable.
>You got no friends.
>Trust nobody.
>time can change everything.
Hygiene, man... hygiene.
Have drivers license. Have insurance. Have inspection. Pay off any tickets off in full. Have a stash spot in car. Don't deliver after night time and no selling out if the house.
Stay in school and pay attention. Don't ruin everyone else's education just because your dad was abusive and you had to act out.
Listen up man, you like computers so much

Learn some god damn programming you worthless faggot.
Don't fall in love with him. I know you don't stand a chance but it's fucking ME telling you, he *will* betray you and ruin your life.
Don't pigeonhole yourself into being a gamer or 'computer guy'. Try a lot of things and try to be good at them even if you don't think you'll like them. Talk to girls, they can't do anything but bruise your ego a bit. Get some exercise and get in with a group of cool, masculine guys
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