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Sorry for the long post. How do I deal with this situation? Am

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Sorry for the long post. How do I deal with this situation? Am I the asshole?

So let's make 3 names up. Amy, Emma and Kylie.

Kylie is my ex. We dated for just over a year. I broke up with her (long story) we got back together a few months later (long story) I ended things again as I realised I made a mistake getting back with her.

Fast forward a few months (Kylie and I haven't spoken since the breakup) I meet Amy. We hit things off immediately. One night Amy and I went for dinner with some of my friends and Kylie happened to be there. I didnt notice she was there. My friends saw her and later told me that she burst out crying and ran to the bathroom when she saw me with Amy. The next day Kylie messaged me asking me if I could come pick up the rest of the small things at her house because she doesn't want constant reminders of me around. So reluctantly I went to pick my things up. Upon my arrival she started crying and asked for me back to which I said no. She later asked if we could atleast be friends, I agreed to this but I said I don't want to complicate things with Amy.

Kylie started to message me a lot and Amy and I had started dating. Kylie asked if her and Amy could go for coffee sometime to which I said no (never a good idea, didn't even tell Amy about this). Kylie kept messaging me, I was polite and replied but it was generally a one sided convo. Amy started to notice Kylie messaging me and was uncomfortable, so to try not complicate things I just blocked Kylie.

A month or so later on my birthday I bump into Kylie at a bar while Amy was there. She wished me happy birthday but it was pretty awkward. Kylie sat at a table behind us with her friends and I could see all her friends glaring at me (some of them who I used to be friends with who I had met through kylie).

Kylie used to trash talk her exes to me all the time, so I felt like she was doing that with me.

>amy, emma and kylie
>coulda just said 'my ex and my new gf'
>emma doesn't even exist in this story
Where tf is Emma?
guys OP is in the middle of writing his story
get your popcorns.

I was already having trouble with my current friend group and didn't need people who could potentially be friends think I'm an asshole. So I unblocked Kylie, just to try make things civil and friendly. Here comes my mistake I changed her name on my phone so Amy wouldn't notice. I just didn't want Amy to come across it and it to cause a fight. I literally just did it to try and make things civil.

Anyway Amy came across it eventually and lost her shit with me. Even though she read the messages and nothing was dodgey at all. Fair enough, I was wrong for hiding it from her but I wasn't really doing anything wrong. I just didn't want her to be irrationally upset and I didn't want my ex to be spreading shit about me and influencing other people's opinions of me before I've even met them.
I explained this all to Amy and eventually everything calmed down. I thought it was evidence enough that I turned Kylie down 3 times.

Now let's talk about Emma.

Emma and I took the same classes a few years back and she was good friends with some of my friends. We drunkenly made out like twice 4 years ago, but other than that it is a pretty platonic relationship. I'm pretty good friends with Emma and have been for 3 years. We talk to each other about family stuff, work and try give each other relationship advice. Just nice to have a female perspective on some things.

Anyway when I first started dating Amy, I introduced her to Emma and my other friends. I just wanted her to like my friends and for everyone to get along. I used to chill with Emma every now and then, sometimes study together. Amy seemed totally chilled with it, until one day when Amy wasnt in town and Emma asked if I could help her move some stuff into her new place. I helped her out, she said her family were going to the beach later and invited me. I had nothing else to do and Amy wasn't around to invite or do anything with. So I went, Amy asked what I was up to, I told her
Look man whose sucking dick and swallowing I don't gives a fuck about all that other shit. Tell one of them bitches to Tex u on one of those secret apps jerk face
Amy proceeds to lose her shit with me. Basically tells me that she feels like I spend way to much time with Emma and that she feels like I'm emotionally cheating on her etc.

This is all bs. Amy basically lives with me when she's in town.

Amy had this one guy friend who asked her out a couple of times and she rejected, when we started dating he used to come over every now and then but he would blatantly try and flirt with her infront of me, so I told Amy that it makes me uncomfortable. She asked what she could do about it, I said nothing it isn't her fault I'm just telling her because it makes me feel uncomfortable.

So Amy brought that conversation up that had with her and said that she had stopped spending time with that guy(I didn't ask her to) and now she wants me to not spend time with Emma because it makes her feel uncomfortable. So we have a huge fight and reluctantly agree to not spending one on one time with Emma .

Fast forward 2 months or so. We bump into Emma at a bar. She tells me that we don't spend time with each other anymore and she doesn't know why and feels like she's losing friends.

I feel bad and have been spending way too much time with Amy so I ask Emma if she wants to meet up and get coffee and go study somewhere. Amy asked me where I was going and I lied and said I was meeting up with a guy friend (I just didn't want to cause unnecessary drama) Amy then goes through my phone later on and finds out that I lied to her and completely loses her shit with me.

I don't know what to do. Why do I feel like I have to lie when I just want to spend time with my friend? What can I do? Am I wrong?
Put a password on your phone.
I did. She sometimes asks to use my phone for something so I have to tell her the password. If I don't it just makes it look like I am hiding something
here is some advice: learn to trim your fucking story. you do not type fast enough to justify this much fucking text.

for example
>break up wtih ex
>start seeing new gf
>exwants to be friends but i dont
>i pretend to be friends to keep it civil
>new gf doesn't like that
>i block the ex
>later unblock her cuz i dont want her gossiping about me behind my back
>new gf sees this and loses her shit
>when new gf is out of town i go hang out with platonic female friend by the beach
>new gf throws a fit about this too

Sorry English is my 3rd language so I guess I sometimes struggle trying to summarise things while still getting the point across
English is my 5th language and I just gave you an example.
Your two and only mistakes are
>lying to gf
>not letting gf know that you will do whatever you want to, and if she gives you shit for it, when you tell her not to worry, it's no contact time
Thread posts: 13
Thread images: 1

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