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18 year old with 0 sex drive. HELP

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I've had my bloods and testosterone levels checked and they came back completely normal. Recently, I've been invited to girls places MANY times, but have not been able to achieve an erection which I can maintain. I've noticed that it's probably due to my very low sex drive. I am stress free, no longer depressed and have a good diet. :| also have a varicocele but idk if that's relevant...
Well what have you ruled out?

Pretty much everything I can think of...
you might be gay anon
I'm not psychic.
op BTFO. how will he recover?
You should consider yourself lucky op. I would love to have a low sex drive

I've got a high sex drive. I jerk off at least once a day, but I always get random boners throughout the day, even at work, it sucks. On weekends when I'm home all day, I can jerk off 3-4 times.

Not to mention all the hours of my life I've wasted on dating sites to try and find pussy. Not to mention the thousands I've spent on prostitutes. Not to mention the hours I've spent watching porn.

The worst part is, when I do have sex, I can't even cum because my cock is so deathgripped from masturbating. I know I need to cut down to restore my dick to normal, but I'm too addicted to stop.

Get your fucking balls removed then

Not gay, don't masturbate or watch porn much, not depressed. Also everything above.
Are you kidding me op?

>Atrophy (shrinking) of the testicle(s)Alteration oftestosteronelevels[
>Usually, varicoceles are considered harmless, but they can seriously affect a man’s fertility. Men who have trouble conceiving often have varicoceles.

Basically this has potential to make you sterile / impotent
Is your doctor so shitty or ignorant?

Anyway enjoy life of eunuch. At least you dont have to pursue girls and do something more productive.

Consider gerting into testosterone replacement theraphy to boos your libido.

As stated, my fucking testosterone levels are fine...
You sure op? The ranges for healthy T levels are HUGE. Go do doc again. Do you know exacts values?
If you were like 200, doc wouldnt bother. Do you have secondary puberry signs? Voice, muscles, hairs everywhere, smelling funny, sweating, pimples on face and so on?

Are you sure the doc didnt fucked up? At 18 you are supposted to behaving like CRAZY. At your age i had to fap twice a day to survive to the next day.

Also describe your boners. Do you have ANY? Can you fap? Morning woods? Ever felt horny? When were you tested last time? Because you know, your balls can be slowly athrophying as we type.
My testosterone levels were 23.3 nmol/L. (I had this checked last week).

This is around 670 in the other measurement...

I have some acne, but it's clearing up as I've been drinking a lot more water. I'm in good shape, but am losing muscle as I've stopped training as much.

I used to have boners ALL the fucking time. Even fapped in class lmao.

I never have morning wood, I never have random erections and I barely feel horny anymore.

My balls sometimes shrink, but everyone is like that...

Thanks for giving a fuck though, anon.
>balls sonetines shrink
That is not normal. Get treatment for that varicocele or literally become eunuch.

Go to doctor. Unless you enjoy being calm boy with absolute no interest in sex and girls. Also sterile.

Been referred.

>will take around 6 months
Smoke weed you faggot nigger faggot
Thread posts: 16
Thread images: 1

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