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My abilities to express myself are...well, let's just say they're babby-tier minus the cute.

I'm a visual, abstract thinker but never understood the complications that may arise from being this AND a cripplingly shy girl.
Don't know how to word stuff properly. Don't know how to give my thoughts a proper, understandable, and meaningful form. I'm so out of touch.

Before I thought I was okay. Had the best grades in my AP English classes and usually got compliments on my writing assignments (i.e., omfg this reads like a story! This is so poetic and fun to read! etc.)...but the thing is, I actually didn't know jack shit about writing. Moreover, I didn't know jack shit about talking or speaking. What a shocker!

Though I make a living through creative work I feel less than human sometimes. Dull...and it gets kind of depressing. Where should I go from here? Verbal communication may never be my forte but I know that I can improve.
How did you pass AP English and not know basic writing? It sounds like you just have a lot of self doubt. You should read Amanda Palmer's The Art of Asking and watch interviews of artists, singers, writers etc you admire, you'd be surprised how many of them are awkward as fuck and not all that good at talking in person.
Also practice reading out loud, enunciate, "act" by yourself and find your voice.
are you fat?
The fact that what you said was completely comprehensible and unambiguous proves it's wrong. Also, if you got the best English grades in class (!) and manage to make a living through creativity (!!) then you're probably an OK writer.

There's a distinction between verbal-as-in-words and verbal-as-in-speech, though. A lot of writers swear by the advice that people who are having trouble explaining something in text should start by saying it out loud; I think you may need to take the opposite approach.

Also, if you're more visual than verbal, you can carry a notepad everywhere and draw diagrams when explaining complex concepts.
Imagine yourself as a character in your life and that you're writing dialogue for that character. Then say it out loud. You might end up saying what fits the situation rather than what you want to say, but that's 90% of communication anyway so it's a good start
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Cool advice, guys. I'll follow it the best I can.

A few people here have said I'm awful at expressing myself...a professor said a few of my writing quirks are like an ESL student's (I'm a native speaker...).

Think of me as an autist. I was speech delayed back in grade school even though I excelled in school and skipped two grades...I was neglected, abused. My development was fucked up and now here I am, rejecting boys and girls because for the life of me I don't know how to connect to people on a deep level, and unable to find friends beyond my long-term ones.

No. Why ask this question other than for meme's sake?
Why exactly is this a problem? Saying you're "nonverbal" when you clearly have an above-average command of language doesn't help us. Do you need help talking to women? In the workplace? Just in general? What is it
I think they asked because being overweight can correlate with having low self esteem, which can significantly harm the ability to speak articulately due to lack of confidence.
And to be funny.
bumping, i suck at expressing my feelings, end up exploding a little..it used to worse.
I'm a girl and this is what I want:
>to have something to say
>not be a dumbass who stumbles over her words
>be more open than closed (not in that way you pervs)
>getting into touch with my feelings (I know it's silly but I feel emotionally constipated)
>connecting to people genuinely
>not to be paralyzed in conversation
>be able to tell stories (I just can't--most of the time I can't even remember enough details to piece together something compelling, or make it seem interesting)
>not be bland and dull like I feel I am

People sometimes say I'm smart and I'm flabbergasted that they think so...I feel so naive, clueless 99.9% of the time.

Oh and I USED to be fat. The few times I was eloquent, I was feeling confident but beyond that I regularly don't have any confidence...I just don't know though. My problem has to do with more things than confidence.
bumping x2
Thread posts: 13
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