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>be me >oneitis for 3 years >get the girl >Wut now

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>be me
>oneitis for 3 years
>get the girl
>Wut now
make a thread on /adv/ about how your girlfriend is great and wonderful and you love her but man you really just want to dump her and fuck bar sluts.

then, in 5 years come back and make a thread about how you dumped the only girl you ever really loved and you want her back but now she's a lesbian
Wow, except for the lesbian part, that's what happened with my ex boyfriend. I guess it's pretty common.
as in he left you for bar sluts or you left him etc?
also... make her happy. feel good about yourself that another life is enriched by yours. live and learn to love life with her. coming from someone who spends his 30s regretting fucking up this exact situation.
funny how we never think past that fantasy lol

just treat her like a queen i guess, she was and still is the love of your life
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Do not think of her as a 'girlfriend', that will just make you take her for granted. Don't be a sperg. Talk to her, find things that she likes and get involved with them. You don't even have to like the same things as her but try to find an interest for the sake of having something you can share a connection over. Don't be afraid to say when you are uncomfortable, if you can communicate that well and that openly with her things will be much smoother. Don't treat your relationship as an obligation, it should be something mutual, even if you aren't always 100% enjoying yourself.
Slowly overtime see how terrible she really is and all her faults you neglected because oneitis then come back in a month or two with a thread on how to breakup with her
what do you mean what now? you didn't think that shit through?
>get interested in things shes into
>fucking cook offs. you ever had a cook off with your gf where you make each other lunch and see who did better? good time.
>amazing sex
>sex in every room
>get married
>buy land
>build a house
>more fun adventures together, go travel.
>have kids
>raise the best kids you possibly can
>teach your kids all the best stuff you know. working on cars, snowboarding, go on family trips that you wanted to do as a kid
>then the kids are out of the house
>travel with your wife again
>don't forget sex
>get old together
>fish a lot, write a book on how the american dream isn't dead
>be surrounded by a great family you built, grandkids running all over that land your kids grew up on, growing up right
>will the land to your kids
>die knowing you lived a good life.
>be buried alongside her.
^ This guy knows.
He left me for bar sluts
Just out of curiosity, how'd you do it?
yeah now if I could stop losing my shit when I find a girl that hits all the right buttons.
sorry gril.
fuck that hurt to read :(
cus ive done all of that up until have kids. we were in the process of talking out our plans for first child when i had a breakdown and my whole life went to shit. she could only try to help for so long and now im fucking 30+, back here on fucking god damn fucken 4chan and alone just like years ago except there are no keks, only feels.
why did you have a breakdown? I would assume living that life would be amazing.
it was. i dont know. i just began getting constant feelings that i should be dead, which lead me to thinking i should kill myself, which began manifesting negatively at the end in my personality and behaviour. i spoke up but it was maybe too late by then. doctors put me into therapy and meds but it only, sort of, slowed down a sinking into days and days of laying doing nothing, saying nothing, wanting to shoot myself or hang myself but not wamting to hurt anyone around me. things are maybe on the up noe for me mentally but i am basically on the edge of homelessness and a life of isolation and meds.
I'm sorry man that sounds terrible. I hope things get better for you.
it is. i am not sure what went wrong but i know i would never wish this on my worst enemy. and thanks. sincerely, anon. i hope youre in a good place too. random talks with complete strangers helped me to take these first steps. otherwise i probsbly would have given myself a shotgun face around christmas just past. as it is, one of the fuckers on here convinced me to melt it in hydrochloric about november.

also just to go against the seeming trends on some of the boards, im going to say im not bitter at my ex in any way. she still talks to me when im 'there' and i am honestly grateful to have shared so much.
Thread posts: 21
Thread images: 2

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