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poorfag here, need life advice

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Fourth year in uni, electromechanical engineering. Basically, I'm out of money. Or rather, money from the government. I normally work as a janitor. It's fucking nothing and barely helps. I'm going to move back in with parents this year, I was planning to anyway so I could save housing expenses for a car.

Today I found out the school isn't giving me full financial aid anymore for whatever reason. Acceptable GPA, acceptable unit load, and they're giving me like 5k. That is maybe one quarter paid for. I'm out of time and resources.

I attempted to learn coding, starting with java but the school workload is too much and I haven't had enough time to work on it. I plan to dedicate my time to coding over the summer instead of cleaning toilets at the county fair.

I wish I could say I've learned relevant engineering skills in these last four years but I really can't. At best I can attempt to teach a high school physics course but I dont have the time or resources to get my teaching credential.

I really don't know what to do. Parents wouldn't mind at all if I went back to live with them but I'd rather not work 8 months as a janitor to pay off 1 month of school. I just need some direction in my life that can possibly save me. I want to be worth something but every path I can see requires more money than I'm currently worth.
Get a drafting certificate. You can make like 50k a year at a machine shop and it's working towards engineering anyway. Solid Works and AutoCad are easy.
If you want to be a good coder start wearing wearing striped socks and dressing like a girl. Apparently this helps.
Just looked into it, the closest program I qualify for is about 2k. I dont have the money to spend on that, period. I've looked into other colleges offering similar programs but they are very far away and I don't have a car. I could use uber or something but the money on that could rack up very easily
You could try private loans and applying to scholarships. I'm in a similar situation. Did you reach the max for your undergrad federal loans?
Teach for America?
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I've applied to scholarships, I've never been accepted for one. Private Loans are an option but I don't have a reliable way to pay the interest on them.

I've reached the max for Cal Grant B, which is 4 years. I planned to graduate in 5 but money was more of a factor than I thought.

This is a nice idea but I don't have the recommendations necessary for it. The professors I'm chummy with all acknowledge that I'm simply not the best at anything, presentations and research included.

I've been told before that it's more about "who you know" but that mindset has only seemed to work against me so far.
Don't avoid the placement office like I did. These F-ING schools that take your money OWE it to you. There grade is how many students they can find employment for. Sometimes it takes internships or low pay but use the resources of the school and be tenacious about it....inanutshell
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I've considered it. I do have a basic grasp of the concepts of motors and shit but nowhere near enough to apply it in a practical manner. At this point it might be better to just stick to cleaning toilets for a year so I actually have some money saved up.

eurofag question;
how the fucking hell can you spend 4 years at an engineering uni and cant apply for shit?

i'm a mech eng and i did CAD jobs after the first year because it just similar to coding (you get paid to work a tool to do stuff other people say it should look like). I'm absolutley positiv that in the electroengineering departmant there are also tool that need to be used and usually intern or student-jobs are created for this. cant you apply for those?
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Basically I used up all my resources the first and second year, completed some guidance programs but my performance in uni wasn't good enough to continue.

My school is absolute dog shit when it comes to class availability. If you are a freshman you can essentially only take general ed classes. Then even if you meet the prereqs for higher level courses, there aren't enough class spots available because seniors get priority, and those seniors had the same problem of not being able to begin advanced level courses until they were upperclassmen.

I can do a bit of Solidworks, Multilink/any other circuit building software but I'm simply not qualified enough when it comes to being chosen for internships or research opportunities.
Then apply for janitorial job at a big institution,(hospital, college, Univ.) I have a friend who works maintenance at Princeton. He's got an engineering background too. Not what you'd expect. The fuckers even written / published a book on boilers and technical shit.
Just fucking do something illegal or morally questionable. Sell drugs or some shit. That's the only way to make quick money. Buy some weed in bulk and sell it in small chunks to people you go to school with. Either that or buy some Burning Man Tickets now for 200 dollars and sell them for 600 dollars a piece in August.
So, you are in your fourth year in electromechanical at a state school im guessing?

Tuition should less than 20k for the year. That means you need to make up for 15k maximum.

If you eat your parents food, dont drive a car or go out for an entire year. On federal minimum wage you could do it working 40 hours a week.

And im guessing tuition is much less than that. I know state school in expensive states is only like 10-15k.

Also you're prime for getting a personal loan since you're so close to finishing.

> I was planning to anyway so I could save housing expenses for a car.

Why are you saving for a car when you dont have money for tuition in the first place?
Before I got jewd out of my tuition money, I had planned to go back home to save on housing expenses. Then with that extra money saved I could afford a car which was much less than housing in the long run.

Tuition is about 24k a year, but since class availability is absolute dog shit I can't afford to work with a shitty schedule of 18 unit workload. And since these are higher level classes they require much more time outside of the classroom. Including lab hours I can have up to 9 hours of classes a day. It's simply not ideal for me to balance work, class, and studying.

Personal loans ARE a good option, but most of the ones that could solve my problem are unsubsidized, so I would have to pay interest that I'm just not capable of paying.
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