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Internet Addiction

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I need help. I'm addicted to the internet and it's starting to seriously interfere with my university career.

I haven't been to any of my classes in several weeks, I have several major assignments overdue that I havent even started, midterms that I havent even browsed the course material for, etc etc.

Its to the point where I'm htinking of just driving into the wilderness a la Christopher Mccandless and dieing out there because i cant take the anxiety of being so, so far behind but unable to focus on anything except the internet for more than 5 minutes.

I was a marijuana and alcohol addict before and was sober for 3 years until last week when I broke down figuring I was going to kill myself anyway so i might as well spend the rest of my money getting drunk/high before i finally kick the bucket. Obviously I pussied out/couldnt get the logistics sorted out and im still here.

Anyway, I know it sounds really gay and just 'get over it lmao' but its really bad, i get chest pains and short of breath if im not laying in bed browsing or driving in the car (literally the only other thing that can take my mind off of the hell that is this existence). i've probably spent over $400 on gas in the past month just because I want to get out of bed but cant do anything else except drive around for hours and hours and hours. Sometimes i try to summon the courage to run into a telephone pole but i can never go thru with it. i dont have any friends and am just completely isolated, my parents are 2000 miles away and i already flunked out of university once so this is really my last chance at life and im so behind im just freaking out.

sorry for the wall of text but im having a bit of a hard time here.
I have the same problem wit the internet, it's ruining my life

Bumping for interest.
commit to waking up early and driving straight to school
if you haven't been there for weeks you have plenty of studying to do. be in the school and get to work
it's way too easy to get comfy in your house and not give a shit about your responsibilities, so remove yourself from that environment. most universities open early and have study rooms open past midnight. that's where you should be
If your problem really is that severe, it's time to drop out of college and check into the hospital.
i live in residence... i want to do stuff like this but you dont understand, i can barely sit through a class wihtout having a panic attack and feeling like im suffocating let alone spend enough time in study hall to get anything done. when i did manage to get to class i would immediately rush back home as soon as it's over to get to my laptop like its afucking lifejacket on the titanic

i try to do stuff, get 5 minutes into it and just lose all motivation. i want to do it but in the back of my head all i can hear is 'fuck this, it's not worth it, just go lie down and you'll feel better, fuck this, fuck this, fuck this, GO, GO NOW, FUCK THIS GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE RIGHT NOW ITS NOT WORTH IT' and i figure, well, y'know maybe its really not worth it i can try again in a little bit. but then i get back in bed and i dont get up for anything except to eat or void. i'm even pissing into jugs now because getting up to go to the bathroom seems like too much of a hassle.

sometimes i'll get in the car and go out for take out or something like a nice doner and think 'ok, i'll just get a nice meal to start me off and then i'll settle down and do some work' but as soon as i get back home i get that same train of thought just telling me it's not worth the pain, the discomfort, the anxiety just of being anywhere except in bed browsing the internet or watching /comfy/ films or tv shows.

i know how stupid this must sound to you guys but i cant get over it, i've been trying for months and it just keeps getting worse and worse.

You have to completely unplug

Get rid of you smartphone, only use library computers and only go on a computer if you have a well defined task ("to do research for a paper I'm writing")

Get site blocker extensions like Freedom and leechblocker
ill try. im not sure how much i can really rely on my willpower though.

e.g. i have a midterm in 20 minutes. last night instead of studying (and probably getting enough in my head to pass), i drank liquor and watched tv just to distract myself from the anxiety of not studying, since i cant bring myself to overcome the anxiety of being away form the computer. desu i dont think i can even face my prof, ill just have to withdraw form the class or something.
Go IMMEDIATELY go Health Services. They have seen this before. You need help. Things will get better.
the worst part is in my first couple years i was a very bright student and all my profs would ask me 'are you thinking about applying to law school' and even though i knew i was kind of lazy and probably wouldnt go thru with it i said yes and even told my parents and family that was my plan and now theres no way ill ever get there and i probably wont even finish univeristy and oh my god i'm so fucked honestly how am i ever going to face them. i want to run away but i dont have the money or the wherewithall and i dont think i'd make it a week without the internet

sorry to bump or reply to no one but in addition to assistance i rly need to vent because honestly my life is fucked. i dont know how im going to explain any of this to my parents because theyre gonig to be so upset
Forget about your willpower, you have to eliminate opportunities to fuck up

That means

I did the same thing as you did last night, I was meant to be pulling an all nighter for a deadline and instead watched movies and ate junk food to deal with my anxiety

Truth is, we're like alcoholics. Most people can use the internet in moderation, just like most people can drink in moderation. But we just can't.

That means abstinence. We must not use the internet or TV for entertainment, we just can't. We have to block sites that drag us into a dopamine vortex and never go on them again

We should only use the internet for work
alright thx anons ill try and get to health services and see if the can recommend me a shrink or something
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