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Comeback stories

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Dear /adv.

I have been dumped by what I considered the love of my life, for much richer guy.
All I could give her atm was an honest hard working me, but she wanted all the shiny stuff pronto.

Well, what I ask is: what would be the best examples of people who failed and came back, who after many hardships achieved greatness in life?

Thanks a lot.

how old are you?

you didn't have 'many hardships' you had what everyone had: a break up.

she was not the love your life. you consider her so because you just lost her but you'll say that about most any girl you date.
I am 30, she is 25.
You probably dodged a bullet. Someone who chooses cozy life over you isn't very much in love.

how long did you date? honestly man how true can that love be if she left you for nicer things? at best you liked the idea of her, but can you really say you love someone who has this sort of thought process?
We have been together for 5 years. Yeah, well, dunno man, I think I am just kinda exhausted from all this.

its normal to be exhausted after a braek up. 5 years is a long time, so this is definitely mor eserious than i initially gave you credit for.

but time heals all wounds. humans are not designed to clam up and never date again. everyone promises that each relationships is the greatest and most important one they will ever have, but in just a few months or a year they're back on the horse feeling that way about the next love of their life.

you didnt face 'many hardships' at least not so far in what you described. you just had a break up. a bad one, sure, but this isn't your low point.

to define your entire life on this romance and saying you need to become a better person for it is cringey and silly.
I see. Thanks.
Sounds like you failed at love and next time you'll be better at it.
Focus on yourself. Let women come along with you, but don't involve them in how you view your own worth until you have everything else settled. Women will be there, but be the best person that you can for youraelf, not others.
You'll be okay anon. I had the same thing happen after a 4 year relationship.
I spiraled into real bad sadness. I really believed I wouldn't be happy again.
Then one day I woke up after about a year of that, and realized that I needed to fix this.
I started waking up earlier, meditating, drinking less, getting out. I never really talked to anyone, but I felt a fuck load better. And i think that stuck it to her the best. But really, I don't care about that. I'm just happy with myself.

It sounds gay, but meditate anon. I still do an hour or so at least everyday with a cup of jasmine tea. You'll feel incredibly better.
There's a lot of things you can't change in the world. You have to realize that it's always changing, along with you. Accept it. Nothing is forever. The one thing you can change is your inner self. Find inner peace, and you will change. Then you can focus on spreading positivity.
You want personal stories of relationship-wise comebacks, or general life stories of famous characters throughout history?

Regardless, I got time...

>be me
>start dating fatsie
>she's shorter than me and weights at least 10kg more, and I'm 80kg
>boring sex, emotionally clingy and needy
>think to myself "oh fuck it that's how women are supposed to be"
>she sets me up to make me break up
>15min later she's kissing a "friend" of mine who's been hitting on her behind my back
>cry after breaking up for two days straight until I found it out

Two months and two girls later I meet my current gf

>play vidya toghether
>fuck like rabbits even after 8 years
>bi-curious, checks girls out with me on the street
>currently having an affair with a girl from another city
>shit might get real and become a poly relationship depending on circunstances
>mfw khv introvert nerd currently fucks two hotties on the regular

You are a fucking loser. You deserve it, though.

Thanks pal, I think I do deserve regular threesomes indeed :)
What became of the child in the photo?
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Thread images: 2

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