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How do I apologize to this teacher?

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I was free in uni and looking for other classes to take when I saw C on a whiteboard. I walked in, saw through the lecture, and the teacher came to talk to me.

>T: you're not my student, are you?
>M: no, no, I just saw C and entered, sorry
>T: so what did you think?
>M: I have some criticisms to go over after everyone's gone
>T: you can talk about them now
>M: you sure?
>T: yeah, go ahead

I then went over all the things she did and taught wrong. She interrupted me a few times, using excuses, some of which were lies(I noticed then that she felt insulted or something).

When I finished, she dismissed most of what I said and told me "you should read up before you say anything" with a smile.

I wouldn't have said what I said if I wasn't sure of it. Because of it, though, I feel like I called her incompetent, which she is, if she truly believes the things she said.

Now, I really didn't want to offend anyone, and I knew that was a possibility when I decided to talk to her about the lecture, so I want to apologize.

The thing is I don't want to say "you're right" because I know she isn't. A simple "I didn't mean to offend, please don't take my words so seriously" triggered a "you're wrong, though", and if I decide to argue, who knows what could happen?

My question is how the hell do you get a teacher to accept they made a mistake but at the same time avoid calling them incompetent and unworthy of their current position?
what is C again? what country is it?
why would you go into a class and criticize a teacher? Are you actually fucking autistic? What the hell is wrong with you?
I don't get it. Why did you walk in some class you're not part of, sat through the class and then decide to criticize the teacher?
*go into a class you're not even registered to be in
A programming language.

I have Asperger's, but leaving that aside: I'm free to walk into random classes in this university if I want to. It won't count until I'm actually registered to take it, but you can still do it.

The reason I decided to criticize her is that I don't want the students to be taught falsehoods. I'd much rather talk to the teacher so they can get their shit together than talk to their superiors about how they're not doing their job properly.
Okay nigga, don't ever do this kind of shit again. Look, I understand teachers nowadays are super liberal but you just gotta hold your tongue. It makes you look like a pretentious cunt when you pull this kind of shit, no one thinks you're "standing up for the better person" or anything like that. People look at you and think
>ugh, why is he even here, why won't he shut up.
Don't go about your day just trying to start shit with school faculty. Because you're calling them out on their job, which they are most likely passionate about. There's many professors I don't agree with at my school, but I hold my tongue, because at the end of the day I don't need to believe the shit they're telling me, I just need the credits and a good grade. I'll jump through the hoops.
I know now I overstepped my boundaries, and I'm aware no one likes pretentious cunts, which is why I wanted to talk to the teacher after everyone was gone.

Passionate about their jobs or not, teaching falsehoods shouldn't be forgiven. It's one thing if they comment on something on the side and I disagree with them, but it's another to teach a bunch of people that black is white and the sky is green at night.

I'm not standing up for the better person, I think, I just want someone I pay(well, I pay the school, but you get the gist) to do something to do that something right.
you should mention being an aspie, that changes everything. Tell her something along the lines of "sorry for doing that, I'll never do that again," don't get into another argument, that's pointless

now, if you care less about apologizing and more about the truth:
1)become *absolutely* sure you are right. Look with some sympathy on her arguments, think them through
2) come to her in private
3)still explain you mean no harm, you are sorry, that there must have been some minor mistake
4)show her the exact proof
5)accept the response, even if it's disagreement, even if it's contrargument, even if it's bullshit
6)(because she must not be told she is stupid by a mere student. she will think it through later and agree with you silently, without saying it. If not, she's a stupid cunt, but I don't expect so
7)feel better. Also, tell her again how sorry you are
What do you mean she was wrong? What are the mistakes that she made?

Was it something that you can prove to her? Like she taught "The code for this is X" when the code is really Y?
Or was it something that can be subjective based on experience.

Also here's a tip from a non aspie:
When you're correcting someone, approach it as though perhaps you could be in the wrong, and you're focused on finding the truth rather than being right.

Like if she taught "The code is X", and you disagree, you can wait until after class and say "Hi! I really enjoyed your lecture but I have a question. I don't understand why the code is X. Wouldn't the code actually be Y because of _INSERT REASON_?"

Then, really try to understand the reason she gives you. Maybe she'a aware of something that you arnt. If she explains it in a way that isn't true, just continue to politely press, like "huh, I had always thought that _____" or "so why is the code not Y"?
Basically just make her explain her logic and reasoning- not focused on who's right and who's wrong. If you focus on who's right, you'all both get defensive and look to prove your point rather than to see the truth.

Don't allow arrogance to prevent you from considering someone else's point of view. Even if you end up disagreeing with it, you should always do your best to TRUELY try to understand someone's reasoning.
that's a wise person speaking here

Education is a farce, dude. Most of us know this deep down.

If you're even slightly autodidactic then verything you could learn in school, you could learn better, faster, and cheaper on the Internet and with books.

School is just a game you play to get a piece of paper saying you deserve a job.
Humans are not creatures of reason. They are creatures of emotion FIRST and are capable pf reason. People don't care as much about being right or good, on the whole, than you think. They try, fail, then deflect. Objectivity doesn't come into it for 90% of the population. Saying it right matters more than being right or saying it.
People aren't wired the way you are and you'll have to adapt and learn to go about that course in a way that doesn't shit on their fucking normie sensibilities. Remember what the world would be without laws, without a government to enforce them, or thought of a god to eternally punish them. That is the target audience, now deal with it.
>My question is how the hell do you get a teacher to accept they made a mistake but at the same time avoid calling them incompetent and unworthy of their current position?

This isn't any possible way this could benefit your life, you should try doing something else that will.

Also you can't just say you have Asperger's
now i'm curious, what was the stuff you corrected her about ?

the bottom line is that you were trying to make yourself feel smart, and she was trying to prevent herself from feeling stupid.

logic doesn't really come into play. just drop the issue, being right has no benefit to you here, except to stroke your ego.
Thanks for the advice, I'll try to pay attention to the way I say things.

>that changes everything
How? My issue is really with the things she was teaching.

Some of the things she said:

>#include <stdio.h>
>#include <conio.h>
>These are libraries, you have to use the stdio library for printf and scanf.

"Library" is not the right word for them. They're header files. A single library can have multiple header files: the standard library(ies, there are multiple implementations) has stdio.h, stdlib.h, string.h, stdbool.h, among others.

>#define NAME value
>is the only way to use constants in C.

It's not even good practice. You should use the const modifier and a variable whenever possible.

>You mustn't put anything between the parentheses when declaring a function that takes no parameters.

It would be correct if she was teaching C++, but she's teaching C. In C, type function() will not tell the compiler about the number of arguments or their types. You'll be free to call the function with any number of arguments you want, which yields undefined behavior. You should instead declare the function with type function(void).

>for(int i = 0;...) doesn't exist in C, it won't work

While true for ANSI C, C99 and later versions of the standard allow this. Even if it makes code incompatible with old compilers for old architectures, it should at least be mentioned.

I don't want to "feel smart", I was only telling her she got some things wrong, encouraged bad practices, etc. That'll lead to problems in the future.

Read above
This is coming from a teacher, if I'm teaching wrong, I want to know.

Teachers who get all fucking butt mad about a student correcting them should not be teaching. We aren't all knowing gods. And especially in the field of technology, assuming she's much older than OP, the young kids do often know more than us.
Teaching is ever evolving, she should be open to suggestion and critique, because its her job to teach her students well.

I have no humility in my students correcting me if they have the evidence to back them. I say wrong dates all the time in my history class, theres so many fucking dates of historic battles and shit, I get the mixed up. Student raises hand and says "Ms anon, thats the wrong date"
"Is it? Where do you see the date"
They give me proof I was wrong, I say "Thank you child, I was wrong. This is the correct date, be sure to put that in your notes"

There's no humility in that.
>>that changes everything
because knowing that, I know I must emphasize to you details I'd consider obvious for anybody else.
Also, some assumptions about your question and desired form of answer change with this. A erson who can easily get other people's emotions would need some more sophisticated stuff, something they would overlook. You need the most basic stuff.
No offense meant here, just plain observation of how Aspie's mind works
So you know more than a professor? I think you're just a hard-headed freshman desu
oh wow, i thought you meant she said stuff like "c supports call by reference" ...
what kind of university allows people like that to teach ?
In reality and some situations, you might. However this is still quite disrespectful.
Not a freshman, but I've been disappointed in university since I was one. I expect something less handholding and more correct.

No idea.

>so you know more than a professor?

I know more about this part of C than she does, apparently. Not gonna say anything else.
>Not a freshman, but I've been disappointed in university since I was one.

Since you were an university? This sentence yields unexpected interpretation. I ask you politely to think twice about what you write next time. Should I write your posts? I mean this is important business, people could misunderstand. This is 4chan after all.

See, this is how you came across. Zero compassion.

You might know a lot, but education is not your responsibility. If you want it to be, become a professor or tutor and stop complaining to us. We are not your friends and no replacement for the social contacts missing in your life.

There you have zero compassion back at you.
dont apologize because that's admitting defeat, but don't go into her room ever again
You're in the wrong profession. Teaching is for assholes.
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Thread images: 1

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