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How to stick with it and not quit

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How does one harden the fuck up and commit to bettering themselves?

I've gone off and on the path to self improvement hundreds of times over the past few years. I usually start off strong and start to lose wind after 2 or 3 weeks in. I understand this is the critical period where I need to stick with it but I just lose all steam.

How do I actually muster up the self discipline and motivation to get shit done when it feels like the very essence of my entire being is trying to wane me off it?

>inb4 "Just do it"

I want to know what you guys personally have done to get yourself to stay on track and do the shit that it is you need to get done.

You hate yourself/become bored enough to do it. That's all there is, there is no magical panacea to it. It's awful and hurts and you'll feel weak and stupid. There is no normal way to 'enjoy' that, you have to suffer through it. Typically your dislike of your current body/self/whatever will drive you to power through it until you actually can notice a difference in yourself and then you will start to actually enjoy it because you see the rewards, however the beginning stages are the worst and you will not have that reward feeling.
Yeah, unfortunately I find this to be true. I know what you're talking about OP because I've been in that same place, where my entire life had been built around trying to avoid putting effort into anything at all. It took me straining relationships with close friends, getting kicked out of university, losing a chance with an amazing girl who was pretty much perfect for me, and committing to trying to kill myself to really even start changing my life. I'm not saying you're low will be exactly like my low, but you have to reach that low to start making real meaningful change. You can't force it, and you won't know you've hit it until a little while after you do, but once you do see it you'll realize you have to really want to change to be able to change.
I use my friend as a role model. I just try to imitate her every day.

I think the only way I'm able to stick with it is because she's always there so I have a constant reminder. This won't last forever but for now I'm consciously doing things differently from how I used to. Hopefully it's enough of a start to work long term.
Maybe your self-improvement regimen is too intense? Try something smaller and more manageable to see if you can keep doing that long-term.
Hi OP. I can't commit to bettering myself because I'm pretty sure that me at my best will still not be good enough for most girls. Bumping this thread in hopes that we both get the answer we're looking for.

Seriously, I think you need to find a breaking point.

For me it was look through my mate's wedding photos as best man and realising I look like goddamn Kim Jong Un with 4 chins.

From there I've been starting to lift.
>You hate yourself/become bored enough to do it
That's typically what happens. The former more so than the latter.

I'm fed up with doing nothing so I start to get on the path. After awhile, that inner desire/motivation starts to wane. And again, I understand this is the most critical period. The period where I NEED to keep doing and form the habit, but I just can't.

I've hit that "rock bottom" a few times. It usually gives me a kick in the rear to get going again, but I always falter off.

It was at first. I overwhelmed myself at first. But I saw it as a challenge. I've toned down a lot of what I'm trying to do and made it more manageable.

I really only have about 2.5-3 hours of "tasks"I need to do everyday.

My self improvement path doesn't really have much to do with getting girls. It's more like a spillover effect from getting my shit together I hope.

I moreso have nightmare mode difficulty career ambitions and due to lot's of tomfuckery and general laziness I've wasted about 6 years of my life doing fuck all.
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