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I was depressed for three years starting in my freshman year and it totally screwed up my college plans, to the point where I failed all of my classes for two years and was kicked out of the university, then failed more classes for another year.

Ever since a couple of years ago when I recovered from that I've been doing alright in school, I've started lifting weights, reading more, and so on, but even though things seem to be going well for me right now, I can't help but feel angry. I feel isolated. I hate having to rely on my parents for financial support but nobody will hire me. I know someday soon I'll be working but the feeling still sucks.

I just don't know what to do about all these feelings pushing down on me. It's rather obvious to me how to improve my situation, but I just can't get past the irrational anger and loneliness that I feel every day (even though I know I'm not depressed like I used to be). Could anyone who has ever been in a similar situation give me some advice?
You disgust me. We all deal with shit like this, you're not any special.

>muh depression

kill yourself

It's not that I waz lazy or prioritized social stuff/hobbies over school. It was muh mental issues.

Depression is such a meme mental sickness now.
Well ever since I completed my treatment for it I've gotten good grades again. Depression is basically a disability.

Anyways thanks for your lack of advice.
quick easy wins man.
I think author Brian Tracy ? wrote "eat that frog"

it's about overcoming procrastination which is modification of depression if you ask me..... it cements you in a place of I know what to do but cant...

any of Larry Wingets stuff too.

what i would suggest is every night at bed you write down the one thing to do the next day that's an important quick easy win.
morning comes that's your target, victories start piling up and you end up doing more each day
Been in this exact situation but you can always continue school. Community college or you could even chase after other dreams anon. Not everything has to be about college. If you're interested in something build up the talent for it and you will be recognized.

Learn to appreciate the mundanes of life. It's easy to get stuck in that spiral of accomplishing nothing all day since you just want to stay in bed or zone out and pretend nothing around you exists. Trust me everyone's experienced this. Try to find the satisfaction in small pleasures.

Surround yourself with social buffers. And by that I mean people who are your friends or family or anyone who cares. It's not easy to build these bonds as it takes work but earn them as they are a great counter balance for feeling isolated. Simply ask someone to hang out. If they say no or ignore you, ask someone else. Always be casual about this never mention why or ever seem needy about it.

Lastly work on building genuine confidence. Meaning complete something even if it's small that you can be proud of. True confidence comes from actual feelings of fulfillment. Everyday do something that scares you (with reason of course). Force yourself to talk to that person you always thought you had something in common with. Make a conversation with a stranger or simply say hello to them. Don't worry about the mistakes and focus on the good things. Your state is not as bad as you imagine. Best of luck and hang in there.
Thread posts: 6
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