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Did I do the right thing?

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Sorry a bit long, but please hear me out. For a long time I knew a female friends facebook password and read a lot of her messages. I read all her conversations, I read through her relationships and break ups, I read through all her bouts with mental illness, I read really personal things (a lot of those personal things she already told me). I read a lot of sensitive information, I even saw some of her nudes. Anyways this spanned from middle school through 12th grade. During high school we barely talked, and I really didn't consider her that good of a friend, more of a somebody that I used to know type thing, we were pretty close during middle school though. After high school I moved away and we started talking more and more through social media, kinda out of no where. We got really close via text, always planning to hang out sometime, but we talked near daily. One day I had a sudden overwhelming sense of guilt over what I did. I conspired for days trying to decide whether or not to tell her. I came to the conclusion that I would tell her, for various reasons. Nonetheless it was a very hard decision, it's still something I ponder about over a year later. Here's how I broke it down: I had gotten away with it, she never suspected a thing. The only reason I stopped in 12th grade was because she changed her password. I think the fact that I didn't stop on my own is a big factor for my guilt. I tried to put myself in her shoes, and asked myself, would I want her (or anyone) to tell me if they did that to me? Also, she's a born again christian, and I'm pretty agnostic, and during this deciding process I was going through some other life troubles and having a lot of existential thoughts. I thought "if there's a god, or if karma is real, or if the universe is trying to give me signs, or whatever, maybe this guilt is it trying to make me do the right thing and confess what I had done". Now this is what I did. BUT, the alternative speaks to me as well.

I thought; if i don't tell her, and just continue to be her friend and do right by her from now on, no one gets hurt. She still keeps a friend she values, I don't add to her life's series of unfortunate events which consists of mental illness and such, along with adding to her mistrust of men. The only downside is I keep my guilt, which can be seen as good as I'm the only one hurting by my mistake; but the only thing is, that's selfish. But what I did can be seen as selfish too, by telling her, I'm only ridding myself of guilt, while giving her a dilemma. I guess the real trade off is: I loose a friend, while she gains the truth; this is where I think what I did was the right thing. But idk. There's so many factors to consider, I'm not even sure if there was a right thing to do, but that's another question "what is right"? When I told her she stopped talking to me. She told me she felt hurt. I tried talking to her some more, but received nothing but silence. To which I said "can you at least tell me if you hate me?" She said "no, I'm just not ready to talk to you". I sent her some flowers when she came back home from a 6 month trip. I think she got them, idk. Either way, I told her I would have never told her if I didn't respect her, and that I hope we could still be friends someday. But that's another thing: I guess more than anything I thought she deserved to know because I didn't want her to be my friend is she didn't want to after what I did.

idk give me your thoughts. i apologize for the wall of text lol. thanks for reading.
I'd be pretty spooked and uncomfortable if someone I knew and was close with was stalking my profile. If they were the opposite gender and saw my nudes, I wouldn't help but think what they were doing with them, using them for personal satisfaction or have them saved for blackmail if the friendship went south. I wouldn't want to talk to you either honestly, and I would have blocked you. But her saying she isn't ready to talk to you means you have some hope of talking again but I wouldn't hope for the friendship to be repaired immediately after. I would give her some space, tell her you really regret it (you seem to actually regret it) and that you're sorry and you'll be there when she's ready. Leave her alone as pestering her won't help, and hope for the best
oh yeah, i'm aware how I look. But i did mention that all to her, and yeah all I can do is hope. she kept me on all social media accounts and still views my snap story every day, so there's that. but yeah i stopped messaging her. It should be up to her whether we remain friends or not, and that's all that's really important is that she get's what she deserves wants. thanks for replying anon.
That's a good sign, I'm pretty sure things will be fine in the end. I wish you luck, anon, we all make mistakes!
acknowledged and appreciated

It really wasn't necessary to tell her, you were a kid when you first started doing it and it became a habit, but the damage is done now, you look like a massive creeper and it's unlikely your friendship will ever be the same. Next time learn when its appropriate to shut your mouth or not, what you did really made no difference to either of your lives, you felt guilty after you weren't able to do it any longer due to her changing her password but thats not reason enough to tell her.
But it also wasn't necessary to stay guilty and let it eat at me forever. That's why it was enough of a reason to tell her.
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Blackmail her with her nudes to be your friend

Nah but for real, you are a fucking moron. Should've kept it to yourself. All of her friends will know what a creep you are. No one will ever talk to you again

>I sent her some flowers

Kek, neck yourself retard
By telling her friends she's doing the blackmailing for me. So idk. I saw some shit dude lol.
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