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Actually doing it

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I have two things I really want to do but I keep pushing them off as something I won't be able to do and its kinda depressing me. I do this alot with things and I usually find an excuse to not do it and fail in life. My two biggest things I want to do are

>Voice Acting
I love to watch anime, play games and whatever and i'd love to be apart of the community. The issue here is I have no idea how the hell to start a dream like this and be apart of the community, never mind even making a career out of it.

I've always been interested in boxing, I don't want to go pro hell I don't have any real intention of fighting, like maybe spar or a little but I want to learn the form, technique, and just alot of things about the sport. But I need ALOT of stamina and power to do it and I don't know if I'm able to get that amount needed.

>voice acting

well you probably WONT make a career out of that. there isn't a huge market for it, and even then real life actors often double up.

but if its something you want to do, do it for fun. go to voiceactingalliance.com and check out hteir forums, they have fandubs and radioplays and everything under the sun.

audition for everything but before accepting a role ask if they have any other completed projects under their belt. everyone has to start somewhere but most people start and then never finish.

NEVER trust large scale projects, and if they have some success under the belts dont trust them to do more than the first few episodes. lots of people say they're going to do FULL SERIES DUBS! but never even do one episode let alone the full series. if your character isn't until later in the series, even more than just 4 episodes in, dont expect it to go anywhere, though auditioning cant hurt.

and finally, dont be afraid to create your own projects. even if you dont want to get into the intensity of dubbing an anime, you could always write an original radioplay, play your favorite roles, than cast others. its a lot easier than you think, and thanks to youtube you can actually get a not bad audience just by uploading it with a picture for visuals.


my friend goes to a boxing gym, im not sure much that goes on there only went once but it was a lot of fun. first and foremost you'll want ssome lessons so ave some money, but after basics you just go and punch shit. im not sure how you go about finding people to spar with but if you're at a boxing gym you can always ask.
Since im more interested in boxing since its more something I can actually do soon, do you know how much the class was? there is one near me that is 50 bucks a month which is kinda alot for me since I have a shit part time job, but if classes are alot then I might hold off on it

?since its more something i can actually do soon

says who? if you have a mic you could start auditions literally tonight.

>do you know how much the class was

no idea, it varies from trainer to trainer, place to place. we live in la so probably expensive.

>50 bucks a month

for classes or the gym? sounds like a good deal regardless.
I meant as something I can invest my time into and have actual progression. I don't have enough money for a good mic right now, got some other expenses to pay for first.

The gym was apparently from what I read 50 bucks a month and didnt say anything about classes being extra or not
Study hard and get a real job. You'll thank me later

classes are extra but they iwll likely give you a free intro.

dude, a good mic costs 50 bucks, if you can start your classes you can start auditioning.
Its not my end all job goal, hell its not gonna happen I realize that, but still its something I wanna see how far I can go with it.
No but my point about it was boxing will start off and have more actual goals set and achieved, I wont be getting anything for a while and I don't wanna just sit home all day waiting. I rather also do something first that is more active and I can meet others. I have a strong lack of social experiences and physical activity in my life right now lol

its your own call but the excuses you're making are BS, sounds like you're just circling back to the problem you said you have:
>pushing them off as something i won't be able to do
I think for some reason I make it better to just keep talking about it and making it relevant and feeling good that I have these ideas to do all this new shit but I never follow in with it and just sit home alone posting on 4chan for help.

too bad.
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