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>be a woman >approaching late twenties >aging like milk

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>be a woman
>approaching late twenties
>aging like milk
>skin on face starting to sag already

What's the best way to reverse this without getting unnatural looking plastic surgery? I have never smoked.
Drink a lot of water (I drink 1 gallon+ a day), do strength training and cardio.

Track your macros and assure you're getting enough vitamins and nutrients of each sort.
Skincare and good diet.
Wear sunscreen all the time.
Drink a lot, eat a lot of antioxidants.
Hyaluronic acid does wonders for your skin, too.
Sunscreen everyday and stay out of the sun as much as you can. Probably won't reverse it but will help prevent future damage. Retinol is also good.
Go back in time and never wear makeup
I don't think wearing make up ruins your skin all that much.
My mother has been using make up since she was 14 and she still looks 20 years younger than she is.
Good skincare, good diet and hydration, avoiding sun damage are much more important than not using make up.
Drinking lots of water has never been my problem.

Is sugar really bad for the skin? Should I make sure to keep it at minimum every day?

btw, my main concern at the moment is pic related. I have mild folds. Other problems is some fine lines on the forehead and then the skin getting thinner around the eyes, which makes them look darker and hollow.
Makeup actually protects the skin somewhat. You just shouldn't scrub it off too violently. And you should moisturize it properly and not use too harsh makeup removers.
Guy here. I think a good diet and drinking more water is the obvious response. Exercising would also be that.
But the opinions on what a good diet is differ a lot. One thing I would feel comfortable recommending is cutting the sugar and white flours out of your diet entirely. I don't know if they affect the skin or not, I think drinking plenty of water would help more in that regard, but sugar is awful for many other reasons.
Sugar is irrelevant from what I know. Cardio/Strength training/macro/water prevent most ailments.

You probably have folds due to fat on your face, but I'm not educated in matters like that, I just lift weights.
I would recommend the skincare threads on /cgl/ and /fa/, the one on /cgl/ is geared more towards Korean skincare and Asian products
I have moderate folds and already had them when I was 16 or so, shit depends on the shape of your face too.

Drinking a lot of water helps, keeping your skin moisturized, starting a plastic surgery fund.
Most people end up with unnatural super taut skin because they want the full "make me look 20 years younger" thing.
>stay out of the sun

Nice,then she'll have a vitamin D deficiency.

Eat and drink right and exercise regularly. The rest is up to nature. Everyone gets old and i hate to burst your bubble but youre also going to die.

Your wrinkles are apart of life.
Op, i just turned 30 and i still get carded.
I eat a high protein low carb diet with lots of dark greens.
I take antioxidants daily, i wash only with mild soap and always moisturize before applying makeup.

Pay attention to the igredients of anything you put on your skin because some things contain chemicals that speed up the process of aging
Aloe does wonders for skin repair.
Coconut oil too. Just a bit messy
After that, it's entirely genetic.
Goodluck op
Hurry up and get married before you're too ugly
You don't want to be an ugly old cat lady, do you?
Thread posts: 15
Thread images: 2

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