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Dealing With Lust

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How do I just make lust towards women (or specifically 3D bitches) go the fuck away? I hate young women anyway so I'm wasting my time but my reproductive system always gets the better of my rationality and compels me to chase butches just so I can get my dick inside them. Of course I'm a goddamn nerd so I'm doing it on vain anyway so it proves to just be a distraction from life and when I fail my hatred towards women gets stronger. I don't want to be Elliot Rodgers II.
See a therapist or cut your balls off
As >>18012734 said, go see a therapist, it's unhealthy to harbor anger towards such a huge demographic and to be out of touch with your needs.
Therapists are hacks and a waste of money. They charge hundreds of bucks to just shoot the bull at you and they're not going to change the chemical makeup of my brain or anything. They're essentially emotional prostitutes, and I'm not even that fucked up to begin with. Just annoyed.

I wasn't being literal about the Elliot Rodgers thing. I'm not sociopath.
You realize you're asking for a therapists services from complete amateurs right now right
Lol just kys already so that you don't leave your genes in the pool even by accident you bitter faggot
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First of all, you don't hate young women you hate what you've come to think they represent. You probably don't have a lot of social success and you think women are the gatekeepers and regulators to that. It's much more complicated.

Tell me, you probably believe that they only sleep with 20% of the males, that you're unattractive and so the best you can get is a washed out slag, that they always cheat etc?
Safe for a couple of heavily psychologically damaged girls, they can detect this sort of thinking at some point and they run, if you even manage to come into contact with them.
Elliot Rogers wasn't bad looking, it's the way he carried himself and his own delusions that drove people away from him. Normies don't like being around sad people.

I mean, think about it for two seconds. If you hated black people, how do you think you'd talk to them? Don't you think it would slip through at some point, or that judging by how you react or the stuff you laugh at, or your snide remarks you can't detect it? I don't believe in SJW-tier misogyny but when you outright say you hate women, well, that's still textbook misogyny.

The only sad thing is that you don't believe in therapy or think you aren't fucked up enough. Probably have some left over daddy / mommy issues that you refuse to work through.
Sad! But many such cases.
go fuck a prostitute simple. go on backpage find a girl you like and fuck her.
>be me
>Was broke until recently (got a good TIG welding job.)
>Drive a 1999 Camry
>Into weird shit. Not normal interests.
>Fucked 13 girls last year
>Fucked multiple girls in my 99 Camry

Once you figure it out, nothing really matters except your "vibes." You can be short, drive a shit car, have no money, and still pull hot girls if you know how to communicate with them properly.

The key is to have fun and not chase them. When I go to a bar or club and I see some hots girls, I'll approach them but I don't chase them.

>See qt's
>Go up to them
>"Having fun?"
>I smile and walk away

Later on if I see a qt from the group it's 1000x easier to flirt with them because you already established that you're not another guy at the bar who's chasing girls, you're just there to enjoy yourself. I didn't go up to them saying "hey ladies lemme buy u a drink and we can hang out." I just showed that I was friendly then walked away, it makes you stand out.

Apply this method with different variations and it always works. I went to a concert recently and did the same exact thing and had three girls dancing next to me the whole night, the hottest one in the group was grinding on me and grabbing my dick. The other two were letting me grab their asses and tits, it was pretty surprising since this was the first time I tried it at a concert. here's what I did

>Go into crowd
>See the 3 qt's
>Stand next to them
>Light up a blunt
>Talk to nearby bros and pass around blunt
>Wait for a good time to say something
>Leaned out guy pushes through the group of 3 qt's.
>They all get pissed and say "what a rude asshole."
>That's my cue.
>"You aren't talking about me right? I'm trying to give everybody space" (It was packed as fuck in there.)
>Hottest one laughs and puts her hand on my chest "nooo you're fine"
>Music starts playing
>Ass on my dick
>Titties in my face

Try it out, bro. Just be the guy who's not chasing girls and you eliminate 99% of your competition
You're probably right, most of it's just me and my perception and not the women themselves.

Still don't need a therapist. If a Russian guy in Antarctica can remove his own appendix, I can remove my own misogyny. There's nothing a "professional" can tell me that can't be found in a book or on the internet.
That Russian guy was a surgeon tho
Ill try that on my date tomorrow. not the go away and return but rather i try not to chase her.
When I think about my behaviour I think I got less successful because of the vibe that chasing gives off.
Nowadays you could buy some college anatomy/medical books out of a second-hand book store and watch some lectures on YouTube and become a viable, though completely uncertified, doctor yourself.

Schools don't have monopolies on knowledge. Their main function in the 21st century is certification, to show you received X instruction at place Y and got Z grade.

>hottest one laughs and puts her hand on my chest "nooo you're fine"
So was it the look/tone that ultimately said she was giving you permission to shag her? I'm an autist who has trouble reading people so it's sometimes hard to tell whether they're flirting or just charismatic.
What if it's not misogyny and it's legitimate social observation backed by literal statistics and genomic analysis?
Do you live in flatland? Fuck you. Girls are whores. Fancy looking cum receptacles. Deal with it. I wish I were gay. Chill, drink, smoke, vidya, sex with a cool dude. But I'm not. These are things we put up with for pussy.
I study medicine and I can guarantee you its not that easy. the hard thing is not to learn what lies underneath the skin but how to cope with failures during procedure and the appropiate care of the aftermath.
naturally i didnt list everything but be assured its fucking hard
Depends on how strong your principles are, because getting an easy lay (or paying for one as someone suggested) is convenient when all that it is is just lust, but how shitty do you think you'll feel when it's over? Or, you know, maybe try jacking off instead?
I've been jacking off almost every day for nine years. My body's unfortunately not retarded and can tell the difference between my own hand on my dick and the real deal.
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Thread images: 2

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