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Breaking free

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I need to get the fuck away from an emotionally manipulative and absolute control freak of a parent. I'm pretty much being forced under duress to join these programs for aspies even though I know that the taxbux funding the programs get would be of far greater value if it was spent on other people that actually needed them instead. Most of it is part of the standard curriculum or electives available to anyone and would be of no additional use for someone that can actually interact with others with pretty much no issues at all.
I already feel like I'm going off the deep end slowly, they claim the wishy-washy "it'll be great for you!" but in reality, I know it'll be a blemish that if I don't do something about, it'll fuck me over permanently in the long-term as I'd like to actually do something meaningful with my life instead of being doomed to being a minwage slave for eternity. Also, the /g/od in me realizes that the privacy of some of my personal info that I'd rather not reveal willy nilly to everyone is forcibly being shit on as a result too.

As much as I'd rather like to have an amicable departure, I just don't see that happening anymore. I'd like to be able to move out in as soon as 2 weeks. 2 weeks might be too soon (and is just a best case scenario), but I'd rather not push it off. I've thought about going to a different province, but that's definitely not happening anytime soon, so I'll probably be settling for somewhere else local. I'll probably have to do it all literally overnight without any form of warning. Having this rage slowly boiling is definitely unhealthy for my well-being, sometimes I've felt that I need to walk around and let it explode, because man is it ever getting harder to not do so directly at people as the days go on.

Any other anons have some thoughts or similar experiences to share? Particularly dealing with sudden moves caused by shitty circumstances, whether or not they've been sudden or have been slowly building up in my case.
Similar experience here.

Left moms house as soon as i turned 18. Took out student loans and lived in the dorms for a couple of years until i found a job and got my own place.

Learn to blend in socially. Mimic peoples behaviors and mirror them. Study social psychology and body language and youll become charismstic. Learn to network to get where you need.

I work an IT job now after being away from my psychotic, toxic schizo of a mother and i make 54000 a year. She still finds ways to creep into my life, but has no control over things i do here anymore.

Change is hard, you have to power through it like a badly cooked meal.
Two weeks is too short. If you're wanting to leave your parents, you need to have everything you need before you go. My brother was in a similar situation: here is his story.

I think your parents are the same as mine: they don't care about your opinion and supersede what they think is "right" over you and will not allow you to do anything else. My brother decided to just leave one night without any warning to my parents (we still talk and hang out together). He left, just like you plan to, with a superficial idea of what he was leaving behind and what his parents could do.

Here's the reality: my parents were angry at my brother, and instead of thinking about why he left, they got angry and started to ruin his life. My brother was smart enough to steal his birth certificate and passport from my parents and any legal documents he could find. He had work to get to, so he didn't think much of it.
MY parents then decided to fuck with him. They still had his SSN and birth certificate copies with him, so they co-signed his name on all of their credit cards and insurances. Within 3 months, my brother's credit score dropped 100 points. He also started to get bills for items he never really used or bought. There were car invoices for new bumpers and tires. There were medical bills for vague doctor visits. There was all these bills that he had no idea where they came from. It was my parents: they had decided to run up bills in his name in order to get him back to the house in a fit of rage.

Within 6 months, my brother could no longer afford rent and lived in his car for 6 months after that. He slowly got off my parent's shit, but at a huge cost. There was ~$20K worth of money drained from him. It was impossible for him to get anywhere to rent due to the credit score.
After the bills were sorted out (which my parents will not apologize nor reimburse him to this day), my Mom then grew depressed and had the lovely idea of listing my brother (26 at the time) as a "missing person". Now, at this time, my brother was living with me at college and commuting to work via the train. Cops showed up to my uni apartment, looking for my brother. They berated him for wasting there time when he told them he wasn't missing. They claimed that the person on the phone made it sound like "an emergency". It was just my Mom fucking with him again.

Shit like this has continued. My parents wont apologize, my brother constantly has to look for new bills showing up, and a private eye comes sneaking around my apartment every month on orders to stalk my brother on my Mom's bequest.
The morale of the story is this, OP: burn everything. Take everything that you think can hurt you away from them. Your parents sound like self-righteous assholes who will believe you were wrong before they reflect on their actions. Think hard about whether or not they will try and hurt you to get you back under their control. Your parents might not hurt you, but judging by your story there is a significant chance they will.

If you come to the conclusion that they will fuck with you if you leave suddenly, then you need to prepare well in advance. Get rid of your cell phone number, get rid of any insurance you're on with them, get rid of any legal documentation they might have (even if it is a copy), get rid of any identification, get rid of any usernames/passwords written down.


This process is an investment: it will take a month AT LEAST. You should be spending time every day to figure out what is left that ties them to you. If you leave even one thing that can hurt you, your parents will threaten to use it.
Keyword is Narcissist. There's lots of information about this here http://samvak.tripod.com/ Youtube also has lots advice about outwitting and escaping them like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HvrKjYmLyo. On the bright side parents usually aren't as dangerous as exes. You should reinforce the narrative of "leaving the nest" as much as possible, since they'll do everything they can to reinforce narratives like "families should stick together."
It's OP. Just FYI, only one parent is in the picture, as a result of a breakup that happened when I was really little. Will explain later.

>Learn to blend in socially. Mimic peoples behaviors and mirror them. Study social psychology and body language and youll become charismstic.
Been there, done that.
>Learn to network to get where you need.
That's one of the things that I'd hope to do after I get the hell out of here.
Christ, that's awful.
And yeah, I realize two weeks won't be realistically accomplished.
I'd definitely go for the legalese. Cell phone I might have to arrange some time to split accounts. Bank should hopefully be mine anyway later this year, and the /g/od in me doesn't write any form of password down. Far too risky.

Although I don't anticipate needing to, I could always see about grabbing a two month restraining order if worst comes to worst.
Continuing: so they broke up, which I later learned was part of absolutely shitty financial management by the one I'm with nowadays which ultimately drove them to bankruptcy (and would probably explain why she didn't even bother to set up any form of a college/uni fund even though she had a decade to and crippling debt is a big no-no to me). Here's the thing: the other one didn't ever actually file papers because it'd be expensive, plus if he did it immediately, I'd have been part of the resulting battle. These days, not anymore. Legally on paper, they're still "separated". I was tossed to him nightly which more or less destroyed any prospect of having a social life for a good part up until he snapped and had enough of her shit. It made me feel like a piece of shit then because I admittedly acted like a shitlord, but in hindsight getting her to stop it in that fashion was probably the best thing he could've done for me. Her fear of leaving me home alone even when I was becoming a teen was absolutely fucking stupid, and that was her dumb remedy.
Since then she's found someone new, which at first she just tried to pass off as a "best friend" sort of thing but it's becoming so obvious what it actually is that it's actually getting on my nerves.
So for that anon concerned about retaliation, I would actually be able to go on the counter attack and help the other one launch the nuke of actual divorce papers if they did. I sure as hell wouldn't be attending any subsequent wedding, that'd be entirely their business.
I'm not the type that would like to launch nukes willy nilly and I doubt that they would be so heartless as to try and drag me down further, but I do have a defense if I absolutely needed to use it.
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