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Unsure of my Direction in Life

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I'm feeling a little bit at the end of my rope at the moment and was hoping someone lurking around here might be able to give me some advice.

I'm a first year college student with very little redeeming qualities. I have no drive, I'm a 4 or 5 at best when it comes to looks, I have no job, my girlfriend lives the width of the US away, I'm not passionate about anything other than my writing, my dad is paying my way through school in a program I regret getting into, I'm spiteful towards people I hate and suspicious of people I love, and I've had non-stop daily migraines for the past 3 years.

I don't really know where I'm going, but feel like I'd be best suited to a place where I can write. It's the one thing I think I'm not awful at. I imagine that being a good thing to focus on, but I have no idea of the kind of environment I would need in order to improve and eventually get me a job doing something involving writing. Any kind of writing. Preparing, editting, and managing documents may be my most work-worthy skill. I just don't know where to go from there.

I'm really grateful for whatever advice you can lend me. I want to get my life on track but I don't know where to start.
I'd get the migraines checked out first, and I find it strange that you haven't gotten that sorted even after a week of persistence. After that, I'd discuss with your dad about changing majors. Considering you're only a year in, you're at a perfect station in academia to swap out majors.

So to recap a recap.

>fix migraines
>tell dad you're switching majors
>you're only doing pre-reqs now anywas
I've wanted to get the migraines sorted, and I've been seeing my doctor about them since they started. Got multiple scans and tests and nobody can figure out what's wrong. It's unfortunate but I've had to just cope. I'm able to function somewhat normally, and I'm worried that focussing too much on a problem that may have no solution will just lead to lost time.
Major in English, with some business and tech courses, and take all the tech writing and business writing classes you can. Get internships in tech or business writing.

If anyone tries to tell you an English major is worthless, remind them that somebody has to write up the reports for all those semi-literate STEM graduates out there. (It is in fact a growth field for jobs)
I've had a migraine only once in my life and I was barely functional while I had it. It's pretty commendable that you could put up with it for so long.
I think your best bet would be looking into business programs at your college. Whatever program you're in right now, its clear you aren't happy in it. It's never too early or late to make the switch, though you may have to wait for the next academic year to begin before you can start in your new program. The field of business is constantly growing, and the amount of people who are able to write in decent english is getting smaller by the day. You'll have a good chance at a decent job in the field if you're that confident about your writing.
Good luck
I take topiramate for Migraines (it's usually given to people for seizures) ask you doctor if it'll help you. I wouldn't worry about switching majors, isn't the average time someone switches majors 3 (I switched once, few people don't)? That's the point of college finding out what you wanna do and getting good at it. As for long distance relationship, that's up to you never made sense to me.
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