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Pledging a frat

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So I'm now officially a pledge.

I know a Brazilian stamp collecting forum isn't filled with people who joined a frat but I'll still ask.

What should I expect during the process?

Of course they're going to say they're against hazing but considering some of the brothers are dicks for no reason, I'm expecting the worst.
School is above everything for me so if I believe my grades are going to drop, I'm going to quit.

How should I handle the few brothers who are dicks for the sake of their own ego?
Should I go along with any bullshit tasks they tell me to do?

I'm not too excited, but I'm doing this so I'm not lonely for the rest of my college career.
I read that as pledging a fart.
I pledged a fraternity last semester and now I'm an active. Let me tell you this: get any preconceived notions of fraternity life out of your head. I talked about memes and harambe with my brothers all the time as a pledge. Just go into it with an open attitude and don't be a little bitch.

Fraternities are social settings, so yeah sometimes there are dicks. I don't like every brother in my fraternity, and that's ok. Just put with them till you initiate then cock block them whenever you can at parties to get em back

As for pledging: DON'T BE A LITTLE BITCH. A little bit of hazing builds bonds between your pledge class. They will some of your closest friends you will ever have. If shit gets out of hand (physical danger and stuff) sure talk to someone but my fraternity had very minimal hazing. They fucked with us psychologically over the course of 8 weeks, but in today's age, a hazing complaint can get Frats kicked off so they have to find some way to seperate the pledges from actives.

Above all, don't be entitled. You are a pledge, which inherently means you are under the actives. Show them the respect they deserve, cuz they went thru the same shit you'll go thru.

Being in a fraternity has been the single most fulfilling thing I've ever done with my life, and I don't regret it for a second, but I won't lie I had some doubts when I was a pledge. The answer to the question your gonna ask yourself is this: yes. It's worth it. It's very worth it.
Also, practice beer pong. You will look like a God if you can post shot after shot at parties. Bitches love that shit. And get good at chugging beer because that's gonna be one of your primary activities with these guys. If you can get good at Shotgunning beer then brothers will respect you.
I am in a frat. First thing to do is accept that it's gonna suck.
Not sure about you, but ours was one week long. Terrible week.
What we had to do was sit in our cafeteria during the day, only leaving for class. Sat their all day until the night. We would bring food to the brothers, clean the senior guy's apartments and stuff for about an hour.
Then we would be blindfolded. They would lead us out to the woods where we would have to great them correctly.
They would separate us and make us work out in the woods. We had a bunch of shit to memorize and if we screwed up, more working out.
Also a bunch of just dumb shit to entertain them at our expense.
Would do this until 2-3 am most days, went back to our dorms, cleaned up and maybe slept for a few hours until we were back in the cafeteria at 8am. Repeat for 7 days.
Some guys will power trip, some guys are dicks. Keep your head down, shut up, do what they tell you. Be funny when it's time to but shut up when it's not.
And the pledging was a week. We're still the new guys so we have some shitty stuff to do, but it's definitely worth it.
They are (mostly) great guys and I've had a ton of fun.
Depends on a few factors. What kind of college are you going to? How does your fraternity stand compared to other fraternities? How big is your pledge class? Was there a fall pledge class or is it a spring rush only kind of deal? Need more info
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