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I took 10 mg a day of Abilify for about two months. I had some

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I took 10 mg a day of Abilify for about two months. I had some bad side effects and eventually just
stopped taking it.
After I stopped Abilify, I became very depressed, something which I had never been before.
Three weeks after stopping it I still get bouts of depression and peaks of anxiety. I have lost interest in things that used to interest me. The world
seems flat.
I am very concerned that the Abilify has caused permanent damage to my brain and I am going to be stuck this way for the
rest of my life.
Does this sound familiar to anyone. Will this condition eventually go away?
I used to take Risperdal, Seroquel, and Abilify (not at the same time) and had similar affects while taking them, but I don't remember having those same affects 3 weeks after I stopped.

I googled it though and apparently it stays in your system for up to 34 days, so it sounds normal. If you're not feeling better in 2 weeks, go to a doctor.
effects, not affects. Fuck my brain.

Were you able to study and focus properly after that time?
Yes, I mean, I still had my usual distractions and bad habits, but I was back to normal.

I was definitely not able to study while I was on it. I remember taking my SAT II Chemistry test while I was on them and got a 520 because I would fall asleep or be unable to concentrate.

All my other SAT IIs were in the 700s for a frame of reference.

Can you tell me your doses and period of time you took them, please? As a reference.
What was it prescribed to treat?
I'm in my 30s now and most were in my teens and 20s, so this is a hard thing to recall.

I think I was on Risperdal for maybe 6 months? When I was 16? I remember specifically that they were working me up to 8 mg a day and I remember reading somewhere that was the max, but I don't remember if I was up to that or not. I think I was.

They took me off it when it caused my heart to race and was making me pass out cold.

Then they put me on Seroquel which I don't remember being nearly as dramatic. I was only on that for maybe 2 months and I don't remember the dosages, but they were probably working me up to max dose like they were with Risperdal. I was still having trouble concentrating, so I stopped taking it. I had just turned 17 and it was early senior year?

I started having issues again in my early 20s and went on Abilify. Again, don't remember the dosage. Again, it made my heart race and would cause me to faint so I went off it. I remember having trouble concentrating at my job, but if I recall correctly, it was more hyperactivity and not being able to sit still than the crushing dead weight of Risperdal where I felt like a zombie. I think fatigue is still a side effect of Abilify though, it just didn't affect me that way.

Again, don't remember the dosage....15mg maybe? I'm not sure what they were working me up to but I don't remember ever getting the initial increase. I was only on it for maybe 2 months and stopped immediately after I passed out at a party.
OP here; waiting for some other experiences if possible.
I've been diagnosed with adult ADD and given both ritalin and wellbutrin.

Ritalin fucked up my heart and sensitivity to caffeine. It took several years off it to be able to drink a moderate amount of coffee without having extrasystoles (extra heartbeats if you want, it's harmless but scary). Ritalin also made me super cranky and anxious and the anxiety has never left.

After that I was put on Wellbutrin. I used to be a "hyperfocus" studier. Now it's even more difficult to get into hyperfocus. I remember feeling myself get dumber as the wellbutrin started working. I was reading stuff for my philosophy course and I literally couldn't understand anything anymore. Whereas twenty minutes before that I was happily making notes.

BUT anon, I'll tell you honestly, I think the worst thing for my brain is 4chan and my steady alcohol use. To deal with the constant anxiety, I have now started to drink daily (just a couple of beers, nothing bad) and that certainly harms me. But I get restless at night if I don't.

Thanks but I'd prefer to maintain this thread to Abilify only
Why? Your question was answered

Because 0 experience with the rest of drugs which I didn't take, basically
OP here again. Awaiting for advices and experiences on this concrete drug.
>OP again

What I'm searching is:

-Doses: How many mg daily.
-Time of dosage: How many months, or years.
-Time you were on withdrawal symptoms.
-Advices on this subject to pass it the best way.
What was it prescribed for?

I'm aware of what Abilify might be prescribed for, I'm asking why you were prescribed it. Its confusing that you seem unwilling to answer.

I prefer not to (and I'm not interested in others neither); plus, I don't really see how it is related to what I'm asking for rather than what is summarized here:


No offense
The other anon said it takes up to 34 days to clear your system. It hasn't been 34 days so shut the fuck up.
Its related because the side effects you're complaining of could well be the result of the underlying issue for which Abilify was prescribed.

We can take adjunctive treatment for major depression off the table as you've said you've not dealt with depression before. That probably means we're taking bipolar off the table as well. That leaves us with psychotic disorders or more creative uses like reducing aggressive behavior in people with autism or dementia.

That you just went off your meds without talking to your doctor and you're being this cagey on an anonymous forum about something thats not a big deal suggests to me that we're talking about some kind of psychotic disorder. Am I in the ballpark?

There are doctors on this board, you're asking for medical advice, we can't do that if you don't want to give us all the data.

Not much in the ballpark, neither interested in mindgames.

>Besides, '1) That you just went off your meds 2) without talking to your doctor'. You're pre-assuming very much here (maybe based on statistics or close experiences, I don't know). I talked with him about the subject after I fulfilled the prescription time and he didn't mind much about it once it was over (and I mean just 2-3 days after I finished and still with akathisia), what pissed me off a little.

There are differences between the time of clearance and the time it takes for the nervous system to recover its state pre-Abilify, which can be a much longer period. Hence my worry and the main reason of this thread.
You're playing a game. You've got a word like "akathisia" but you're unaware of discontinuation syndrome? You talked to your doctor but you didn't mention titration? Someone trying to figure out what else might be going into what you're asking about is playing mind games?


>You've got a word like "akathisia" but you're unaware of discontinuation syndrome?

I'm aware, but I'm not the professional who decided to cut it off cold-turkey, just the patient.

>You talked to your doctor but you didn't mention titration?

Is he the one who should mention it and apply it, rather than me?

And no, not playing any game here. Just searching for similar experiences and some advices.
Thread posts: 26
Thread images: 1

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