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How do I begin socializing?

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Never saw any of my friends outside school as a kid. Was in a special class for the autistic kids from P4 onwards, and avoided neurotypes like the plague. At the age of 12, discovered social media. Started talking to friends outside school on facebook, but nowhere else. Left/finished School over a year, and a half ago. Went to College. Instantly alienated everyone there, except one friend. With whom I have since lost contact. I've been isolated for over half a year now, (failed the course, so no job prospects), and my only socialization happens on Facebook, where I talk with exactly nine people, or with my mother, who is the only person I talk to in real life. On top of all that, I have an anxiety disorder, that causes me to vomit, stutter, and/or lose control of my right hand, (it starts shaking uncontrollably) if I get too stressed, which, thanks to my autism, and undersocialisation, happens at basically every social function.
My FB friends are all perpetually busy/not in Scotland, so I don't get to meet up with any of them more than once every couple of months.
I used to really like being alone, but it's ruining my job prospects, and being in isolation is fucking destroying my mental health. I'm an insomniac, I'm paranoid, I'm losing all perception of time, and my anxiety is only getting worse.
I go outside a lot, but just to go on walks to burn off energy. I don't socialize with people while I'm out.

My question is this: How do I start socializing with people? Where do I find people IRL who will want to talk to me?
I tried striking up random conversation with people on the street, but females just assume I'm a pervert, and the one guy I tried to talk to fucking decked me.

So, yeah.... I'm out of ideas. You got any?
It's simple. You're a pitiful loser. I don't mean to offend, but we both know it's true. No one wants to approach an unlikable uninteresting autist unless they're being purely sympathetic. You have to work on yourself first before working on how to connect with others.
Social anxiety is a sure sign of a weak minded individual, but there still could be a slim chance to alter your conditioning and mental attitude. So first tell me, what do you think makes you, you?
Just start by touching them. Works very well for me.
Why are you even here? What help do you think you can provide to anyone?
You should probbaly get thru Colleage and then if you plant moving in with your mother hang out with her and go places with her. You will at the very least get social interaction. As for meeting people in collage your best bet is probbaly just meeting people in classes. Not getting punched or coming across creepy usually helps.
Don't listen to >>17978671, anon, there is perhaps some genuine concern in him, but it's not like you've had a great amount of control of your social abilities, especially when you were young, and especially as diagnostic autist

Unfortunately, the best advice I can give you is therapy, because they would honestly be the most qualified to handle your specific case, especially with anxiety. Trying to socialize more without that is perhaps akin to walking a few paces with a sprained knee/ankle in order to learn how to jog. Try books, anything, on resolving those issues, and after you start to become more comfortable and get the hang of things, try reading books on charisma. Go to a few meetups (meetup.com), go to things that are near your interests, and the rest should follow.

Godspeed anon
consider the possibility that you might enjoy life on your own
Thread posts: 7
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