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I get really anxious over climate change.

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So I know I sound like a total pussy, Climate Change really scares the shit outta me and whenever I hear about it I always get really anxious and depressed.

I worry about the acidification of the ocean and the deaths of millions upon millions of animal species and how shitty life probably will be for humans in 50 years and there's nothing we can do. The government of The US isn't going to do anything about it for the next four years and will actively continue/reverse the progress we've made.

Does anyone know what to do? Are my fears valid?
Very valid feelings. I kind of want to move up to Oregon and buy a big ass blot of land, get some solar panels, rain barrels, and plant some crops. That way you can live fat when it all falls down.
>implying OP can take care of xerxeself
You'll literally be dead before things really change

Look, climate change (small letters) is real. It's happening. It's always happening. It literally cannot ever be not happening
We're coming out of an ice age, still even now.
Things will be getting warmer.

Humans may have made things 10X faster, but you know what? That's still a 1000 years till change is noticeable.

The biggest change in the last 100 years is, get this, less than 2 degrees Celsius.

You'll be dead before things really change

The big drama now is just virtue signally.
Look at me. I care about the future. If you don't ,well you're FUCKING KILLING EVERYONE
The extreme nature only makes the virtue signaller all the more virtuous
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>We're coming out of an ice age, still even now.

No, we're in an interglacial you retard. We're still IN the ice age. The Pleistocene was the last glacial period inside the ice age. Major exposed ice sheet, even the reduced ones present now over Greenland and the Antarctic - is indicative of an ice age. Earth outside of an ice age period has little to no ice sheet like with Cretaceous Earth.

And 2 degrees Celsius over an average is enormous impact.

Read a fucking book on climatology before attempting to demonstrate your "knowledge".
Interglacial is "coming out of an ice age"

What the hell are you bitching about?

We've both said the same thing
>Interglacial is "coming out of an ice age"

Wrong. Inter = between glacial = ice

It means between the glacial periods. It means there's another glacial period coming in Earth's near future. It means we're not "coming out of the ice age" because there's another glacial period on the horizon barring human geoengineering!

As I said, read a fucking book on climatology before attempting to demonstrate your "knowledge".
Maaan, you're frustrating me here by your obvious trolling

Look, climate change is a wave.
You must agree with this.
It goes up and peaks and goes down.
It's a wave.

"Interglacial" means " between troughs of the waves"
So yeah, so long as we are part of the warming half of the wave, we're "coming out of an ice age" and still are "interglacial"

Your trolling is transparent
Your "Ugh, read a book, you racist sexist non-academic" is telling
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2/10 because you got two posts lol

thread hidden!
I don't ever know why niggers think that going "Welp I won't respond to any of your points, so that makes me the victor"

It's just sad and reeks of trolling
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think of it this way instead: your post was so retarded he thought you were trolling instead of just being retarded also

>mfw you're the best climate change deniers can come up with
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even if you won't see change now, do you want your children to live in this hell, or anyone. plus it's not only about heating, it's clean air and water. if you don't think we won't see change imagine smog everywhere like in Beijing. you can't walk outside without wearing a fucking mask. so yeah you'll see that. and now that all those bills and treaties are dropped it's going to make everyone drop them causing global warming to grow at a VERY dangerous rate. yes the planet is warming naturally, but it's becoming unnatural due the the ozone layer being wittled down into nothing. imagine not being able to drink water cause its filled with fucking chemicals. climate change is more than "oh it won't matter" because you will see change in your life.

and don't say I'm just some crying liberal, cause I'm not. I just actually care about living in a world where I don't have to live in constant fear. it's something our future decedents shouldn't have to live in. there is no reason to fucking say oh I won't be alive. that's no reason to fuck up the earth. you know, the only one you have. that's like saying killing your children after you died doesn't matter cause you already died.
Look I said how it was
Because you're too retarded to understand doesn't mean I was wrong

We're in a warming period
It can't be helped

It can be accelerated, which we have done, but it still is and always has been warming

It's the nature of waves
You must always be warming or cooling expect for a tiny peak and we haven't reached a peak

I agree with climate change
The people who make it out to be exclusively human controlled and going to be a total extinction for all live are all just as disgusting as the actual damage to the Earth
Beijing is a great example how non-Western people are literally scum

I don't know what else message you should take
Government of the US for the next four years? Hun try the government of China since forever, for forever. Even if the US, hell even if the entire western world did everything in their power to cut emissions and managed to go completely carbon neutral, it wouldn't do shit. China alone produces more emissions than the entire human population did when anthropomorphic climate change began. And that's just China. Then you have India, the rest of SE Asia, and more.

Auto fill
Humanity has always done this, and then a catastrophe happens and it feels like the world ends, and a few survive and we start again. There is no telling if we won't wipe ourselves off the planet, bomb ourselves once trump gets full on angry at China, we live in uncertain and interesting times. There is going to be large scale war over resources, mass extermination and famine etc. but that has always been the lot of humans. Imagine living in the Middle Ages. Your crop fails once and you just die because there is no food. There is a disease and suddenly 2/3 of the population is wiped out. There is a world war and you get drafted. We've simply become really proficient at exterminating other humans.

Now for climate change, if you worry too much, get the basics of self-survival down. Learn some martial arts, have a gun, buy a land and a hut somewhere, keep a few gallons so you can reach it at any time, have it prepped. Worst case you need it, best case you have a comfy vacation home.

And the main culprit for global warming isn't even the individual, it's the way industry works, and our tendency to delocate and transport. Unless governments go a very different way and stop believing that economic growth is the shit , it will continue.
I know it's not too comforting, but videos like these help, even if they're not entirely relevant.
I like to think that the change in the world is always towards balance.
Sorry OP, but climate change is a hoax. Looks like you got duped by "science" (aka fake media narrative)
>Are my fears valid
I'm from a country that used to have a winter. Now it came later and later until it lasts for like a few days. I really don't have any credentials in the research regarding this topic, my field is mathematics, but if I'm to trust my friend who is doing research in solar energy for MIT yes you fears sound like what they are fighting against.
>Are my fears valid?

Sure. Human affected climate change is a serious issue that most people ignore because the fossil fuel industry has dumped billions of dollars it could literally have burned for the same effect into muddying the waters about climate change to the layman. It's the same strategy big tobacco used in the 80's when everyone started worrying about cigarettes causing cancer. Only this time, instead of just a few thousands of people dying of cancer before everyone wises up, we're going to send the homeostais of the planet into a radical freefall and one day every species is going to be looking up at an atmosphere more closely resembling Venus than Earth.

>Does anyone know what to do?

Give up. It's shitty, but if you just embrace that you'll be long dead before the worst of it affects us as a species you'll be better off in the short term. But of course, if you have any sort of interest in the well being of future generations, that's small comfort.

I have no wisdom anon. I gave up on humanity years ago. I'm just trying to keep living life in a way that makes me happy and drowns out all the horrible shit going on around me every day.
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I wish that I had a weather machine.
are you oddball ?
Not anybody who's responded to you so far, but you're fucking retarded if you're going to sit there and pretend like fogging the planet with greenhouse gases that trap heat and prevent the earth from cooling adequately like it has for millions of years isn't going to have an irreparable effect on the climate.


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