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"Why did you quit your last job?"

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Interview coming up and I need to fabricate a "professionally acceptable" (ie. bullshit) reason why I quit my last job.

The actual reason is that I had a shitty boss who promised to hire more people but never did, leaving me with a shitload of work. He was also condescending and unpleasant every day I worked with him.

Been out of work 4 months, living on savings. I'm an honest person and I'd love to just say this in my interview but I guess it would come across as a "red flag"and ruin my chances.

So what do I say? I was working at IBM doing software development and I liked everyone else I interacted with there other than the bossman. Worked the for 1.75 years, first job out of college.
What's different about the place you're applying? Use that difference.

If you worked at IBM and your now applying to a small dev team, say you wanted to work on a smaller team, etc.
But "everyone knows it's easier to get a new job when you're already employed." Doesn't explain why I left early.

It was a clean break though, I wrapped up my project and its documentation, no hard feelings with IBM, others said they'd love to work with me in the future.
Never quit unless you've got one lined up
Recently getting fired again, you make up a good and quick lie
For this one say you wanted to switch things up and work on something more challenging
Work on something different, say not at a big place like IBM but a smaller place

do not mention this real reason, because most people have this reason.

HOWEVER quitting and not haing something lined up makes it look like something bad has happened like you got fired. Prepare to answer a question that is vaguely like that by saying you made the mistake not getting another job first and figured it would take less time.

You're young probably so you can get away with being inexperienced. Also in the software world you're young prolly so people want people like you to exploit for being in said position.

If you're older and in this position you are fucked badly. It's where I am right now. Over 6 months of unemployed and shat upon in interviews because I should be farther along or something. I graduated later in life so I am older. But my resume is also a bit dodgy with small periods of work.. Where some I did get fired :)
Yell them that you wanted to take a break and look for something that better fit your skill set and personality. Say that you enjoyed working there, but wanted to start looking for something more challenging and engaging.

Never talk bad about your former boss or workplace in an interview, that's a huge red flag.

I actually work as a career counselor and just had a guy in here this week who was looking to leave his job at IBM. They have a certain corporate culture that isn't for everyone.
Keep those recommendations from your coworkers and know if you can use them as a reference or referral for someone else. Apply for everything though it's competitive now. Depending on where you live and what you worked with even moreso. If you're some genera C# guy then it will be easier than iOS or mobile since there are way more jobs for the poo in loo cult.

I recommend getting into another career really. But you're probably not at that point of pain yet.

I hope it works out for ya and you get a better job, no snark or joke, fo real my man.
That "oh I'm so naive, I just thought I'd focus on my job search" idea is pretty good.

Yeah IBM has a fair amount of issues. Other than my manager it was okay. Truthfully I don't want anything "more challenging" because my workload there made me question my entire career path but I can't exactly say "I'd like something a little more relaxed."
I told me last job that I have some disease and can't work anymore. Granted it was a low level job and I upgraded, but didn't wanna seem like I was abandoning them because they were a really nice bunch.
I'm definitely interested in leaving programming, at least for a while, because I've gotten the sense that it's not a good fit for me and I can't get remotely excited about it even as a hobby anymore.

It's just, that's where all my skills and experience are. Know of any good alternate careers? I'm willing to take a paycut for a job that doesn't give me nausea and couchlock every morning when my alarm goes off.
Wish I had some good advice Im pretty limited in what I can do because I cannot drive
Though if you can there's a ton of other shit out there
Real estate, sales, healthcare, operating machinery.. Fuck so many I see have a forklift driver involved somehow.. HVAC, commercial driving which yes will be replaced but for a little bit why not.

I want to try to work in something that is less stressful my health is way fucked up now. Just look at random shit outside of tech at all the job sites, LinkedIn profiles you can see people doing shit for companies that you never thought such job existed.

I'm trying to figure out, shit ain't easy
Thread posts: 10
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