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Can some girls share their skincare routine or give me some tips?

I have a dry and sensitive skin, I get breakouts often especially in winter when it gets very cold, windy or there's more smog.
I had terrible experience with skincare over the last 4 years - what treated my dry skin made my breakouts worse, what helped with the breakouts made my skin feel so dry, flaky and shitty.

I was thinking about switching to Korean skincare because from what I've read it is a lot less aggressive, and there is a special focus on moisturisers and purifying products.
Does someone have tips on brands or products I should use? Or anyway tips on how I should treat my poor face?

What I find with anything like this is that the less you use, the better. I used to do a lot more, but it made my skin really weird. All I do now is use a facewash to wash my face. After I wash my face, I moisturise, an eye cream around my eyes and a face moisturiser with a drop or two of BioOil mixed in, since I have pretty dry skin. Other than removing my makeup at the end of each day, I do very little and my skin is pretty clear except in the week leading up to my period.
Grill here. I don't wear makeup, so I have a pretty simple routine. My skin is dry as fuck, especially in the winter. Only thing that really works for me is using a mild soap specifically for your face, NEVER acne treatment, acne stuff is very drying. I like CeraVe PM moisturizer, I use it as a daily moisturizer, it's heavier than the daytime one but it works for very dry skin.

Sometimes for spot treatment I'll use a tiny dab of benzoyl peroxide for a bad pimple, let it dry out and wipe it off with a damp tissue. Dry skin always makes my acne terrible so I keep it very, very simple. Seems counter-intuitive but acne soap always makes things worse.
BioOil makes me break out like crazy. In general all products with paraffine make my face go stupid.

Right now I don't do much, I wash my face at night with some delicate soap and then moisturise.
It actually reduced the breakouts and made the dry skin a bit better, but it's still not great. I still get breakouts, even if less terrible ones, and my skin kind of "absorbs" make up. It feels so dry and so uncomfortable after 2-3 hours, most days I don't even bother wearing it.

>benzoyl peroxide
I've read about that. Maybe I'll try.

>Seems counter-intuitive but acne soap always makes things worse.
I noticed. It made my skin so ugly.
Honestly, if you're frustrated with your skin, the best thing to do is to see a dermatologist. Even if you just got for one or two appointments, it'll be worth it.

Also, in regard to the Korean skincare stuff, like with anything, don't just leap in without doing the proper research. Especially if you're just getting started and trying new products. If you do end up trying some of the stuff you can find in places like Sephora, I highly recommend trying to find them online first, they're probably a lot cheaper
I am considering the dermatologist, honestly. I'll have to in a few months or so for a check-up anyway.

I've been reading about Korean skincare a lot lately, researched for almost a month. I was definitely thinking about buying most things online.
I actually bought a few travel size products to see if I like them, and this far the 2 I tried (a moisturiser and a serum) seemed really good. I have some scars on one cheek and they reduced them greatly.
I don't want to just jump in it and then get breakouts without being able to understand what product causes it, so I'm taking time to introduce products.

I honestly have very little experience with skincare in general, so yeah, it will probably take time.
When I turned 19 I suddenly began having really bad problems with my skin drying up and turning flaky and red, especially after baths. Went to a dermatologist who told me it was actually Seborrheic dermatitis, a fairly common skin disease that is chronic, but can be treated with both prescribed medicine and skin care products.

Apart from a cream I got from the dermatologist, I've begun using a Carbamide (also known as Urea) and aloe vera shampoo + Carbamide moisturizing cream when I take baths. It's helped me a lot.

You might not have the same disease, just sensitive skin, but what helps me could probably help you too. Carbamide and Aloe works with all sorts of dry skin problems.

One thing I've been told also has a big impact is diet and making sure you get the proper vitamins you need. Oh, and never use skin products or shampoo with perfume.
OP!! I use to have really bad skin and then i took up a new skin care regime. I use neutrogena gentle wash cleanser (which is fragrance free), followed by a Neostrata level 2 toner (put this in the palm on your hands and dab it on your face) and then follow that up before you go to bed with a moisturizer which is preferrably fragrance free. I also barely eat dairy as well. I haven't had acne in at least 4 months
I use urea cream for my body and it helped me a lot with dry skin on my body, and doesn't make me break out. Never even thought about using it for my face.

I don't use anything with perfume, it makes me break out super bad.

Thank you!

Neostrata toner sounds amazing. Thank you!
I've got really dry and sensitive skin in some areas of my face and oily on others. Combination skin. Anyway, I had problems with breakouts and flakiness for years until I started using the brand Origins. It's perfect for sensitive dry and lily skin and I don't flake anywhere near as much as I used to. I also like to use Ole Henrikkson nurture me face moisturizer. It's a bit pricey but it didn't make me break out and it controls the flakiness and redness.
I'm a dude, and since my university finals last year, i've developed dry and flakey skin around the eyes and eyelids.

Nowadays, theyre still itchy and red. I know a lot of girls have a similar issue, but from my understanding its contact dermatitis from makeup.

Now i don't wear makeup since im not in an English 80s synthpop band.

Does anyone else have this issue, howd you get over it?
I've read some awesome reviews about Origins. I will see if I can get some samples and try them out.

I know I'll always spend a ton of money for cosmetics with my skin, I pretty much gave up to spending little. I have literally 4 make up products, so at least I save with that.

I used Kiehl's avocado eye cream for a while and it really helped with dry skin around eyes. It's pricey, but really worth the price for me.

My skin gets drier when I don't sleep well, eat well, when weather conditions are shit and when I am stressed. Maybe it's that?
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