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How do I approach this girl?

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Cute girl in 2 of my lectures, remembered her from last few semesters, and I spoke to her a couple times, only really know her name, her major, and that she commutes.

She seems to be with friends most of the time, and this is just kind of intimidating to me.

Wanna talk to her/get to know her, she's really cute and seems pretty nice and somewhat shy, but I'm just a little wary cause of the situation of her always being in a group of friends, she was waiting outside class b4 it started with a group of her friends too.

Do I see if there's any times she's by herself, or possibly see if she's waiting before class by herself? If not, what else do I do?

One of my female friends is also in the class, no idea if she knows the other girl, but I think she's transferring out to a diff section, no idea if I could get help from her though.

Pic related, semi resembles her
Bump, any help?

it's not going to workout


you spent all this time mentally masterbating over her

blowing her up into this big deal where you need to find the magical thing to say

she doesn't want this

she wants a guy whom is comfortable and feels entitled to talk to her without making it a big deal

she should be the one second guessing herself
, struggling what to say to you

and going on

4chan or yahoo answers posting questions like these

with that being said, start getting experience with girls in general

that is how you start becoming good with girls

by meeting lots of them

then you'll know exactly how to get her
but at the point you won't even care because you'll likely will have met another girl by then
That's a tough one. Ask her about something from your class that you don't get, even if you get it. You have to break the ice with her before you do anything, you have to get to know her at least a little bit. At least that's what I think. Do you even know if she has a boyfriend? Where do you go to school just out of curiosity
No idea if she has a boyfriend, a quick fb search shows nothing, plus shes shy so I doubt it.

I know her very slightly, Ive done the "I dont get this, help" thing b4 to her.

The issue isnt talking, its the fact shes always in a group.

Go to a big 10 school in northeast, dont like giving out too much info lol
Try to isolate her from the group somehow.
Clearly you need to stalk her and find out the critical moment when she's alone, then you approach her naturally and be all 'o hay it's u from that one class what a coincidence wanna sit in my lap ;))) ' or similar

Be crafty OP, women always pick the most cunning mate
Whats with the random dicks like this on an advice forum?

Im just nervous about her being in a group. Unless yourre autistic and have no social awareness, thats a very common thing to be nervous about.
This is 4chan, what did you expect?

But yeah, I kind off feel you, there is this odd looking girl at my school, I always want to ask her where she is from (we have a fair share of exchange students) but she's always with her friends. So yeah, good luck OP, maybe you'll find an opportunity.
you can go to her, ask her if you can talk to her for a bit, and do your show. If you're confident enough, you could bullshit your way and manage to get her number.
Or maybe add her on Facebook, its a great way to know her a bit more, so you can talk to her in college.

Just random ideas, maybe you'll find a better way.

I know in one of my classes the professor announced it's sort of like a "work together" type thing, I can probably just sit next to her/near her next class since it's the second or third class and there's no "unassigned assigned" seats.

Don't think I have the balls to walk up to her in a group and straight up ask to talk to her, that'd come off weird to me.
That's a great opportunity OP, good luck! If the thread is still up, can you tell us how it went?

Yeah, I wouldn't do that either cuz it can easily turn to an awkward moment.
I mean I guess, it's just gonna be me probably trying to sit near her or some shit and then saying I talked to her.

I'll probably end up not talking to her/pussying out, same shit happens every semester.
whip it out and giggle. walk towards her slowly. never blink. smile. shake your head firmly. stomp and keep your back slightly bent. when your get to her whisper sweet nothing. she will do the same.

will going to clubs and failing miserably over and over help me over my fear of women?

I was rejected a lot as a teenager
If you couldn't tell by his terrible spacing and layout of his post, you're taking advice from someone who is either foreign or is genuinely retarded.

It's a retarded notion that you can keep getting rejected and get better after. Maybe instead of just thinking, "I have to get out there and get a girlfriend" you go to the club and try to be friendly and just make friends with the girls?
You know how I do in those situations? I just go in "auto-pilot" mode : I don't think, I just do.
It's kinda weird to describe, but when I get in this mode, I'd say it's like watching yourself talk. And once you say the first sentence, you can't go back and i take back control.

And what about the facebook idea? >>17975904
I know her name, sure, but I dont know her well enough to add her on facebook. No mutual friends etc, would rather talk to her a little bit more so its more established that we know each other.

I space it to make it easier to read a wall of text

calling me retarded without actually addressing any of my points is retarded itself

I never said to keep getting rejected over and over

> Maybe instead of just thinking, "I have to get out there and get a girlfriend"

he never said this
you're placing words in people's mouth now

it will help you get over the fear of approaching yes

you feel uncomfortable, stick out, and your body naturally processes the anxious "energy" until it goes away.

that is how people get rid of fears in general, for example someone whom is getting over their fears of spiders will be given exposure therapy to overcome it.
same concept here

The issue is most people run away at the slightest unease of a social situation, that's pretty much where social anxiety is. Obviously there's more to it, but I'm giving you the gist

Over time you will become desensitized to approaching girls, and then it's a matter of being smart about it.

So lets say you go up to a girl, she ignores you.

you can be butt hurt about it

Ask yourself
Did I persist in a fun light hearted way?
Was I contributing to the conversation, or was I asking questions expecting her to do the talking for me?

That's how I personally go about it.

good luck
You do realize you're making it a wall of text

by spacing it out like this

because it takes less space to type out a full sentence

without any random line breaks?

> I never said to keep getting rejected over and over

I wasn't addressing you in the second part of the comment. The space between the lines was meant to signal that, but I can tell you couldn't understand since you use spaces like that in order to break up a post, and not their intended purpose, which is to move on to another point.

For >>17974975 you're completely off.

I've never "mentally masturbated" over her, I was just asking if there was any way to make it so it's a less stressful situation approaching her in a group of friends, since that seems to be the only way I see her.

I'm not blowing her up into a big deal or finding the best stuff to say to her, so stop putting words in MY mouth, just like you told me. I didn't even ask for help on how to talk to her, I know how to talk to people. I'm nervous about approaching her in a group, and I was asking for any help on what I can do to not feel so nervous or make the situation a little bit easier, it's always harder with a group since you're trying to talk to all of them instead of just one. It's a normal issue a ton of guys have, don't make it out like it's something that not many people have an issue with.

I'm not asking for advice on how to talk to girls or "getting good with them" like you somehow think I am. I'm clearly not having any issues with that if you took 2 seconds to look at the 2nd to last line of my post, which literally says I have another female friend in my class.

And I called your post retarded because of this:

>that is how you start becoming good with girls

>by meeting lots of them

The huge space sounds like you're speaking slowly

like a mentally handicapped person

I'm seeing this person's posts all over /adv/ at the moment. You can tell it's him by the annoying, retarded format.
Hes definitely autistic, why would he format posts like that?
Any actual advice? Only one person has legitimately helped me.

Nobody has advice on how to not feel awkward when talking to a group? Or like, if I sit next to her, how to find an excuse to talk to her?


cause I can
fight me
Just say hello when you sit next to her and ask her if the seat is free. After that just ask questions about the topic of the class. That's how you break the ice. Try to make some subtle joke and then you can talk about uni shit.

I could care less at this point about your issue

but before I go

you don't want to hear the reality of your situation and have your mind set already what you're going to do

it's almost like you never had the real intention of
seeking advice

but just wanted somewhere to post your blog

obviously the way I write doesn't resonate with everyone

some people like it
some don't

but I know when I ask for help, I thank the person for taking the time to respond and put thought into it

not just going

>hurr durr fucking retard

I don't care about your gratitude, I did my part by offering my two cents

never did I say you had to agree with my points

but I question where you're coming from when you can't even say thanks
oh well this is 4chan

home of the edgelords
She sits with her friends though, the seat might not actually be free.

I could do the same thing though if I catch her before class or something, not a bad idea though.


bad formatting but good post
>you don't want to hear the reality of your situation and have your mind set already what you're going to do

You didn't even read my goddamn post

You literally sat there and played armchair psychologist like you know what the fuck is going on

The way you write is fucking retarded, literally everyone else on the goddamn board is reading this like you're slow as fuck and don't know how to format posts.

I'm not thanking you for your goddamn help if you're opening up your help by telling me I've "mentally masturbated" over this girl, especially if your advice is generic shit.

>it's almost like you never had the real intention of
>seeking advice

>but just wanted somewhere to post your blog

You're typing this like

reciting a poem

If you speak like the way this reads, you're 100% autistic

Please don't fucking respond back, I hope I did sour you off of posting in /adv/, your goddamn posts are annoying even if the advice is "good" just due to the formatting
It'd be a good post if I was looking for advice on how to get over a fear of talking to a specific girl

I've clearly talked to her before, I've got an issue with figuring out how to speak to her in a group ffs. It's something I've seen tons of guys have questions on, it's not just a "Lol you're afraid of talking to girls!" type of thing
Just walk up and talk to her. No stupid pick up lines. Just hi. Then follow that up with conversation. Pay attention to her body language. Is she fixing her hair? maintaining eye contact? laughing at your jokes? If so start asking more personal questions. Like what she likes to do in her spare time. This will let her know you're about to ask her out. If she tells you, it's a green light. If she likes to do anything even remotely related to what you like to do ask her if she wants to do that with you this weekend If however she evades the question, just cut your losses.
I actually like the format, and the advice is pretty sound. Seems like he just got your problem wrong
Don't scare off people who give good advice man, there aren't that many around
Have you shown her your Futanari and Furry collection yet?

That generally seals the deal.
when is it appropriate to make a move on a girl if you feel you have been flirting with her and its going well
How is his advice sound? He literally said, she should be the one posting these threads, not you, and start getting experience with girls. He offered zero advice on how to get experience with girls, and furthermore he auto-assumed stuff about me that wasn't even true if he even read the goddamn post.

He then counters back at my criticism of his shit-tier advice, which is saying something since this is /adv/, by saying I already made up my mind and that I should be thankful he took the time to post. Like fuck off, he didn't even read the goddamn post, I don't owe him shit.

It's the most generic shit, you'd have to be retarded to even like the format of it. He literally typed it like a retarded person would speak.

I hope I scared him off, his advice isn't good at all.
What do you mean by make a girl?

Asking her out?

It's appropriate when you two are alone together, that's really all it is to it. Don't be all hesitant either, just say it casually when you're together. And only in person.

No, but I showed her my plethora of rule34 Toy Story comics, she loved it!
*make a move on a girl, oops

Making moves isn't about choosing the right time or place, it's literally just about the feelings you two have between each other and making sure you ask her out one on one. It's not that hard of a thing, don't make it out to be.

She says no, take it in stride, and say no problem, let's still be friends.
That's actually really cool advice, but I'm a bit concerned since she's usually with a group.

It kinda changes the dynamic, you're not just talking to her, it's an entire group now.

Anything else to help me for this?
File: Rh4p403Ts0Y.jpg (87KB, 640x427px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You need to go up to her one with her friends around and ask for her number right in front of them all. Just hand her your phone and tell her to key her number in. I PROMISE you it will work, so long as you both know each other, which you have stated in your OP.

Reason for this is sociological: She won't want to appear like a complete bitch in front of her friends by not giving her number, and having a guy throwing caution to the wind to ask for her number increases her worth in her social circle. It's a double win for her.

So stop being a fucking pussy and do it. How you win her over after that is all up to you. Good luck.
>OP comes in an asks for her number
>"Uh, do I know you ?"
>Drops spaghetti and tries to escape, forgetting the phone he just gave her
>OP so embarassed he drops out of school and buys a new phone
she knows him you fucking autist
You might think approaching her randomly is disastrous but it would help your situation in many ways. There's still the matter of waiting until she's alone but she can't always be in a group, just wait for the moment to strike.

For one, it would slay the fear you have of rejection. Seriously, even it went pear-shaped and she was clearly not interested you can just laugh at yourself and learn from it. We always over-dramatise things in our head to make them seem worse than they actually are. Once you try it (random approach) your balls will grow ten fold.

The other positive is this: if it goes right, she'll get the sense you have some testicular fortitude and she'll start craving that D. If there's one thing all women like it's confidence and approaching her would display serious balls.

This process can take time but once you stop worrying about how others perceive you it opens doors that you would have never thought possible.

T. Ex-autismo who always had potential and is now a bona-fide cunt destroyer.
I can see thatcworking, but I dunno if I know her well enough to do that. Ive talked to her, yeah, but its entirely possible shes forgotton who I am. I mean, probably not, but idk.

That might work too. I could just walk up to her after class or some shit, might not be a bad idea.

Thanks guys
Did you just imply thinking Victoria Justice is hot makes me an inferior manlet?

Are you fucking gay?
She's testing u u just gotta bite the apple and make urself look good and get a job and be healthy and get sleep and exercise and put on something nice and know that deep down she's more worried about how she can impress u than u her and talk to her op......
That girls very pretty btw very exotic and femine and smart and passive and submissive and girly looking lol
Can you read the post again?
Well this isn't the girl I'm talking about, the girl in the OP is just a picture of an actor

The girl I'm talking about does look pretty similar to her though


She's 90% white, 10% Latina dumbfuck
hes talking about the anon he replied to, dumbfuck
creepiness of that magnitude can only come from an indian

this >>17979728
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my b.png
456KB, 574x532px

my b

Dude, bro, man. You overplay the importance of first impressions. Don't turn her into an ideal. She hasn't even known you yet.

You need to see women as potential friends. Or strangers. Or enemies. They're just men with different biological purposes and mechanisms that defend those purposes.
>first impressions
>Cute girl in 2 of my lectures, remembered her from last few semesters, and I spoke to her a couple times, only really know her name, her major, and that she commutes.


I should've just put a bit more context, I know who she is *somewhat*. She used to stand outside my calc class early, as did I, and I spoke to her a few times last semester, once after an exam, etc. She's pretty cool, she's in the same major, I was also just a slight bit awkward though talking to her, but I doubt she minded cause she'd say hi whenever she saw me after.

I noticed she's with a ton of friends this semester, and the idea of a group just psychs me out. It's like I'm being judged by 3 sets of eyes instead of just 1, and that's obviously going to be somewhat nerve racking.

I made the post moreso looking for advice on what to do - do I wait for an opportunity where she's alone? Do I find a stupid reason to see if I could sit next to her/her group in class? Do I just say fuck it and walk up to the group and introduce myself again?

I'm not afraid of talking to her one on one, I'm afraid of the group dynamic. It's just a hard solution because they all involve waiting or some varying amount of luck.

Sorry if I'm coming off like a dick, it's just you've gotta be like the 4th or 5th dude so far who's misunderstood my question, I guess the title of "How do I approach this girl?" is a little bit of a misrepresentation of the situation.
Want som fuck?
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