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Who's in the wrong?

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>house has a front gate door
>father insists that it's always locked, for security
>I think it's pointless, as it requires a key to open from the inside, thus making it inconvenient to leave the house
>it also forces postmen to either leave packages outside the gate or chuck it over fence
>I tell him this but as with anything else, he either ignores it or gets angry
>I'm the only one who leaves the house through the front gate so I usually don't lock it
>he "caught" me once and now I have to do it to keep the peace of the house
>another package comes, guy leaves it right up against our garage door
>father comes home, opens garage, tries to close but doesn't notice package is right there
>garage door nearly crushes package as well as breaking, it closed but now it won't open anymore; his car is stranded inside until we fix this
>he insists I pay for the cost of damages

Who should pay? The unlock vs lock debate has been going on for years now.

your pops is paying the bills for your dumb ass

his $$ = he is the boss

don't like it ? move out

end of story
I'm not moving out tomorrow buddy, this doesn't solve the problem at hand
>this doesn't solve the problem at hand

it does if you had a clue, why can't you just do what pops says ?

believe it or not, someday you will move out and be paying your own bills & surprise you will want to be the boss

if you ever have kids try to remember what you did when you were younger, it's awful
His ignorance, his responsibility.
I don't care about your gate.
That's the fucking problem you stupid old fart, he did what he said, and through no fault of his own his dad's shit got fucked up. It's the dad's fault, and dad is salty because he knows he was wrong.

oh look another child acting out
Good trole xD
He pays the bills, so he makes the rules.

But a partial solution is to replace the key-on-both-sides lock with a key on the outside//knob on the inside lock so at least you don't need a key to go out (but do remember to lock it behind you)
Unfortunately not, because then someone could just unlock it from the outside.

heh you're actually right i finally waded thru all that whiney greentext

i'm still guessing there is more to this story
>you stupid old fart

as for this part - you need to get a clue

dealing with crappy parents is a very common problem, i went thru it & did ok but only because i learned from the mistakes of my 2 older brothers

op reads like a whiney little spoiled special snowflake teenager who knows everything and his pops is wrong - completely missing the point - pops pays the bills and pops makes the rules

whiney op will someday have to grow up, likely on his 1st job when he realizes bosses don't give a shit what he thinks - do what you're told or get fired - it may take a few firings for this to sink in
>Genuinely arguing with any human being about something this stupid
I haven't said this in a while and meant it... but you need therapy.
You should stop being autistic and lock it if he wants to. It might be silly, but if that's what gives him peace of mind, do it.

I really don't see why you should pay for the repairs though, it's his own fault for not paying attention
>live with dad in dad's house
>dad wants things done a certain way and that's the rule
>I'm the only one who has any issues with this, my autism stops me from doing this because I have a meltdown
>my meltdown causes dad's parcel to get damaged
>I think I'm without any fault
>ask mommy to tell me I'm a good boy
>she says no
>mommy won't even make me tendies
>ask 4chan to back me up
>get upset
Just calmly explain him your point of view. Don't get overly emotional or angrily tell him how wrong he is. Also when calmly and logically explaining your point of view don't be smug or anything.
If you are aggressively telling him or trying to "win" the argument he will automatically get defensive and will be too proud to see your point of view.

Most people make the mistake of thinking "If I just have better arguments he will get destroyed and will be forced to see it my way". People don't work that way. If you try to "win" the argument the opposition will do what ever it takes to save face and contain their ego.
Also always be open minded that you might be wrong and admit it if you recognize that you are in the wrong or at least partially in the wrong.
You need to give the person room to see their own mistake rather than hammering them with your thinking of "I'M RIGHT AND YOU SHOULD SEE THAT AND SAY YOU ARE SORRY!"
You both probably make it too much of this power game and are too proud to admit your faults and see each other in the half way
I'm failing to see how this is your fault. Let me try to surmise.

>issue with gate between op and pops
>op agrees to lock gate
>locked gate causes postman to place a package near the garage door, presumably due to lack of choice
>upon returning home, father fails to notice package whilst attempting to jam garage door closed
>damages door and demands op pays for it

If the above is true, then no, op is not in the wrong, his dad is just angry and is shifting responsibility for his error.


As you live there, you are also responsible for the upkeep of the house. I would offer to help with paying for the fix, but try to see it as a favour for your old man and not focus on the reason why.
I think it's obvious. It's his house so if he wants you to keep the front door locked whether you are home or not you listen to him. He didn't see the package and that resulted in the garage door needing to be repaired there for you are not at fault so you shouldn't have to pay.

Side note, there should be a string/rope on a lever on the door and if you pull it the door can be manually opened. If its the track or wheels/bearings on the door, disregard this.
Are you slow in the head?
If the gate was locked, how did the parcel get to the garage door?
OP didn't lock the gate, it wasn't left by the gate or over the fence, the postman left it by the garage (out of the way).

I assumed the garage was next to the gate, not beyond it, as the op hardly specified. Here in the UK, you can have a small front garden surrounded by a fence with access via a front gate. The garage is normally next to the house at the end of the drive.

If the package was damaged due to the postman entering the front gate and leaving the package near the garage door, then yeh, it's pretty reasonable for his dad to be asking for compensation.
>>he insists I pay for the cost of damages
If it happened because he wanted the gate locked and he didn't pay attention, it's his fault.
>living in the UK
>postmen aren't insured to climb fences or break into areas that are locked
>over 9000 health and safety laws covering everything
I live in the UK too, postmen aren't going to do more work than they need to, they also won't leave it in plain sight of everyone walking past the small front garden.
The fact that they got to it implies that OP not locking the gate was the cause, otherwise it is an irrelevant thing to include.
The other anon is right, the garage is next to the gate. The whole reason it was left there was because the gate was locked

My condolences for also living in the UK

In which case I'd agree with you, op should pay up. Though I imagine he left this thread a while ago. Probably to unlock the gate..

Ah good, I'm not so slow in the head after all..

Then my first post stands, offer to help out of good will, though you obviously know your dad better than us, you'll probably end up having to stump up the cost. That's life though, it was never supposed to be fair
Dont be an useless child and figure out how to fix that shit yourself. How privileged are you that your father expects you to have money to pay some schmuck to do some basic handywork you could do yourself in a weekend. Blows my mind how useless some people are, think everything works on magic beans and pixie farts. OP has probably never held a tool in his life.
It's a goddamn garage, not a car engine. I don't spend my Sundays wrenching the garage
And youve never spent a Sunday wrenching a car engine either id wager.
FYI Trolling isn't allowed outside of /b/
It was left there because the postman got through the gate but didn't leave it by the front door.
We don't all have tiny front gardens in the UK.
The issue is that my father should have looked before reversing into the garage, how was I supposed to know the postman would leave it there?
Him breaking the garage door is definitely his fault and his problem, as far as the gate, it's annoying but you definitely should keep up with that, you might think it's silly but if you left it unlocked and someone broke in, you wouldn't be feeling that way.
But seriously, it was his request to keep the gate locked despite the misplacing of packages, and the package getting placed somewhere that caused him to break the garage door is definitely 100% his fault, don't pay him shit for that. Don't rub it in his face either because he's just going to get mad for being wrong, just refuse to pay at leave it at that
Yes, I have held tools, yes I have done work on my own car before. I drive an E30 which necessitates it. Kindly kill yourself
Thread posts: 31
Thread images: 1

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