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>just turned 18 im asking you losers now What do I do? I

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>just turned 18

im asking you losers now

What do I do?
I have no job and my parents have been telling me to get one since I was 16. I do have my drivers license but that's about it.

I don't have many problems, but at the same time I do. I'll just make a list for the sake of simplicity.

>Be born
>go to grumpy old music teacher
>he hates parents who bring their babies in with a passion, gets a lot of them apparently
>he says whatever, bring him in
>be hour later
>old man super excited
>wants me back in, says I have "The four walls of music", whatever that means
Except the problem is
>911 happens
>my parents business heavily relied on tourists
>tourist levels cut drastically, reduce in $$$
>transit strike happens, business is clinging onto survival
>dad gets into tragic car crash
>survives, but with chronic back pain
>loses court case, gets no money
>be canadian, so free healthcare, but shit healthcare
>placed metal rings (or something like that) into his neck, 3 were successful, 1 failed, can't fix without high risk of death
>dad becomes asshole since I was 4, brother was born when I was 2
>mom is doing everything to keep us alive, and give me and bro a good childhood
She should've just done the first one.
They spoiled me.
I got almost everything I wanted. Granted, I didn't want much, but she did all she could do. I went to live shows for my favorite tv shows, got to meet Robert Munsch, etc.
Then, semi-good news
>Since our predicament was so bad we basically instantly got into what's basically a welfare home
>The house is super nice, has two floors, rather spacey, good kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms; super nice.
>we get to relax a bit, parents take us to community center, we get to swim and do sports and stuff
>get put into martial arts
Now we descend into madness
>be 2010
>family friend we had since 2004 comes into picture
>my fatass dad was heavily flirting with their wife, and vice versa
>they were literally bullying my mom, even though she was doing everything
>without her we'd definitely be dead, or in an orphanage
>we have rich family but they're all fucking jews
>by rich I mean billionaires
>they stole my grandmother's land in Iran, sold it for millions, didn't give her a dime
>mom becomes depressed
>she still tries super hard to give us a good life
She was really pushing this. We would've been much better disciplined. It's the only thing I'd agree with my dad on.
>slowly, yet surely, she fails
>skip to 2016
>we're in ruins
>thanks to trudeaufag, Hydro bills are rising by like 50-100$ every year
>i became super depressed
>grades dropped from a mediocre B to C+/C-
>failed science by 1%, mostly thanks to an asshole teacher who kept me beside the autistic kid in the corner of the room, apparently hated all the persians in the school
>luckily I got the credits for science anyways
>I'd ask for help, he'd literally just chuckle and move along, never answering a single question I asked
>Of course, through these years of struggle I barely ever got to focus on my musical talents
>My singing got cut out thanks to the braces and expanders I got in 2015, couldn't practice much
>My piano skills were at a flatline thanks to inability to afford classes
>My little bit of artistic still also got cut out because couldn't afford classes
And I was left talentless.
I can still sing, but I only really do it in the shower. It sounds good, everyone I know says it's good too, but I don't think it'll get me there.
I'm barely motivated enough to actually get a job either. I don't have many friends, and I live in what is possibly the shittiest place to actually make decent caring friends.

I have only one other talent; Writing. Every poetry unit I have done ended with me getting 100% A's on my assignments. I'm a really good writer. Should I into writing? Or suck it up, get a shit job, and live a shit life?

Okay, everything that happened in your past doesn't. fucking. matter. Time is linear, you only move in one direction, forward.

Second, ask yourself what you want out of life. Really ask yourself. Then come up with a plan to get there.

And you keep talking about "talents." Talent doesn't exist. Hard work exists. If your "talent" was cut short by not being able to get lessons, how can you say you're more talented than some schmuck who did get lessons? You can't. It comes down to skill and hard work.

And, let me give you a REAL big piece of advice, referring to someone that you're trying to get something from as a "loser" isn't going to get yourself very far in life.

Which, it apparently looks like despite your privileges you haven't gotten very far. So there is that also.
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This sums it up. OP.

Pic partially related.
Here's the thing; I'd kill myself, but first off, I want to at least wait until I'm 25.
Second, I'd rather not kill myself at all. I don't know if there's an afterlife, and there's no possible way to prove it, so just in case there isn't, I'll just live this life as long as I can. I'd rather be moving around and doing something, even if it's basically nothing, than doing quite literally nothing for eternity.
I don't have many privileges. I can sing good, play piano decently, and write very well, but I don't know if that's all too useful. If it is, please tell me, because I need to know, these stupid online guides just say "ahaheu uoeh yea hman like you cud idunno email some famus publisshr 'n get yer buk famus xdd" without giving any extra information
Because even without the "Lessons", I still do very good, and much more than above average.
I don't know which life you're living in, but talent DOES exist. Everyone is born with something; a skill, of some sort, and it's up to them to pursue it.
I like to call everything an art; even something that would seem business related. Someone could be born a master in baking, knowing how to make what we'd call intricate recipes rather simply without before-hand knowledge. Someone could be born a master in playing the piano and know how to play Mozart's songs without listening to them maybe more than once; or maybe, as some have said, in their dreams. Someone could be born a master in painting, and they paint their emotions out onto the canvas, rather than say it with words.
So yes, Talent does exist, and to say it doesn't is to lead and live a fucking miserable, shitty life, where everything is automated by work, which is so, so fucking far from the truth it just angers me to even hear about that shit.
I'm no master in anything, save for my writing ability.
And thank you, because I think you just gave me my solution.
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