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I need to lose weight as fast as possible. Self-destructively

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I need to lose weight as fast as possible. Self-destructively fast, if necessary. Currently, I'm 297 lbs, 23 years old, 6' 1" and I don't get very much physical activity at all during the week. I need to be about 190 lbs as soon as humanly possible. I figure I'll have to limit my caloric intake to about 1,200 - 1,400 a day and start doing some moderate cardio workouts 2-4 times a week.

I need to know some decent foods that are relatively healthy with very few calories. I need to develop some easy dishes that I can make for each meal, every single day, and I need them to require little prep time/work. Are there specific things that I shouldn't go without? I don't really care if this would be detrimental to my health in the long run (I JUST need to hit 190 lbs. and I can figure out how to maintain my weight in a healthy way from there), but should I be looking to hit a specific protein/fat/fiber/vitamin intake?
why 190? army wannabe fag?
don't do it

also, eating only one large meal a day, and make it healthy so it hits your macros

for a while i ate a lot of steamed broccoli and canned salmon


Now tell us why you're trying to develop an eating disorder to lose 100 pounds.
>why 190? army wannabe fag?
>don't do it
Air Force, actually. Something in my life fell through today, and I feel like military is my only option unless I want to make shit money for the rest of my life.
this desu

i tried crash dieting like OP wants and it sucks, and comes back fast

i have been losing weight steadily for a few months and it's not coming back. way fucking better than yoyo dieting.

>tfw 360 to 315 as of this morning and i still get to eat pizza and burgers and shit

>Something in my life fell through today

Don't do it as fast as possible, do regular excercise. Build your fitness as you lose weight or you'll be just as fucked
>and comes back fast
What do you mean, exactly?

I'll have no problem maintaining a healthy diet once I'm there. I've forced myself to lose a lot of weight in the past with limiting my calories -- I just need to do it again, and way faster this time.

I've just gotten very lazy with my diet, and now I'm used to eating way more food than I should be.
as in, if you starve yourself, your body will not let you stay thin on a 'healthy' diet

you starve yourself forever because if you don't, you get fat again

it's also incredibly damaging to your body and brain. just diet healthily and work your shit job until you can legitimately make the height/weight standards
Anon, take it from someone with a medical background, crash dieting is not good.

Your body goes into starvation mode. It clings obsessively to every single calorie it can get. As soon as you bring your diet back up to something more normal again you will balloon back up and it will undo everything you dd.

Your health will deteriorate, you energy level will plummet, your body will go into shock. You won't be able to make it through military training anyway if your body is struggling so much.

I know you want results fast, everybody does. But you have to take it slow. A slow, steady weight loss will prevent as much of that "starvation panic" as possible. The weight you lose will stay off.

Nothing is set in stone. You may have to make shit money for a while, but you can always enlist later, or move up from your shit job and then move out to something better. But a crash diet is not gonna save your life.
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If you lose too much weight too fast you will be left with permanent stretched skin. Try to only lose 1 lb a week maximum, and eat at a 500 calorie deficit, not more.

>starvation mode

And your medical background is what?
>it's one of those 'medical science does not apply to me since i am young and stupid' retards

wew lad just kill yourself now
Doctor parents, nurse sister, and some schooling.

Those fatasses in auschwitz really suffered from starvation mode, huh.

I'm not saying starving yourself doesn't have negative physical consequences but it sure as hell doesn't slow down weight loss.

>be me
>23 years old
>only have AA degree
>bad grades on my HS/college transcript
>lost my job 6 months ago
>no impressive job history or skills to be put resume
>been living on the giant pile of cash I saved and job hunting
>got like 95% through the hiring process for being a 911 dispatcher
>today I get the news that something disqualified me during my background check
>probably the polygraph even though I didn't fucking lie and my background is squeaky clean
>was planning on making $23/hr but now my future is 0$/hr
>only immediate solutions are suicide or military
>tested in the top 3% on my ASVAB, so choosing military
>need to lose weight because I'm a hamplanet

And here we are.

I wouldn't really call 1,200 calories a day "starvation" though. It's probably not 100% healthy, but 1,200 will only leave me feeling hungry for a few weeks.

What exactly counts as a crash diet? Either way, I'm overweight. I was able to lose 70 pounds from a similar weight in high school, and I still plateaued overweight even though I kept my calorie intake at around 1,700 and fairly healthy.

>permanent stretched skin
I already have stretch marks and loose skin from when I previously lost weight.
I'm not saying that it won't stop weight loss. if you starve yourself, of course you're going to lose weight.

But bodies are very adapted to survival. If it believes it is starving, it will reduce energy, burn more (including muscle), and as soon as it senses an increase in the available food, it will try to gorge itself to rebuild the fat reserve that has been lost. This is a well documented phenomenon. It's not that it won't stop weight loss. Weight is lost to try to maintain health. But as soon as the "starvation period" ends, weight is regained very quickly, making the diet much less effective, and the loss of health not really worth it. The body and the brain will change in their behavior to bring back the reserves they know they've lost.

You can see this in people who have starved. People from Auschwitz, people from the Great Depression. They hoard food, because they can't help it. Their brain panics at the thought of starving again and their behavior changes to try to ensure it won't happen again.
OP, what level of overweight did you plateau at? If it was quite a lot, have you checked for a physiological cause?
If you had no problem maintaining a healthy diet, you wouldn't be 300 pounds already, fucktard.

I have a system based on replacing all the food you love with similar food that's less intense. It actually shrank my stomach organ and made me eat less. Go for Grilled Chicken, whole wheat bread, frozen yogurt, low fat chips, greasy vegetables, health food brand cereal, etc.

It also involves eating sugary, carby things like Wheat Thins and onions to trick you into not craving dessert after dinner. If you can kill the "eat after eating habit" the pounds will melt.
What would you count as starving oneself?

And is there a way to sort of ramp down my caloric intake in a more healthy way? Maybe try to intake 100 fewer calories every couple of weeks until I'm eating 1,200 - 1,400 a day?

In high school, I got up to like 290 lbs. It was because my eating was way out of control. My sleeping schedule was crazy, so I'd spend a lot of time awake when no one else was. So basically, I was awake to have my 3 meals, and late at night, I would eat like another half meal, and it was never healthy. It would be hot dogs or microwaved burritos, etc.

I got sick of being fat, so I committed a 1 serving of Honey Bunches of Oats with 1 serving of nonfat milk for breakfast. For lunch, I ate 1 cup of steamed rice and 2 boiled eggs. For dinner, I just ate whatever my mom would prepare. So my caloric intake was slashed quite a bit for breakfast and lunch, but I think the main thing that helped was that I committed myself to ONLY eating my 3 meals and no snacks.

I was sitting at 220 lbs after just 3 or so months. I definitely wasn't really -fat-, but I was still a bit overweight. I maintained that weight for about a year and then I got out of high school and it all started over again.
Starvation mode isn't real though crash dieting being bad for you is real. What tends to happen is you lose about equal amounts of lean mass as well as body fat and this reduces your bodies energy requirements and ability to exercise which means that great, you hit the number on the scale, but shit you now need less calories to simply exist and you've lost muscle mass which will not return until you start eating a calorie surplus again alongside some progressive overload resistance training.

So like, someone decides to lose 100lb and they lose 50% lean mass and 50% adipose tissue and this leaves them pretty much worse off than before. They then regain some of the weight, but typically more fat than muscle because of their lifestyle and reduced total daily energy expenditure. They then do the same shit again and over the next 10 years they end up like 40% body fat and with a ridiculously low calorie requirement which makes it almost impossible to lose weight again.

Research a modified protein sparing fast. I used one to lose roughly 130lb over 18 months while getting pretty swole. I found it pretty easy, but I'm kind of nuts and prone to mania.
Silly nigger. It takes a year to lose 100 pounds. And thats with dedicated weight training plus cardio plus proper diet. You could try DNP, but iust know that if you overdose, its a guaranteed death since theres.no way to reverse it.
>If you had no problem maintaining a healthy diet, you wouldn't be 300 pounds already, fucktard.
I have no problem eating foods I hate and having the same meals every single day with no deviation for months on end, but it's my eating habits that throw me off. Currently I'm in the habit of eating 3 big meals a day and having even more food at other times, usually late at night. The other thing that's fucking me is that the foods I'm eating habitually are extremely unhealthy, but I eat them because they're convenient and require little to no prep time.

All I need to do is eat the same (healthy and/or low-calorie) foods for each meal, every single day, and to get my sleeping schedule/daily routine under control so I'm not up in the middle of the night want wanting to eat because my stomach is huge and requires way more food to feel full or not hungry.
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Also enjoy my hideous progress pictures from that time period. The idea of a modified protein sparing fast is you basically aim to avoid muscle loss and catabolism associated with calorie restriction by trying to keep yourself full of amino acids. You also do large timed carbohydrate feeds to generate an insulin response post work out and to attempt to offset the hormonal down regulation associated with prolonged dieting.

Read up on it. Lyle Mcdonald used to offer a pdf and some brotastic scientific information.
>Silly nigger. It takes a year to lose 100 pounds
I lost 70 pounds in ~3.5 months by simply limiting my calories for 2 meals and then completely cutting out any snacking/extra meals. For about a year after I stopped strictly eating the same foods for those 2 meals, I maintained the same weight and also started working out and got quite a bit of muscle mass. I know it's possible to lose a large amount of weight in a pretty small window of time. I just need to know how I can do the same thing this time, but faster.
Wow, your progress is pretty impressive. Thanks for your input, anon.
I'm not a nutritionist, but my guess would be something like 300-400 reduction and no more than 500 reduction. Easing into it is not a bad plan, but make sure your total doesn't go too low.

But really, you should get this advice from your doctor or a physical trainer/nutritionist. I'm educated enough to know that crashing is bad but it's not my specialty and I don't feel qualified to recommend specific numbers. What I do know is that your goal should be to lose 2 pounds per week, no more.

If i remember correctly, plateauing tends to happen because weight loss slows down the more weight you lose. The closer you get to a healthy weight, the more the body holds onto fat.

Again, I'm not a nutritionist, but I do also know that building muscle increases your caloric requirements, and can be beneficial to keeping bounceback weight off.
>But really, you should get this advice from your doctor or a physical trainer/nutritionist.
Problem is that I want help losing weight even if it's at an unhealthy rate. I'm not looking to "improve my lifestyle and eating habits" to be healthy because I already know how to do that -- I'm strictly trying to make a specific number of pounds, and I'm stopping just short of chopping off limbs to get there. No professional would give me advice on how to do that, unfortunately. I tried in the past.

Thank you for your input though! I feel like you've given me some good information I can work with.

>I do also know that building muscle increases your caloric requirements, and can be beneficial to keeping bounceback weight off.
Yeah, the last time I got my weight down, I started working out and pushing myself to lift and push more weight incrementally. Regardless of, or perhaps because of the fact that I was gaining a lot of muscle, I plateaued at about 200 lbs and couldn't seem to get it any lower. I ended up quitting because I couldn't (or wouldn't) handle that on top of some other stuff that was going on in my life at the time.
>Easing into it is not a bad plan, but make sure your total doesn't go too low.

Also, how low would you say is too low? I keep seeing "starvation" and "crash diet" in this thread, but I haven't seen even a rough estimate of just how few calories a day counts as being unhealthy.
smoke crack
>smoke crack
I'm working with limited money and I can't go through basic training if I'm having withdrawals, so that's a no-go
One thing to keep in mind is that a volume of muscle weighs quite a lot more than an equal volume of fat. This is why weight on its own is not the best judge.

I've seen numbers between 1,000 and 1,200. Considering your height and gender, my guess is you shouldn't go below 1,200. 1,000 is almost certainly reserved for people like small, petite women.

The best way for you to judge would be to start slow and ramp up until you reach the target rate of weight loss, which is 1-2 pounds per week. Once you've achieved that, maintain it and monitor your health. You should feel hungry, but not sick. Monitor your health and mental state and make sure you're not becoming lethargic or showing signs of malaise. If you notice yourself starting to feel like you're becoming unhealthier, then you need to adjust until you can balance weight loss with health. Your body usually can feel when something is wrong.
>One thing to keep in mind is that a volume of muscle weighs quite a lot more than an equal volume of fat.
Oh, I know that. Muscle weighs like 5 or maybe it was 8 times as much as fat. I can't remember the exact number, but it's a huge difference. My goal was to become way more lean, so I was trying to somewhat watch what I ate and I went to the gym to lift weights maybe 3 or 4 times a week. I pushed myself extremely hard at the gym, but I stopped seeing improvement in the amount of weight I could move and I wasn't really losing fat, so I lost my steam.

I think my main issue there was that I was conscious of my eating habits and I definitely didn't let myself eat as much/often as my fat self wanted to, but I wasn't super strict about my caloric intake or maintaining a super healthy diet with veggies and properly proportioned amounts of meats, etc.
im 6'3 and last year i went from 350 to 250 without much effort or strict adherence to a horrible diet. my original plan was to limit myself to 50$ a month for food, losing weight wasnt even a goal. i only noticed i lost weight when everyone i knew said "damn dude how much weight have you lost". i started focusing more on it 4+ months into the year

buy bulk popcorn kernels from amazon. 1/4th cup of kernels microwaved in a paper bag is like 110 calories (dont put butter or oil on it, thats where the unhealthy part of popcorn comes from). 1 serving makes a very satisfyingly large amount. pro tip: dip it in hot sauce or something spicy enough to make you want to drink water. this will make it last longer (because you have to stop shoveling food in and drink) and make you fuller
drink tea instead of juice/soda/beer
eat low cal soups. soups have lots of water "filler" so it doesnt feel like you are eating small portions. heres what i usually make
>2 chopped cabbage leaves
>diced potato
>sliced pickled jalapeno
>1 egg
>1/2 cup pinto beans
>1/2 cup diced tomato
>1/2 cup diced onion
>1/2 cup mixed vegies (frozen or canned mix)
put everything except potato and egg into pot. add a tiny amount water/jalapeno juice. heat for a few minutes until cabbage gets softer. scramble in egg. add diced potato and water. heat until boil. eat
Tip from a busy mom:

If you want decently healthy food that's fast and easy, buy frozen veggie packs. You can microwave them (some packs are microwaveable themselves, otherwise put them in a bowl with 1-2 tbsp of water, cover, and microwave for 4 minutes. Stir, and heat more if it needs it.) These things can be added to any meal to boost portion size while adding lots of veggies and vitamins.

You can also make tons of meals with minimal effort by chopping and sauteeing stuff. Soups are good, as anon said. You can also try investing in a slow cooker. Throw in slabs of stuff, leave it on all day, and you have dinner. Seasoned and baked chicken drumsticks are also really good and really easy. Mixing up the spices can make any food taste new again.
A guy I know went on his combat engineer trade course lost 70 pounds in 3 months. Was a huge guy.,now he's just a big guy (for you).

Spend all your time down hard physical labor OP. Push your body to the limit and be in pain every day if you want to actually have rapid weight loss that sticks.
Thanks for the input!
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