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How to quit smoking

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Any anons here ex smokers? How did you quit?

It's increasing my anxiety, and when I get high anxiety, I smoke to stop said anxiety.

I don't drink or do drugs, but for some reason I can't go without smoking.

Please help
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headspace is a helpfull app
A nice sport or some other relaxing/Pleasurable activiti in your free time
Stop fucking smoking?
Like really stop buying fucking smokes.
Tell your self you're not a smoker dont carry a lighter
Chew gum
Never had a crippling addiction, friend?

I personally don't smoke, but most of the people in my life have, and I can tell you how they quit. One uncle quit after some serious health scares, my dad quit because I was born. My other uncle quit after a breakdown and didn't want his life to be controlled by cigs, and his home family worked with him. My friend's dad quit after his mother died, and my close friend quit after we had an intervention.

In every case the common link seems to something big in each person's life. And in every case, each person had a lot of support in breaking the addiction, and I think that is the biggest part to help people easily break an addiction.

I don't know if this helped you but I'd like to think you have people in your life to help you with it. If you are to break it on your own though, it's going to be a lot harder and require more self-discipline.

I hope you get through this before anything serious happens though.
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What I don't understand is. Why can big corporation get away with a product that's 100% guaranteed is going to permanently damage your organs. Or better yet gets you cancer.

(the British familj, and masonry and American goyims ) imagine if instead of these owners, if it was owned by a muslim instead. Would it still be legal I wonder.

I find nothing more undesirable than to put my money on something that's going to kill me sooner and cause me to suffer severely as death approaches.

I imagine it's hard to give up a drug. Even more so when it becomes your daily routine to put your mind at ease. At least that's what you think is happening. In truth it's damaging and exhausting your body.

this is similar to what I told my brother who was a heavy smoker:

I told him you're paying for a slow death.
Why not buy a rope and sell em advertised as "suicide ropes" it's better than selling something that's going to enslave your mind and feed you diseases and death.

I sincerely wish you well.
And recommend you watch documentary about health & smoking. Not everything said is true but take what is good from it. Take what you can benefit to adjust your mindset about tobacco. If you conquer your mind. There isn't anything you can't accomplish then.

English isn't my mother language but I was hoping to be of help.
What I meant by enslave is that, you pay every day for something that you do not need but you think you do because the body craves it. The nicotine effect. However with patience and willingness. Your body will no longer crave it. If you can convince your mind of that of course.
Cold turkey

No patches

3 years smoker but thank God I didn't become a decade smoker.

Literally stop. Drink cranberry.

I often look at the Quit Smoking Timeline for my daily benefits. Haven't smoke since. Maybe twice during my cousin's wedding. but that was an experiment to prove Im not addicted. Haven't thought about it since.
Make stopping rewarding.
Going, "cold turkey" doesn't mean you fail after caving in the first time so you go back into your habits, it means going for as long as you can and trying as hard as you can to go for longer than you had the last time. It's about recognizing triggers that are going to encourage you to seek release, and finding new activities to replace it with.

You're going to fail. We're all going to fail. That doesn't matter. We're all going to die on the floor, but it's the journey that gets us there that people will talk about.
Thats why im staying the fuck away from all that shit
i dont drink i dont smoke tobacco
i periodically smoked small amounts of weed
quit that too
focusing on working out and self improvement and im only 18
I cant imagine myself at 25 if keep going the way i am right now
>be Me
>light smoker, maybe packet a week or so
>Decided to stop
>reduced to one a day
I got into med school. I was telling a guy to quit smoking and then realised I still smelled like cigarettes.
Felt hypocritical and mad at myself, never touched a cigarette again.
You need a coping mechanism to deal with your anxiety. Something to replace cigarettes.
>smoked for 6 years
>met girlfriend about eight months ago
>she smokes dokha
>let me try it
>start smoking it myself
>stopped smoking cigarettes ACCIDENTALLY after about two weeks
My wife had her father die of lung cancer, so I decided to quit since it upset her. That was after 20 years of heavy smoking, just under 2 packs. I made it a contest (me vs nicotine). I'm competitive, so it worked. Was hard the first year, just when I thought I was over it, I'd find myself wanting to light just one. This stopped after a year or so, though for the next two years I still had nightmares that I caved. I didn't.
Isn't that still tobacco?
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I always have a cigarette before bed and I seem to have conditioned myself to where I have to smoke a cigarette in order to end my day. It sucks. I can't go to bed without one. I'm about to move to a campus and of course it's going to be smoke-free. What's an alternative?
not a smoker but this reduces anxiety pretty well
listen to it whenever anxiety kicks in, also carry around sunflower seeds with you, just chew on some whenever u get the urge to smoke
I'm in my fourth day without a smoke. Tried to quit before and made it till two weeks I guess, been smoking for like 6 years now. I just realized that most times when I smoked I was just numbing myself to avoid feeling bored with my life or a situation at hand. Now I'm attempting to create good habits to replace smoking (also drinking to an extent), do something you like that is not consuming, take cold showers, use your stress to analyze yourself and make a good use of your energy.

So far no cravings.
I just switched to vaping. Zero health side effects, benefits of not wanting to rip people's heads off during the day.

If you're interested I can tell you a good site to buy a kit and some juice.
I will quit for a while and as soon as I become overly anxious (I classify that as "more anxious than normal anxiety") I will find myself picking up a pack of smokes and inhaling the pack in 1 day.....such an awful habit but it really helps if there's a lot of uncontrollable stressers. Not a crutch or an excuse, js. Try vaping. Ugh, don't judge me..
well lucky for me i tried it when i had a headache so i never got interested in it. i know what the withdrawal symptom is like though, you should take some sort of drowsy medicine or something that lowers your blood pressure.
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