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self induced therapy

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anyone else give themselves a therapy session? Like, just sitting alone with your thoughts and really trying to get to the root of your problems, even if it means facing some ugly truths about yourself?
I got pretty stoned last week all by myself and did this and I gotta say it felt pretty nice
no bullshit, ive gotten some pretty good advice from 4chan. The anonymity probably helps and theyre free compared to going to a real therapist.
Id rather have several opinions then one guy with a degree who's probably biased anyway
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just curious, what did you discover about yourself?
I do this kind of thing every night as I fall asleep and I can say most of the time it does not make me feel better.
youre focusing on the bad parts and feeling ashamed about it. you need to take it a step further and figure out why you are having those thoughts.
I did the same thing, which is how I started doing this
Never been stoned, but im slowly getting interested
in getting stoned or self therapy? I can help with both
for me it was
>my relationship wit my parents had become strained in recent years
>never was sure why
>whenever id think about it id get all anxious and think about the arguments we'd have and how I felt like I wasnt close to them anymore, as opposed to my siblings who were friendlier with them
>the holidays just doubled this feeling, after another uncomfortable dinner I went home and smoked all my weed
>sat and thought about it, rather then push the thoughts away I faced them head on
>realized my parents are mad im moving away, always bringing up how "back in the day family stayed close"
>this conflicts with my ambitions, but my siblings dont have the same and will most likely stay close to home
bingo bango now I know why I have a bad relationship with my family
I've never smoked weed, I'm sober all my life, I do use russian drugs to make myself very social around people, thats all.

I too think about my mistakes in life, but I sometimes notice that I'm thinking in damn circles, and all I think about is what happend in the past. Thats a thing I cant even change even if I think about it.

I sometimes listen to this: https://youtu.be/TrxRgpsrpGg

it works, even better on the russian drug,
this is just called meditating/praying op

you're not the first person to think of this
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>anyone else give themselves a therapy session?

>I got pretty stoned last week

Smoking weed and zoning out is not therapy. "Self-Therapy" is not a thing. The foundation of therapy is that it requires an outside perspective because as humans we aren't capable of being objective about ourselves.

I'm glad that you're enjoying the opportunities you get to get high and chill out but please don't delude yourself into thinking that anything you're doing is even relatively close to any kind of therapy.
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>spending hundreds of dollars to st on a couch and have some asshole tell you to "think about your feelings" more deeper
ya, OP is just finding a fancy way to say meditating but therapy is a joke in and of itself
Yes it's called meditation and it's free theraphy and not some drug based medicine
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this is going to sound lame, but I was bored one night so I binged watched some old Disney movies. They all left me with this empty, hollow feeling, especially pic related for some reason. I did the same meditation thing (though I didnt smoke weed) and came to the conclusion that I was stuck living in the past, for a handful of reasons. This gave me a constant longing for nostalgia and wanting to vent about it. Now im trying to focus on moving forward, but I literally wont be able to for at least another year. But I guess it felt better to have that peice of the puzzle come together

also, dont do drugs or drink if youre looking to do this, it will cloud your mind and make you dependent on them to relieve stress or find answers for it
I remeber watching all kinds of disney movies in high school and they all left me feeling kind of sad. Might have been because we were seniors and we knew the happy childhood part was over, but some of those were legitimately fucked up kids movies
>watch of mice and men for English class
>nobody bothers to read the book except for me
>know the ending is coming where George caps lenny
>most of the class inst even paying attention
>george shoots lenny in the back of the head
>entire room snaps to attention
>some girls start crying and leave the room

good times
That's just mediation, and it's incredibly healthy for you.

Problem is, most people can't sit still in a quiet room with their eyes closed for a straight hour. I know I can't.
Thread posts: 18
Thread images: 6

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