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Plot twist

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As story writer i finally got my inspiration back to write something. I have started quite big story about asylum and psychotherapy. So far i have no plot so far but i have few ideas for it.

What concerns me is the ending. I love creating twists in the end but now i cant think of anything. One problem is trying to make this story different from Stonehearst asylum or Shutter island.

Info about my story so far:
Main character is young psychotherapist that recently started working in huge asylum where other doctors are really old and boring so he really finds it interesting to talk with patients and get to know them more.

So help me anons and give me your ideas of plot twists for a story like this.

I really like the idea of doctor actually being a patient and all his work being just his imagination but that shit is overused in popular culture.

Any kinds of plot twists welcome
The asylum is just a front by the government to pull lesser known scientist to doing free controlled black op research.
I like the idea of involving government and some shady researches. But somehow that goes into sci fi that is one of my weakest side. Right now i am strictly having my own mini research about mental disorders to make patients more realistic.
Btw the story takes place in undecided year so i am still free to change it from 100 years ago to today or anything between.
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Also my strongest side is philosophy and philosophical ending twists about good being bad and vice versa, balancing between bad actions but having a good purpose and shit like that. But now i am out of ideas because they all seem to sinilar to Stonehearst asylum or Shutter island
My first idea was about this main character getting to know patients so well and getting into their heads so much that he slowly starts to lose his mind himself when he suddenly realises that he has become a patient himself and possibly it was just a part of an experiment by other psychotherapists about seeing how well mentall illnesses transfer from person to person and how dangerous it can be to look into minds of crazy people.
Feel free to share your ideas, people
Your idea is done quite often in that kind of setting, so it is kind of off putting. Unless you are an astounding writer who is

able to create interesting characters I don't see this going anywhere. I would suggest writing small scenes with this

character you are thinking about, other than that providing ideas to you seems to be a waste of time. Also from what I

can see by your writing English is not your first language. Regardless you should probably read some more books and

work on your basic writing skills.
Also i suggest reading the Hugo award winning books. Unless you are going to start writing overly sexual romance Sci-Fi or fantasy is

where it is at my friend.
Im not writing this story in english. Thankfully im not stupid enough to do that. So the language should be fine. I have a small story baggage already. Not that new to this. With this i just wanted to see if other have any mind twisting ideas. Nothing comes to my mind recently but i have an inspiration to write again but people are amazing and many of them have brilliant ideas that i can never think of. Might not be the right place where to look for these brilliant ideas but i am still willing to try and see.
Alao thanks for the suggestions, i will definitely check them out. It is never too late to improve myself. Cheers.
the young therapist is actually a patient

But that's an obvious one, predictable as fuck.
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