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i passed almost 4yrs worth of CLEP/DSST exams(107credits) toward

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>online learning sucks, or i am just learning the wrong things
>i was in the hospital for 26 months over a 3 year period and all i did was read, learn, watch lectures online. i went through all the lessons on MIT's website, code & khan - academy, and Lynda; learned rust, the c's, js, css, html, jq/sql, and all that, but i still have no idea how to put a program together exactly and make it work.
where do i learn how to make apps or programs without using another program to put it together for me? i thought i leaned everything i needed to, but when i went to make an app i didn't even know where to start
What am i missing?
>what am I missing?
practical experience. Make an app. Start small. Every time you don't know what to do google it. You spent too much time learning languages, you can start making an app a few months after you started learning CS, if you're serious about it.

I started by making a shitty android game (flappy bird tier) and I used some youtube videos of some guy making another android game as a "inspiration". Basically I followed what that guy was doing, almost step-by-step but I implemented my own shit instead. After you get started and have a skeleton it becomes so much easier. And after you make one app like that the second one will be so much easier, even if it's a different type of app and written in another language.

You should do the same. Figure out the kind of app (or site?) you want to create, the language/s (you should only make something that requires multiple languages if you're creating a site, making an app that complex as your first project is pointless) you're going to use and look up some tutorial that shows you the creation of an app, youtube is full of them. That will give you a place to start, if nothing else.
It's funny you say this. I'm starting a web developer apprenticeship tomorrow. I know different types of coding like CSS, HTML, Javascript and I have learnt most things in school but I'm worried it won't be enough to continue with the job. I find it difficult to learn things online, much easier with a teacher. I need advice man. For you I would suggest finding a friend who enjoys doing it, much easier to find solutions quicker.
It's an apprenticeship, they won't expect anything other than the basics from you at the start. Instead they'll expect you to learn along the way. And if you put in a decent amount of effort and aren't retarded you'll succeed.

Also for me it's the other way around, I feel like I can learn faster by myself because I have complete freedom. What helped me a lot was practicing every single thing I read about. I would put every new concept or lesson in code and make a function around it (or a page, in case of webshit). It's a lot easier to understand and remember it that way. Also in case you didn't you should make a dummy website. Nothing too advanced. Also if you haven't already take a look at SQL, it's really simplistic and you'll need it for sure in web development.

I forgot to mention, you should focus on only one language when you start learning to code. You can't become a jack of all trades before "mastering" a language. You should pick between web and software dev, pick a language in case of software dev and start creating apps until you're comfortable enough that you can easily figure out how to write any kind of app without having to google something every 3 lines of code.

thanks for replying. i gave up on this. glad i came back to check.
>make an app
this is the problem. i dont know how to do this. i felt like i know everything i need to except the steps, but i dont even know what goes where. i dont even know where to start. i open apps to look inside and i dont even fully understand how all the different parts relate to each other. for example, when i open a program i see things like: json, exe, system files, silverlight files, manifests, dat, dmp, and all sorts of files, but i dont understand if i need all these or even how to identify which ines i do need if not all. are they automatically accessed/created by the app or do i need to set it up myself? i spent most of the time on learning geared toward "data science" and i may have forgotten some things i learned in the beginning, but nothing i see refreshes my memory so far. i cant find a tutorial that explains how to make an app or program in the detail i need.
What I got from your post was
>I've learned the fundamentals of programming but I don't know how to actually make stuff

The simple answer to that is - by using other people's things - already existing frameworks, libraries, etc. People don't just sit down and code a game/website from plain Java or HTML. If you want to make a game, get Unity and look up tutorials. You can make actual apps with it without ever writing a line of code. Another example would be making a site with Java as the backend, Scala as a templating language for the frontend and let's say Mongo as a database. This may sound daunting to a beginner, but if you set up Java's Play framework and Morphia for Java/Mongo, you're good to go and the actual programming is not even that difficult.
yea, that's what i was tying to do, just start from scratch. i'd at least like to know how to do it even if i don't have to. i feel like i would understand problems that may arise in the future if i knew all the ins and outs.thanks for the info, i may just do what you said
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