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Family Problems

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So for the past years I've been crazy mad at my parents, not in a spoiled brat way but in a serious anger kind of feeling.

When I lived with them before graduating high school I suffered a terrible depression, and it wasn't exactly a secret, I wouldn't have friends, I would spend entire vacation periods without seeing anyone or even going outside, always the friendzone dude, terrible grades from one term to another, no interest in anything, I mean the situation was obvious, yet they never ever did anything to help, back then I didn't understand what was happening, I just thought of my self of a lazy, selfsih creepy kid and destroyed my self steem but all of these thoughts were constatly fueled by them being angry at me for my shitty grades and never offering any kind of support other than money to pay for school and whatever toy/gadget I throwed a tantrum to get.

Fast forward to uni, they offer to pay for private education an still pay my bills, which they do to this day but this past year my depression came back in a serious manner, up until a suicide attempt which they still don't know of.

Even worse recently a girl friend of a friend of the family tried to kill herself out of depression, she took a bunch of pills but failed, the comments made out of that situation were just heart breaking for me, the little empathy they showed for her almost makes me scream on the spot.

I don't know how to go about this subject with them or if I ever should, specially because of the money situation, I want to be independant but I am halfway through my career, I dont want to owe them anything anymore but I also don't want to waste everything I've worked for in uni so far.

I feel trapped

dont be a spoiled fucking brat. your anger is not serious. your depression was not their fault. no one is perfect and while it looks like your parents werent able to magically fix you as a teenager, they have been taking time & money out of their lives to make sure you can get through school. you will always owe your parents, everyone owes their lives to their parents because their parents raised them. however, that does not make you obligated to them, and thats just the way the world is. parents taking care of their children is at the same time selfless and selfish. you are literally a part of them and they want you to succeed because it means that they have succeeded.
Your depression isn't real you pussy. Entitled little cunts like you shouldn't be allowed in university.

You sound like the absolute worst kind of person. Grow the fuck up.

Protip: your parents are just regular idiot humans just like you.

Protip2: You're immature, learn to empathize as opposed to blaming everyone else.

Protip3: No one gives a shit about you, learn to not be so selfish.

We're always waiting here with a hug when you fucking grow up.
Kind of a similar situation here, bad mental health issues in uni that my parents don't know about, and they don't really believe in mental illness. My route has been to suck it up and take advantage of the financial support for as long as possible. I've only got 3 semesters left (but I'll have to pay for 2 of them), seems to have worked so far.
>i was a lonely neckbeard who fapped and played video games
>i was extremely unhappy life didnt play out like my games and nobody came to save me from my boring life
>my parents provided everything to me but its still not enough!!!

People like you give introverts a bad name.

Also youll never succeed in a job with your attitude. Someone will criticize your work and youll fly off the handle and baww about how cruel the job world is.

What would you know? You think that just because someone brings money to the table they are a fucking saint? I'm not saying they are assholes either, they've done a lot of good things for me but being close to killing myself made me realize of the other many fucked up things they did in my youth and I'm actively trying to deal with the anger properly instead of just going back home and screaming at them.

I'm trying to deal with my emotions in the best manner I possibly can which is why I come here to /adv/, you are just idiotic self centered idiots who think their growing conditions apply to everyone.

I owe my parents all their efforts yes, maybe my OP wasn't clear enough on that but not everything has to be rainbows just because they were able to financially support me.

It's nice to know I'm not the only one, but yeah that looks like the only possible out.
So what exactly did your parents do to piss you off so much? So far you've only really talked about them not being proactive about your depression.

In your OP you admit to throwing a tantrum just to get whatever gadget you want so is it really so surprising they don't know how to help you? Chances are they aren't aware of the extent of your depression and just think your an antisocial neet like the rest of us here on this Indonesian image board. Like you bring up your suicide attempt but then immediately state that they aren't aware of it. How can you expect them to do anything about that?

My advice would be to take a good look at yourself and see what kind of impression you've made on your parents through this whole ordeal. Only by doing that can you begin to understand why you're parents are treating you. And as far as depression goes you need to be proactive about treating it rather than expecting mom and dad to do it for you. YOU need to go and see your unis doctor or gp and get yourself to a specialist who can help you. YOU need to call the numerous helplines and seek advice.
Thread posts: 8
Thread images: 1

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