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Female anatomy and opinion.

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Pic is semi-related, as this ain't a nsfw board and I couldn't use a more relevant image.

I'm writing something NSFW, and I'm deconstructing the fairly stupid Hentai trope of "Baseball bat sized dick + Hitting the chicks cervix like a battering ram = SO GOOD/AWESOME!"

CAN it feel good? I'm fairly certain to that is yes, but not if the guy is treating his dick like a jackhammer while he's giving a girl a pap-smear.
[spoiler]Funny enough, I heard that was Ron Jeremy's favorite nickname for John Holmes, who always called Ron 'Little dick'. "Whatever, Pap-smear."[/spoiler]

Anyway, from a woman's perspective, when something causes pain THERE, what would be the best description? So far, I'm leaning towards:
A: The tight clench of a BAD cramp in your lower stomach.

Or is it-

B: A sharp stabbing pain akin to Gas pain,.
C: Someone kicking a sensitive, deep bruise.
D: Other (?)

I can't just substitute in, "It's like getting kicked in teh balls, only a million times worse!" or something similar, because a woman wouldn't know how getting kicked in the balls feels, in the same way that I don't know how sitting on a police baton feels.

Little help, if you please?
[spoiler]If scene context helps, it's basically two highschoolers getting caught and while the guy's third leg WAS being used carefully, the shock of having his mom walk in on them made the girl sit down too fast and take a minute to recover from the "OWWWwwwww...." feeling.[/spoiler]
It can feel good as much as bdsm slashing can feel good imo. Whenever I hit my gf there, it hurt her. All I managed to do is gently rub it with the tip, and although I'm sure it pleasures her, it certainly is more because of the feeling of been completly filled with my dick then anatomical pleasure. At this point my balls are touching her ass and pubic bone pressuring her clit, this sure is much more pleasurable.

Also, I'm 5.5" at most. Monster cocks are for fetishists and pencil dicked virgins who have a small penis humiliation fetish in the closet
For a very small minority of people, it feels good. But 95% of women do not like it, it hurts.

For me, when it's hit during sex, it's a sharp pain during the initial impact, fading to a dull, cramp-like ache.

If stroking it is anything like a pap smear, that's sort of like somebody rubbing a bruise with a little too much pressure. Nothing unbearable, but unpleasant.
it hurts if i'm not very horny. then it is a sharp pain, that can make me curl up. similar to going in too deep with a cotton swab. it hust feels wrong and you need a moment to recover.
if i am very horny, it's a dull and full feeling. still slightly painfull, but more in a good way. (note, i like pain related to sexual stuff...). it's hard to find a comparable pain. it's broad and deep. like a not too hard punch in the stomach maybe?
Sounds about right, your second explanation that is. I don't like that feeling. I mean sometimes it's nice but usually it's not cool.
Another way to think about it, OP, is that the vaginal area becomes less sensitive to pain the more it is aroused.

This doesn't negate all pain, obviously, but it does prevent smaller pain and reduce a medium level of pain.
Thank you, that's pretty helpful, and very close to my own assumptions.
That information helps alot, thank you.

Thank you all for the advice. I had assumed pretty much all of this, but theres a difference between "theory" and 'wild guess', and I'm glad I got confirmation from educated/first-hand sources.

Either way, it seems like my scene will be pretty appropriate for being more 'realistic'...and even better, I can keep the line I wrote when the girl finds out the guy she wants to have sex with has a big one and gives him some "Helpful Advice" before they get to it;

>If you even think about imitating those porn mags and try using this baseball bat you call a dick as a battering ram, I’ll rip it off and make you watch while I use it the right way!

Badass biker-girl with a scrawny little nerdling guy, I don't care who you are, that's funny as hell.

Oh what the hell, follow-up question:

The ultimate sweetspot = Dick NOT long enough to touch cervix, but if he's not wearing protection and doesn't pull out, his c-m hitting her cervix at point-blank range when he shoots feels AMAZING.

Another assumption I ran with, but double-checking on to be certain (again)
If you get a girl who is a freak she'll be into it. Just expect your lips to be swollen and your back scratched up.
I dunno about other women, but I usually don't feel it when ejaculate goes inside me.

It's usually not forceful enough to feel pressure, there's usually not enough of a temperature difference for it to feel warm/hot, and the inside of the vagina is already lubricated, so it doesn't feel wet.

If I do feel it, it's just sort of a vague warm feeling.

It is very obvious when you stand up and it starts to make a mess, though.
My gf can feel it, but again, not an anatomical pleasure. She finds it hot to feel the hot jets and my dick twitching.
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